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Clay gallopade

Aeolus gallop

The emerald gallopade

Seaside galop

Argonauta galop

Manhattan galop, The [title page only]

Up and away

The Kemble galop

Oxford galop


Paganini's favorite gallopade

Grand brilliant gallopade from La Francě

Trumpet gallopade

The British queen waltz and galopade

Dahlia gallopade

A set of waltzes for the flute

Saratoga galop

Return to the South galop

L'Americaine, op. 52, no. 1 ; L'Italienne, op. 32, no. 2

The Nagel gallopade

The Alfred gallop

The Waverly gallop

The parlour quadrilles

Night owl gallop

Ice cream galop

The Magnolia gallop

La Romanesca

Osina gallopade

Aurora gallop

First troop national guards' gallop

Ermuterungs galopp, or, Rousing galopp

The Alsacian railroad gallops

Cape Island gallopade

Arline galop, op. 51, no. 5 from The Bohemian girl

Papanti's galop

Seraphine gallopade

Catharine gallopade

Bronze horse gallopade

La victoire

Camillo galop

Linda di Chamounix galop

Hommage aux belles de Baltimore, op. 99

Rosa gallopade

Le concert des Oiseaux, op. 167, no. 190

El rinconade

Bluff City galop

Chicassaw galopade

Elk Dale waltzes ; Sophie galop

Evergreen galop of the Steyermarkische

California gold fever galop

Galop perpetuel

The Easter waltz and gallop

Thine is my heart galopp

Bordeaux gallopade

Lily gallopade

Berlin gallop

Spring galop

Friendship galop

Joyful life galop

Elfen galopp

The young pupil's first galop

Kossuth galop

Trot gallop, op. 25

Trot gallop

Fast line gallop

Eagle gallop

The young pupil's second galop

Diomed gallop

Great exibition galop

The Alexandria galop

Tally ho galop

The lark galop

Dieu & La Bayadere galop

Spanish galopade

Home scenes and home sounds, gallop

Young America gallop

The lark galop

Tournament galop

Monte Cristo galop brillante

Tunnel gallop, op. 326

Bayadere galop

Wizard of the wave, galop

Crown diamond's galop

Musical art union gallop, op. 29

Gallop caracteristique, op. 12

Gallopade quadrille

Metropolitan rail road galop

Cavalry signal galop

Cavalry Sheridan, military galop

Snowball galop

L'Aimable fatique

If you please galop

Popsy wopsy galop

Terpsichorean galop

Unser FritzOur Fritz (Galop militaire)

Wildfire galop

Magic sounds galop

Little Maggie May Galop (Friendships gift)

Jolly Brothers

Encore Galop