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The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

Hunterian Museum. Royal College of Surgeons / T.H. Shepherd ; E. Radclyffe.

The matrons in hanging-sleeves: or, The enquirer into nature - a satyr

The Smithsonian Institution

Main entrance, north front, Smithsonian Institution / W. Wade del.

Second street museum of living animals now exhibiting at 281 North 2d St., between Callowhill and Willow streets / Scott, Printer, 12 Hudson's Alley, Philadelphia.

Ruins of a building identified as the Chinese museum

Munich. King's palace from Hofgarten

A lead sarcophagus in the Imperial Ottoman Museum, Constantinople

Vienna, the Arsenal

Vienna. Arsenal museum

[Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich]

Munich. National Museum

Sarcophage dit d'Alexandre

Smithsonian Institute, Washington

Madrid. Fachada meridional del Museo con la estatua de Murillo / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Munich. New Pinacothek

M.B. Brady's new photographic gallery, corner of Broadway and Tenth Street, New York / A. Berghaus del.

Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.

The National Gallery / By Valentine Blanchard.

Burning of the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, January 24, 1865 / sketched by Philip Wharton.

Musée arabe - Salle des vases et ornements en pieces / Bonfils.

Le Caire. Entré du [....] / Bonfils.

New York City--An afternoon lounge at Goupil's Art Gallery, Fifth Avenue / drawn by J.N. Hyde.

Teoyaomiqui [Coatlicue statue], court of the museum, Mexico

Canada--Yukon Territory--Dawson / Wolfe photo, Dawson, Y.T.

[Amphorae in the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Exterior of the armory in the Sublime Porte] / Abdullah Frères.

[Tomb and amphorae in the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Firearms and drums of that time at the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Ayasofya's bell in the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Chains which were pulled across between Galata and Istanbul in old times to prevent enemy ships from entering the Golden Horn, and tomb in the courtyard of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

U. of M., Ann Arbor, Museum

Sacrifice stone, court of the Muse[um, Mexico]

[Interior of the Weapons Museum]

[Bells and old weapons in the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C

[Detroit Museum of Art]

Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

[C̦inili köșkü (tiled palace) museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Two tombs in the Weapons Museum]

[Surroundings of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum]

[The museum of the Imperial Naval Academy] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum]

Ancient pottery, National Museum

[Interior of the Weapons Museum]

[Interior of the Weapons Museum] / Abdullah Frères.

[Interior of the Weapons Museum]

The universal church of the future - from the present religious outlook / J. Keppler.

The national dime-museum - will be run during the presidential campaign / Gillam.

Scene in Jackson Park, Chicago, Ill.

Art Museum, Boston, Mass.

Nürnberg. Klossterhof im German Museum

Munroe Tavern, Lexington

Munroe Tavern, Lexington

Museum, U. of M., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Berlin National Gallerie. Friedrichsbrücke

The copyist in the Louvre

The Art Institute, Chicago, Ill.

Relics in museum, U.S. Naval Academy

Chateau de Ramezay, Montreal

One of the finest art critics I ever see

Irkutsk - the Museum of Regional History

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington

The popular tendency to rail at wealth is not entirely justified / Ehrhart.

Corcoran Gallery of Arts, Washington, D.C.

Corner of sculpture hall, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Washington. Smithsonian Institution

Detroit Museum of Art

U.S. Smithsonian Institute - interior view

Mediaeval weapons, museum, Salzburg, Austria

Butterfield Museum, Dartmouth College

Butterfield Museum, Dartmouth College

[Toledo Museum of Art, north gallery, Toledo, Ohio]

Library, portrait gallery and museum room in west wing

[Brooks Museum, University of Virginia]

[Toledo Museum of Art, residence of the director, Toledo, Ohio]

[Cincinnati] Art Museum, Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Chateau de Ramezay, Montreal

View across sculpture court, Albright Art Museum (Gallery), Buffalo, N.Y.

A Room in the House of Pansa, Saratoga, N.Y

[The artist in his museum]

[E. classical court from balcony, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass.]

Representatives' Hall, looking east, Old State House, Boston, Mass.

Representatives' Hall, looking west, Old State House, Boston, Mass.

[John W. Alexander's decorations, Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, Pa.]

Carnegie [Institute and] Library, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Chateau de Ramezay, Montreal

[Cotton plantation activities]

[Studie zum Künstlerheim] / Emil Hoppe 1900.

[Toledo, Ohio, Toledo Museum of Art]

[Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio]

[Main gallery, Albright Art Museum (Gallery), Buffalo, N.Y.]

[Worcester Art Museum and Picture Gallery, Worcester, Mass.]

[Pennsylvania] Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Buffalo, N.Y., sculpture court, Albright Art Museum]