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[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

Havana op 't Eyland Cvba.

Eigendliche Abbildung der Neuen erbauten Vestung dess Grafen von Serin, welche genandt wird Serin-War sampt den umbligenden Schantzen, Flüssen ... auch was sich auff diesen Plätzen, vor blutige Treffen oder Scharmützel, hin und wider zugetragen, welches hier alles ausführlich beschrieben ist, dessgleichen auch der gantze Inhalt dess Kupfferstücks mit Lateinischen Buchstaben nach dem Alphabet verzeichnet ist

Die Vestung Neu Serin

Plan de la va. y Fuerte Rl. de la Isla Martinica.

A plan of Louisbourg

Plan du fort projetteʾ au nouveau Bilocxy.

Accurater Grundris und Prospect der weltberuhmten Hollandischen Haupt und Handels-Stadt Amsterdam /

Luxembourg, une fortresse tres-celebre de la duché de cette nom dans Pais-Bas /

A plan of George Stadt Camp near the River Guantamano in the island of Cuba and also of the intrenchments made on the adjacent hills, represented more at large with their profils /

A plan of Fort St. Louis, St. Joseph, St. Jago & of St. Philip scituated at ye entrance of Cartagena Harbour or Boca-Chica with ye parts adjacent and also of the attacks made against the said forts /

Plan du Fort Condé de la Mobille, marqué en rouge dans l'Etat quil est presentement 1743, avec la partie de l'augementation [i.e. l'augmentation] proposée, marqué en jeaune [i.e. jaune].

A view of the most material instruments used in fortification and gunnery

Plan général du Fort Septentrional du Detour des Anglois, tel qu'il est présentement : [Louisiana] /

Plan de la ville de Québec.

Plan du Petit Goâve et de son acul pour servir au projet général de sa défense par mer en 1752.

Plan de la ville de Quebec.

S[i]r: This is minuts of the fort at Crown Point and of the redouts built round it; which I took on the mountain to the west of Crown Point abt. a miles distance.

Plans of Fort Halifax in Nova Scotia and Fort Western and Fort Francfort in Maine

Attaques des forts de Chouaguen en Amérique : pris par les français commandé par le marquis de Montcalm le 14 août 1756

A plan of the city, and fortifications, of Louisburg;

A plan of the city of Louisbourg with its fortifications

A plan of Quebec, metropolis of Canada in North America

A plan of Quebec

Plan of the fort and fortress at Crown Point with their environs. With the disposition of the English Army under the command of Genl. Amherst encamp'd there 1759.

A plan of the River St. Lawrence from the Falls of Montmorenci to Sillery, with the operations of the siege of Quebec

A plan of Quebec

An authentic plan of the River St. Lawrence from Sillery to the Falls of Montmorency

Plan of the town & fortifications of Montreal, or Ville Marie in Canada

Plan of the town and citadel of Fort Royal, the capital of Martinico with the Bay of Cul de Sac Royal /

A Sketch of the harbour of Port Francoise on the Island of Hispaniola

A plan of the town and citadel of Fort Royal in Martinico : the last landing place of our army and the country through which it marched to the attack /

Plan of the town & fort of Grenada

An exact plan of the city, fortifications & harbour of Havana in the island of Cuba /

Plan of the bay, town, fortifications, and environs, of St. Pierre, in the island of Martinique

A survey of Lake Champlain including Crown Point and St. Iohn's on which is fixed the line of forty five degrees north lattit. terminating the boundarys betwe[e]n the provinces of Quebec and New York agre[e]able to his Majesty's proclamation done by order and instruction of the Honourable James Murray, esqr., Governor of the Province of Quebec and the Honourable His Majestys Council

Designs for fortifying Governors Island near New York.

Plan de la ville des Cayes, dans l'Isle Saint Domingue.

Letter from Edmund Moran to Evan Shelby

Plan of Fort George and adjacent works at Pensacola in West Florida.

Draught of an intrenched camp proposed to be erected near Elisabeth Town.

[Xinxi Ying yu tu]

A general & particular plan of the island of Castle William near Boston, shewing the works in their original & present state, together with sections thro' the same. Carried on and survey'd under the direction of and by John Montrésor, Esqr., engineer extraordinary & Capt. Lieut. by order of the Honble: Thomas Gage, Esqr., Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces in North America.

Major Genl. Howe's encampment on Bunkers Hill at Charles T., June 1775.

Exact plan of General Gage's lines on Boston Neck in America.

Boston, S. West part. No. 25.

A plan of Quebec, metropolis of Canada in North America

Plan of Charles Town, with the intrenchments, and encampment of His Majesty's troops, after the action of the 17th. June 1775.

Plan of the town & fortifications of Montreal or ville Marie in Canada - view of the town &c of Montreal / Aitkin sc.

Boston, its environs and harbour, with the rebels works raised against that town in 1775,

A Plan oe [i.e. of] the British lines on Boston Neck in August 1775.

A draught of the towns of Boston and Charles Town and the circumjacent country shewing the works thrown up by His Majesty's troops, and also those by the rebels, during the campaign: 1775.

[Plan of the Neck and environs.

[Plan of the "Neck" and fortifications] Delivd. to H.E. Gl. Gage, June 30th. 1775.--J.M.

Plan of the peninsula of Charles Town shewing the three posts that His Majesty's troops have kept and fortified with buildings therein for guard rooms, Boston, 3th. [sic] Decr. 1775. To His Excellency Major General Howe, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces, &c.

Plan of Boston & vicinity.

A new and correct plan of the town of Boston, and provincial camp.

Plan of the heights of Charles Town, &c.

Plan of the rebels works on Prospect-Hill. Plan of the rebels works on Winter-Hill.

Plan of the works opposite Hell-Gate.

Plan of The Narrows, shewing the channel, shoal, depth of water, and the several battery's proposed on each side to prevent an enemy's sailing up to New York.

Carte von dem Hafen und der Stadt Boston mit den umliegenden Gegenden und der Lägern sowohl der Americaner als auch des Engländer,

A plan of the Narrows of Hells-gate in the East River, near which batteries of cannon and mortars were erected on Long Island with a view to take off the defences and make breaches in the rebel fort on the opposite shore to facilitate a landing of troops on New York Island.

[New York Island. Military; unfinished.

Fort on the first hill in Dorc̃ester. Fort on the second hill in Dorc̃ester.

Fort on Noddles Island.

[Rough draught of Boston and harbour.

Fort on Dorc̃ester Point.

A plan of the town of Boston and its environs, with the lines, batteries, and incampments of the British and American armies.

Carte du port et havre de Boston avec les côtes adjacentes, dans laquel on a tracée les camps et les retranchemens occupé, tant par les Anglois que par les Américains.

Fort on Charlestown Point.

Fort on Fort Hill in Boston.

Plan and sections of the redoubt at Billingsfort and plan of the rebel fort marked yellow.

A plan of the town of Boston with the intrenchments &ca. of His Majesty's forces in 1775, from the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers, and from those of other gentlemen.

[Map of defenses of New York Island from Fort Washington to Fort Independence, with redoubts, etc. planned between.

A plan of Boston in New England with its environs, including Milton, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brooklin, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, parts of Malden and Chelsea with the military works constructed in those places in the years 1775 and 1776.

Plan of Carillon ou [sic] Ticonderoga : which was quitted by the Americaines in the night from the 5th to the 6th of July 1777 /

Sketch of the Heights of Kingsbridge 1777, with the proposed redoubts coloured orange. Old rebel works coloured black.

A plan of the town of Boston, with the intrenchments &c. of His Majestys forces in 1775: From the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers; and from the plans of other gentlemen.

Sketch of the Heights of Kingsbridge, with the proposed redouts couloured yellow.

Plan of Genl Du Portail. Plan of the position of Valley Forge after Jany. 1778.

[Plan of Paulus's Hook and fortifications.

Plan de la barre et du havre de Charles-Town d'après un plan anglois levé en 1776.

Boston, its environs and harbour, with the rebels works raised against that town in 1775,

[Philadelphia and vicinity. Military.

A Temporary project for a star redout [sic] to contain 150 men.

[Plan of Paulus's Hook and fortifications.

A Plan of the works on Spikendevil Hill with the ground in front, protracted from a scale of 200 feet to an inch.

[Disposition of British troops, with fortifications north of Fort Knipehausen, i.e. Fort Washington to Fort Independence.

[Philadelphia and neighborhood].

Sketch of Stoney & Verplank's Points upon the North River, as taken possession of, and fortified by His Excellency Sir H: Clinton in June 1779.

Sketch of the rebel works at West Point as taken from the description of them given by a deserter who came to Stoney Point, 9th June, 1779.

A plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia : with the works and encampments of His Majesty's forces under the command of Lieutenant General Sir William Howe, K.B. /

Plan de la ville et du port de Louisbourg levé en 1756

Plan de la ville de du port de Louisbourg levé en 1756

[Map of Stony and Verplanck Points on the Hudson River as fortified by Sir Henry Clinton June 1779.

[Savannah & its fortifications.

Plan of the road from Elizabeth Town Point to Elizabeth Town : shewing the rebel works raised for its defence /

Plan de West-Point du nord, levé a vue.

Reconnoissance des ouvrages du nord de l'Isle de Newyork dont on a déterminé géometriquement les principaux points le 22 et le 23 juillet.