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[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

Galli locum condendae arci aptum deligunt

Entwerffung der Festung Carlsburg genannt

[Star-shaped fortess surrounded by water-filled moat]

Entwerffung der Festung Carlsburg genannt

Wie die Franzosen ein gelegen Ort eine Festung zu bauwen erwehlet

The figure of the Indians' fort or palizado in New England and the manner of the destroying it by Captayne Underhill and Captayne Mason / RH.

An explanation on the prospect draft of the Fort William and Mary on Piseatagua [sic] River in yr. province of New Hampshire on the continent of America

Veduta del Ponte e del mausoleo, ...

A North view of Fort Johnson, drawn on the spot by Mr. Guy Johnson, Sir Wm. Johnson's son / Huteu(?) fecit.

Perspective view of entring the breach of the Moro Castle, by storm the 30th of July 1762, ... / Serres pinx ; Canot sculp.

An east view of Fort Royal in the Island of Guadaloupe Vue du Fort Royal, dans l'Isle de Guadaloupe, du Cote de l'Est / / drawn on the spot by Lieut. Arch. Campbell Engineer ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

View of Fort William

Castle William

A perspective view of the town and fortifications of Montreal in Canada / D. Pomarede sculp.

Plan of the town & fortifications of Montreal or ville Marie in Canada - view of the town &c of Montreal / Aitkin sc.

Guerritte, a fort or small tower of stone or wood, on the point of a bastion, or on the angles of the shoulder, to hold a sentry

The attack on the fort on Sulivan's Island the 28 June 1776 / painted by Henry Gray.

Bunkers Hill or America's head dress

The taking of Miss Mud I'land

View of the Rebel fort and works, on Mud Island comprehending Red-Bank on the Jersey shore; taken from * [southeast shore of Carpenter's Island] in front of the 6 gun battery / surveyed & drawn by P. Nicole.

St. Eustache une des Isles d'Antilles dans l'Amerique du Nord la quelle fut prise aux Hollandois en 1781 par les Anglois St. Eustache eine der Antillischen insuln in Nord-America welche 1781 von den Engelländern, erobert und denen Holländern abgenom̄en worden / / grave par Bergmüller

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

The surrender of government castle, in March 1782, to the late besieging minority

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish officer to defend himself, at the attack of Fort Omoa, which was taken by escalade, on the 20 of Octr. 1779, under the command of Captn. Dalrymmple and Commodore Lutterell / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

Gallant behavior of an English sailor in offering a sword to an unarmed Spaniard to defend himself, at the taking of Fort Omoa, in the Bay of Honduras, October 20th 1779 / Metz delin. ; Record sculp.

A view of Fort Robertdeau, in Sinking-Spring Valley, state of Pennsylvania

A north view of the Castle William in the harbour of Boston

Fort Washington

[Fortification on the outskirts of Paris. Section, elevation, and plans]

[Plan of layout of Russian fort in Alaska, 1803-1806] / Capt'n. Lisiansky, del. ; Smith, sculp't.

Fort Niagara taken from the British side of the river at Newark / Strickland sc.

South-east view of Sackett's harbour / T. Birch del.

A view of Fort McHenry, and the entrance of the harbour of Baltimore / drawn from nature & sc. by Richd. Harrison.

Fortifications of Puerto Rico, west view

[South view of the town and fortifications of Puerto Rico]

A view of the Butte des Morts treaty ground with the arrival of the commissioners Gov. Lewis Cass and Col. McKenney in 1827 / / painted on the spot by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Philada.

[Castle Garden from the water]

Castle Garden in New York

[Fortresses designed to enable defense against attack from any direction]

Vue du Kremlin à Moscou / daguérreotype, Lerebours ; Bougeard imp. ; Hurlimann, sc.

Convent of S. Saba. April 1839

A N.b.E. view of the fort on the western end of Sulivans Island with the disposition of His Majesty's fleet commanded by Commodore Sir Peter Parker Knt. &c &c &c during the attack on the 28th. of June 1776, which lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes

Fort Harrison in 1812

Gibraltar: La ville et le rocher, vus de crètes

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south / / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

View from the heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol, shewing the ground of the battles of the 25th Octr. and of the 5th Novr. 1854 and the line of our defences since the 25th Octr. / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham lith.

Malakoff or round tower / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith.

Sebastopol from the east or extreme right of English attack / W. Simpson delt. ; T. Picken lith.

Ditch of the Malakoff, battery gervais and rear of the redan / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Bastion du Mat, from the central bastion / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Docks at Sebastopol with ruins of Fort St. Paul / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Ditch of the Bastion du Mât / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Interior of Fort Nicholas / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Capture of Fort George (Col. Winfield Scott leading the attack) / Chappel.

[Three soldiers in a rifle pit]

Shipping point

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

Nuremburg. Old Fosse

Block house, upper Cascades, Columbia River - scene of a massacre of whites by the Indians, view taken May 1860

Ft. Runyon

Ft. Brady

Key West, Fla. Jan 14 60, garrisoned by U.S. troops. Fort Taylor

[Convent of Mar Saba]

Toledo. La puerta del Sol / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Nuremburg. Old Fosse

Burgos. El Arco de Sta. Maria

Castle of Ehrenbreitstein. Coblenz

Hudson's Bay Co's. Fort Colville, Columbia River, 1860

Fort Vancouver, Hudson's Bay Co's. post, Columbia River, enclosing tents of N. A. [i.e., North American] Boundary Commission, May 1860

H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] post, Fort Vancouver, Columbia River - officers' mess house and quarters, May 1860

Prague. The Pulverthurm

Avila. Vista general de Avila / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Rebel works on the heights of Centerville [sic]

4 mile run valley

Granada. Vista de los adarves y de la torre de la Vela (Alhambra) / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Valencia. Puerta de Cuarte


Ft. Monroe [Gunnery?]

Bull Pen - Hd. qtrs A of P.

[Tower of Hippicus or of David. Built in time of Herod] / P. Bergheim.

[Damascus Gate]

Officers' mess house, H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] post, Fort Vancouver, May 1860

Nuremberg. Old castle--place of knight's leap

Nuremburg. Tower of city wall

[Soldiers preparing for battle]

A soldier's wife at Fort Niagara / engd. by T. Walker.

Ft. Scott [and] Towards Alexandria

Castle Pinkney [sic]

View of Charleston Harbor and its Defences

Howlett house battery

[Officers on horseback watching infantry drills in distance]

Valencia. Puerta de Serranos

Earthwork fort at Alexandria protecting the left of the line of the grand army, showing its commanding position

Sumter, 61

[River landscape with boats]

Exterior view of the gorge of Fort Sumter on the 14th April 1861 after its evacuation by Maj. Robert Anderson 1st Arty. U.S.A. Commdg showing that portion towards Cummings' Point, Morris' [i.e. Morris] Island

Bombardment of Fort Sumter by the batteries of the Confederate states

Evacuation of Fort Moultrie, and burning of the gun carriages, on Sullivan's Island, Charleston Harbor, S.C.