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From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

[The miner's friend, a pump using steam to create a vacuum to draw water from flooded mines; known as "Mr. Savery's engine for raising water by the help of fire"]

Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4, 1721.

The following thoughts came from a youth scarce 15 Messi’rs Drapers. Being a spectator of the solemn funeral of the late worthy and reverend Dr. Jonathan Mayhew, I was so sensibly touched with the loss of this great friend to civil and religious

To the merchants and other inhabitants of Pennsylvania. [Recommending canals between the Susquehanna and Schuylkill and the Chesapeake and the Delaware] [Signed] A friend to trade. Philadelphia. Dec. 13, 1771.

Advertisement. The members of the Association of the Sons of Liberty, are requested to meet at the City-Hall, at one o'clock, to-morrow (being Friday) on business of the utmost importance;--and every other friend to the liberties, and trade of A

A genuine letter from a well-known patriot at St. James's, to his friend in Boston ...

To the respectable public. Have a good end in view, and pursue it. Every friend of American freedom, rejoices to find a true and honest spirit of liberty prevailing in all ranks and degrees in this city. [Considering which of the two sets of res

A genuine letter from a well-known patriot at St. James’s to his friend in Boston, relative to the present distracted state of American affairs. Dated London, November 28, 1774. [Boston? 1775].

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear Countrymen. A steady friend to your rights, I have ever been, and shall be always ready to warn you of danger, from every quarter. [Exhorting them to elect men of ability to the next

An extract of a letter from an officer of the 71st regiment to his friend at Edinburgh, giving an account of the reduction of Charlestown, in South Carolina, with the list of the killed, wounded, and taken prisoners. [June 20, 1780].

Thomas Jefferson, March 20, 1790, Extract of Letter from a Gentleman in London to his Friend in New York

The friend of humanity and the knife-grinder,-scene. The borough, in imitation of Mr. Southey's sapphics,-Vide. Anti-Jacobin, p. 15

Destruction of the French gun-boats-or-Little Boney & his friend Talley in high glee

A brief memoir of the late colonel Frederick Baron de Weissenfels. one of the heroes of the Revolution. Compiled from authentic papers left by his daughter and only heir, the late Mrs. Harriet De la Palm Baker, deceased ... [Signed] A friend of

A tid rei, for tories. Free men attend to what your friend a Republican advises, O. all act like me, keep liberty, which every free man prizes, O, The Tories say they'll bring us down, and make us slaves forever, O. Because we did this glorious

The king's friend boarded at sea, or the wife defeating her enemies

Reply to Bobalition of slavery. [Cuts] Dialogue between Scipio and Cato, and Sambo and Phillis, occasioned by reading the account of Bobalition proceedings, as detailed in a letter from Cesar Gobbo, to his friend Marco Mushy, residing in the cou

The Philotoken or female's cure painful menstruation

Read electors! The sentiments of the firm friend of liberty, Dr. William James Macneven. New York, 29th March, 1834.

The poor man's friend

[Unidentified man, friend of Clara Barton, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Unidentified man, friend of Clara Barton, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

The honest statesman, his country's steadfast friend. Harry of the West

Wake up workingmen. You have repreatedly been told that W. W. Seaton is the Mechanic's friend, and his name has appeared in the papers as the Mechanic's candidate for the mayoralty at the election to be held this day. Don't believe such stuff--h

Now and then: or how to meet an old friend with a new face

Circular letter. Harvard, Mass., March 20th, 1849. Esteemed friend:- Have you read the publications of the United Believers? and if so, what do you think of the views therein presented? ... I am your friend. Lorenzo D. Grosvenor.

Captain Vam, friend & servant, 38th Regiment

The friend in need! [Remedy for the bites of insects] Boston [c. 1859].

"A friend in need is a friend indeed." The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Charles Blue and all his well, wishers knowing his abilities and qualifications, and also his distress at the present time, have tendered him a complimentary ball, to co

Anonymous. “A Friend.” to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, December 12, 1860 (Anti-Colfax)

General Steedman & Friend

Gibson W. Harris to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 07, 1860 (Old friend offers congratulations)

Generals Sheridan, Katz, and friend

[Portrait of Col. John S. Mosby, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A., and friend]

The Ladies' Friend, a beautifying lotion for the skin

Anonymous. “A Friend” to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, January 05, 1861 (Opposes Fremont)

Ethelbert P. Oliphant to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, April 05, 1861 (Old friend seeks office)

Soldier's true friend, Holloway's ointment & pills / Geo. Schlegel lith., N.Y.

American Freedmen's Friend Society, Thursday, May 28, 1863 (Printed circular)

The picket guard. "Who goes there?" "Friends." "Dismount one friend, advance and give the countersign"

A contrast ... The end of the rebellion ... General Butler on loyalty ... The friend of the rebels ... The prospect of emancipation by the slaveholders. [1863].

How shall soldiers vote? ... Published by the New York State Central Committee of the "Boys in Blue." New York Printed at the office of the "Soldiers Friend" [1864].

I assure you my friend, that you can safely vote our ticket, for we have no connection with the Abolition party, but our Platform is composed entirely of rails, split by our Candidate.

Your friend John Brown - "his soul is marching on" / enlarged and painted by J.W. Dodge, from the original picture taken from life.

An epitaph in memory of the Democratic party. Died November 7, 1865. New York. Published and for sale at the office of the Soldiers Friend. [1866].

Thacher's Island lights--north tower / phot. by Hervey Friend, 77 Front St., Gloucester.

Thacher's Island lights--south tower / phot. by Hervey Friend, 77 Front St., Gloucester.

Mansfield's No. 14 Tremont Row Boston. Friend! Do you want a good pair of boots? ... Boston. Hooper & Co. Printers. 138 Blackstone St. [Boston, 1869].

Everybody's friend. The happy little boy / the Kellogg & Bulkeley Co., Hartford, Conn.

Lincoln, Loudoun Co., Va. Month 4th, 1872. Respected friend: We desire to present a brief statement of the facts relating to two bills (S. No. 260 and 860), reported to the Senate from the Committee of claims, "For the relief of the loyal citize

Gerrit Smith to Susan B. Anthony. Peterboro, February 5th, 1873. Miss Anthony. Dear Friend ... Gerrit Smith.

The "best friend," the first locomotive built in the United States for actual service on a railroad

Huntington too much for the President. ( Colton letter, No. 455.) New York, May 3, 1878. Friend Colton: I returned from Washingyon this morning. The President signed the Sinking Fund bill Monday, as you no doubt have learned 'ere this. He was no

The One friend

My true friend

Tintype captioned: "Lynns mother and a girl friend made by papa when they were courting." Attributed to Lynn Butcher.

The false "friend of the workingman" / J. Keppler.

[Man with document greeting wife or friend and others in crowded study]

"Our mutual friend" / J. Keppler.

Our lost friend. P. J. Mahon. Indianapolis, December 1, 1885.

He was a friend to all

[Unidentified friend of Frances Benjamin Johnston, seated, full length, facing front, leaning slightly forward]

Marian "Daisy" Bell, left, and Elsie May Bell, right, standing, with an unidentified friend, seated

A false friend

Our good friend -- the Bear

Arnold Genthe seated outdoors with a woman friend

Arnold Genthe seated next to a woman friend in his studio in San Francisco

Portrait photograph of Arnold Genthe with a woman friend

[Orville Wright and Edwin H. Sines, neighbor and boyhood friend, filing frames in the back of the Wright bicycle shop]

Mashi-honka-shi & friend at home / Ben Wittick, photo.

[Katharine Wright lying on the ground, covered by a blanket, her friend Harriet Silliman in a chair nearby, in wooded camp area]

Friend Wm. Richardson

Greetings Harriot Stanton Blatch Daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Lafayette opera house, Washington, D. C. February 15, 1900. I bring to you, Susan B. Anthony, the greetings of your friend and co-worker, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, greetings full

[Will you be my friend indeed?]

[Katharine Wright and friend Harriet Silliman, half length, smiling and facing each other]

Their best friend / Keppler.

A friend in need

Archie Roosevelt and his friend the policeman

[The humbug!--and called himself my best friend at college]

Archie Roosevelt and his friend the policeman

"It is a very great pleasure to be here and greet you from the home of my old and valued friend." President Roosevelt at Proctor, Vt.

Hoist, the friend of the comic people / L.M. Glackens.

Budweiser' Budweisers a friend of mine

The Friend residence in Miller, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Samuel Clemens with Clara Clemens and her friend Miss Marie Nichols

Gene and her friend using General Electric Heating and Cooking Devices: young woman heating food in an electric, silver?, serving dish

Everybody's friend, the burro baby

Gene and her friend using General Electric Heating and Cooking Devices: young woman seated at table, removing toast from toaster

Herbert E. French & friend

Herbert E. French, photographer & friend

Gen. L.B. Friend

[Kill Devil Hill, where the first gliding experiments were conducted by the Wright brothers in 1900; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Orville Wright, accompanied by his brother Lorin, his nephew Horace, and his friend Alexander Ogilvie, of England, arrived for the purpose of conducting gliding experiments with a glider resembling the 1911 powered machine but lacking its motor]

Arnold Genthe seated on a bench loading a camera next to a woman friend

Louis Langevin, (boy running) (young), 318 Friend St. Works in spinning room. Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Arnold Genthe at a social event accompanied by a woman friend

Louis Langevin, 318 Friend St. Works in spinning room #7. Florida St. Cyr, 24 Gray St. Works in spinning #7. Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Arnold Genthe and a woman friend at a social event

Arnold Genthe at a social event seated next to a woman friend

Herbert E. French and friend

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