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[Garden with people and apparatus for distilling a plant's medicinal essences]

Ridotto al' fresco, or the humours of spring gardens

Zarzuela Palace. Floor plans and landscape plan Baltharan Ricaud

The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

Autumn flowers

[Sketch plan for landscaping the grounds of the President's House, ca. 1802-05].

Ume saku(?) niwa

View near Bordenton, from the gardens of the Count De Survilliers / engrav'd & colour'd by J. Drayton.

Surry [sic] Zoological Gardens

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Next Tuesday, 24th July, grand day and evening fete, will be given in honor of the foreign ambassadors ...

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

Mr. Edward Spencer, born May 8th 1799 who accompanied Mr. Charles Green in that fatal parachute experiment of Mr. Robert Cocking's, July 24th, 1837, from Vauxhall Gardens. And has made twenty-seven ascents with Mr. Green, up to this date, August 24th, 1839 / / G.P. Harding, F.S.A., del. et fecit ; Day & Haghe, lithrs. to the Queen.

Night ascent. Royal Standard Tavern, pleasure grounds & tea gardens ... H. Brading, Proprietor ... has, at the solicitation of several scientific gentlemen, prevailed on Mr. Gypson, who will ... make an experimental trip, in the Royal Standard balloon, on Monday next, June 3, at ten o'clock at night! ...

Der Gärtner

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Juvenile fete, next Wednesday, 21st ...

The avenue at Baber's tomb

Rotundo [i.e. Rotunda] Gardens. Mr. Hampton's grand 77th ascent with his new royal Irish national balloon, Erin-Go-Bragh the first ascent this season, will take place on Easter Monday, 24th April, 1848.

Ascent of [H] Bell's aerial machine, from Vauxhall Gardens

Cremorne Gardens ... Grand Victoria fete in honour of the Inauguration of the Exhibition of All Nations, by Her Majesty, on Thursday, May 1st, 1851 ...

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall ... this day, Monday, May 5th, a balloon ascent will positively take place by the veteran Green, in the Royal Nassau balloon ...

Vauxhall Garden 1803 / lith. by G. Hayward, N.Y.

Horikiri no hanashōbu

Higurashi no sato jiin no rinsen

Horikiri no hanashōbu

The grand aquaria! is now open for public exhibition! at the Aquarial gardens, No. 21 Bromfield Street ... Cutting & Butler, proprietors ... [Boston. n. d.].

West facade from Botanical Gardens

Catalogue of fishes, mollusca, zoophytes, &c. &c., at Aquarial Gardens. No. 21 Bromfield Street, Boston. Cutting & Butler, Proprietors. ... Boston, July 16th, 1860.

Dresden from the Japanese Gardens

Algeria. Biskra. Garden of Allah

Vienna. The Volks Garden

Vienna. Schönbrun[n]. Gardens

[Virgin's tomb. Mount of Olives - Gethsemane] / P. Bergheim.

Vienna. Palace of Schönbrun[n]. Fountain

Vienna. Schönbrunn[n]. Gardens

Views of Nice. Promenade Anglais. Public garden

[Catholic church with walled courtyard garden in Beijing]

[Tree of Agony, Gethsemane] / P. Bergheim.

Vienna. Palace of Schönbrun[n]. Garden

Cairo. The Shubrah Palace

Indian Mound in Monument Gardens, Chattanooga

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend. Dom General-Gubernatora. Vid doma iz sada

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend.Vidy iz sada nakhodiashchagosia pri domie glavnago nachal'nika kraia

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend. Vidy iz sada nakhodiashchagosia pri domie glavnago nachal'nika kraia

Entree du Jardin Mabile i.e. Mabille

Convent Notre Dame, San Jose, View from the Gardens

Exposition Universelle De Paris, 1867. Grotto. Horticultural Gardens

Lima. The Cathedral

Garden in the interior of the School of Arts

Lima. Interior of the Presa garden

Lima. Interior of new Alameda

Lima. The public square, Municipality, and tower of St. Domingo

House of the ex-President Pezet in Chorrillos

Lima. Garden in the Convent of San Francisco

Paris. Panorama des Tuileries et du Louvre Charles Rivière del. et lith


[Henry Gifford's huge captive balloon being prepared for ascent from Tuillerie Gardens, Paris]

Grand Balloon... de Mr. Henry Giffard, 1878 - Crowd at outdoor cafe "Buffet de Ballon Captif" in Tuillerie Gardens]

[Grand Balloon... de Mr. Henry Giffard, 1878 - Birds-eye view of Balloon before ascent from Tuillerie Gardens, Paris; large crowd and reviewing stands]

New York City - the third contest for the long-distance pedestrian championship for the world at Gilmore's Gardens, March 10th-15th [4 illustrations]: Ennis...shakes hands with Rowell; Charles Rowell [head and shoulders]; Rowell running a lap...; and view of the track on Saturday afternoon with Rowell, Ennis and Harriman walking together]

Grant's world tour China. Hong Kong. Path in the public gardens. May 16, 1879

Grant's world tour China. Hong Kong. "The grove." May 16, 1879

[View of the garden of the Military Hospital at Haydarpaşa] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

The Imperial Pavilion (Şale) in the Imperial Garden at Yıldız

Cragin's, the cactus garden

[Private school, Şemsülmaarif, Göztepe] / Abdullah Frères, photographes de S.M.I. le Sultan.

[View of the botanical gardens at the (Imperial Military) Medical School] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

[The garden of the Mekteb-i Sultani] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

Cragin's flower garden

Paris - Le Luxembourg / A. Giroudon.

[The recess yard of Darüşşafaka] / Abdullah Frères, Constantinople.

On the road to the Botanical Gardens, Martinique, W.I.

[The big pool in the garden of the Imperial Palace on the shores of Beylerbeyi]

[The Mühüdar Garden in Kadıköy] / Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff, Ali Rıza Bey.

[One part of the Imperial Garden at Yıldız]

Gate to garden of San Marcos

Guanajuato reservoir and garden

[Exterior of Botanical Gardens, Washington, D.C.]

[A column located in the garden of the Topkapı Sarayı (palace)] / Abdullah Frères.

[The Imperial Yıldız Sarayı (palace)]

[The infantry students of the first company at the Imperial Military Academy resting, after making piles of arms] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

Garden near Daytona, A

[One part of the Imperial Garden at Yıldız]

Cragin's flower garden

Cragin's, the cactus garden

[The big pond in the Imperial Garden at Yıldız] / Abdullah Frères.

[The garden of the (Military) Hospital at Haydarpaşa] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[One part of the Imperial Garden at Yıldız]

[Garden, Mekteb-i Mülkiye-yi Şahane (Imperial School of Political Science)] / Abdullah Frères, photographes de S.M.I. le Sultan.

[The garden of the Imperial Naval Academy] / Abdullah Frères, Phot., Constantinople.

Vue prise du Vieux-Séraı̈l / Abdullah Frères.

[The pond in the Imperial Garden at Yıldız]

Garniss, Dry Valley, Custer County, Nebraska.

Spring in East Custer County.

"In the Garden" Near Anselmo, Custer County, Nebraska.

Holme sod house east Custer County.

Spring in East Custer County.

Holme sod house east Custer County.

John Sewler and his young family, near Woods Park, Custer County, Nebraska.

[Garden] / [butterfly monogram].

Al.. Burger at Genet, Custer County, Nebraska.