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[The great abundance of fish and game in Virginia; man hunting with muskets and falcons, and fishing]

Consular games - the game of brag - the game of hazard / Woodward del. ; etch'd by Roberts.

[Two hunters holding guns, three dogs, and man carrying game and wiping his brow in field surrounded by woods]

[Two men playing a game or gambling, possibly involving dice of some sort]

North Bend game cock

Snake game rules

The novel & interesting game of matrimony. Map of matrimony / Lith. & printed by J. Dainty, Philada.

Bagging the game

Political game of brag. Shew of hands

The game cock / el gallo de pelea: in full feather

The election game / turning the cards

Out of door sports - the Caledonian and Thistle clubs playing the Scottish national game of curling upon the frozen pond in the Central Park, New York / from a sketch by our own artist.

Game birds of America. Woodcock (Scolopax Minor) / H.M. Clay 1861.

Game birds of America. Snipe (Scolopax Wilsonii) / H.M. Clay 1861.

Game birds of America. California or Valley Quail (Laphortyx Californicus) / H.M. Clay 1861.

Game birds of America. Quail (Ortyx Virginiana) / H.M. Clay 1861.

A little game of bagatelle, between Old Abe the rail splitter & Little Mac the gunboat general

The interrupted game

A rare old game of shuttlecock

Ashburton Sauce... for... soup, game, meat, poultry, wild fowl, fish, etc.

A little game of bagatelle, between Old Abe the rail splitter & Little Mac the gunboat general.

American forest game

The comical ribbon game

New rules for the American Caron game. as played on the standard America Caron billard table. Julius Blake manufacturer of Standard American Billiard tables with the celebrated Phelan & Collender Pat. combination cushions, North-east corner Main

Erie or the greased pole. A new and amusing game

[Chinese men playing "Chai Moi" (finger game), street vendors with carts selling food; and a group of men, women and children]

The Game of Ni-aungʹ-pi-kai

[Interior view of room where men and women are playing the board game "go"]

A game of foot-ball / J. Davidson.

[Two men with long noses playing a game of go]

[Two buffaloes on grounds of Imperial Czarist Game Preserves at Pralveritsch, Russia]

[Full-length of four men posed with rifles, hunting dog, and a brace of game birds]

Expeditionary stores, game stand and steamer Proteus, Discovery Harbor / G.W. Rice, photo.

A skin game / V. Ostenbach.

Democracy's game of blind man's buff [i.e bluff]

An uneven game / Zimmerman.

Puck's political hunting-ground -- how he has made game of the politicians / J. Keppler '85.

The national game

New York scenes in a Chinese gambling-house - 1. A game of "Fan-Tan" in progress; 2. A raid by the police. Small drawing of Chinese playing cards and of Chinese coin used in Fan-Tan

In a few minutes they were busy with the game

Rambles through our country - an instructive geographical game for the young

The game of McGinty. The descent of McGinty

A game of poker - the anxious moment

"A Game of Copenhagen" - May Parties, Central Park, New York City

"Football & love" A story of the Yale-Princeton game of '94 by Butt W. McIntosh ("Taffy"), illustrated by B. West Clinedinst, decorative designs by Hooper, price 50 cents. The Transatlantic Publishing Co., 53 Fifth Avenue, New York, 25 Henriettia, St. Covent Garden, London / / Hooper.

[C. Petznick Game, Berlin, Germany]

[F.M. Smith & Co. game, Chicago, Ill.]

The grand old game of tit for tat / Dalrymple.

College girls play basket-ball - match game between students of Stanford University and the University of California

U.S.S. Brooklyn, a little game

[Scenes from a Yale vs. Carlisle Indians football game at Manhattan Field]

The ball game /

[Children playing game with handkerchief on stick in school yard, Washington, D.C.]

Chorus girls lined up on playing field in ball game for newsboys benefit

Knott Wright. "Mr. Jones is at the door; he wants you to go to the ball game with him!"

A hard game of "follow your leader" / Keppler.

Ward, Neidig, Loher, Heaton, Million Point Cribbage game

Ethel Roosevelt, in stands at football game

W.K. Vanderbilt at polo game

Y.M.C.A. hut in France -- soldiers' ball game

Tammany's anti-trust game / Ehrhart.

Various types, etc. Natives at a game.

Dead game sports

H.T. Allen at polo game

Ko-se-Kaw-nuck, the gambling game of the squaws

The same old game / J.S. Pughe.

"Motor Girls" posing in and around Studebaker auto, going to baseball game

Troops in war game, gun mounted on auto truck

No lack of big game The President seems to have scared up quite a bunch of octopi / / Bart.

A political game / K.

A Quiet game

The isthmian canal game / Kep.

[Football game]

Chicago-Michigan football game /

Princeton and Yale football game /

[View of football game from end zone in large stadium]

A game of "Go-ban," or oriental chess - Yun-Woong-Niel, Korean Minister of War (left) in his home, Seoul

Much envied winners of the arrow-shooting contest - the national game of the highest aristocracy, Korea

Polo game between New York and Missouri teams, World's Fair, St. Louis, Mo.

Yale - Princeton baseball game

A game of chess

The "lotus-flower," a typical game played by Japanese children during cherry-bloom festival, Tokyo, Jaban [i.e., Japan]

Seoul, Korea: A game of "Go-ban," or oriental chess - Yun-Woong-Niel, Korean Minister of War (left), in his home

Polo Grounds, New York, New York - Cincinnati, National League ball game, Saturday, Aug. 13, 1904, attendance 24,625

The game of life / Keppler.

Is he going or coming? To the ball park he wends his way to see the game on "bloomer day."


The favorite pastime on shipboard - a game of shuffleboard

A game of chess

[Michigan - Wisconsin game, Ferry Field, Nov. 18th, attendance 15,502]

Break up after game, World's Championship Series, White Sox vs. Cubs, American League grounds, Sunday, Oct. 14, 1906

The endless game / Ehrhart.

[A game of chess in a tourist sleeper] / photo by the Geo. R. Lawrence Co.

Last game, World Championship Series, White Sox vs. Cubs, American League Grounds, Sunday, Oct. 14, 1906

A mumble-peg game

Fifth game, World's Championship Series, Cubs vs. White Sox, National League grounds, Saturday, Oct. 13, 1906

[Princeton and Yale baseball game]

[Dispute on field; Cubs at Giants, Polo Grounds- final game (baseball)]

[Patrick Joseph Moran, Chicago NL baseball player, standing at home plate with bat in hand during baseball game]

[Crowd in Polo Grounds grandstand; Cubs at Giants - final game (baseball)]

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