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[St. George on horseback] / AD [monogram].

To his highness William Henrick, Prince of Orange, the most humble petition of George Lord Chancellor Jefferies. Most humbly sheweth; that your petitioner who was once Lord Chancellor of England is now become the lowest of your suppliants, and f

George Baillie to Virginia Congressional Delegates, May 21, 1723. Pay Warrant.

[Benjamin Johnson, English actor, head-and-shoulders portrait facing slightly left, in ornamental oval frame] / Gerard Honthorst pinxt ; Geo. Vertue, Londini sculp.

Capt. George Lowther and his company at Port Mayo in the Gulph of Matique

A plan of George Stadt Camp near the River Guantamano in the island of Cuba and also of the intrenchments made on the adjacent hills, represented more at large with their profils /

George's Combat

George Washington's map, accompanying his "journal to the Ohio", 1754.

An exact-plan of George-Town so named by Patrick Graham, Esqr., President of the Province of Georgia, in honr. to His Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, &ca.

Plan of Fort William Henry and camp at Lake George.

A draught of Lake George, and part of Hudson's River taken September 1756

A prospective view of the battle fought near Lake George, on the 8th of Sepr. 1755,...

Plan of the attack on Fort William Henry and Ticonderoga; showing the road from Fort Edward, Montcalm's camp and wharf of landing, &c.

Map of George Town, 1751.

Plan of the siege of the Havana surrenderid [sic] Aug. 12, 1762 to the English commanded by the Earl of Albemarle General and Sir George Pococke K.B. Admiral /

A letter to his most Excellent Majesty, George the third, King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, and Emperor of North America, &c. May it please your Majesty. [Asserting that Parliament has usurped his authority by imposing taxes upon the c

Beginning of text, illus. with royal seal, in Gt. Brit. Laws, statues, etc., 1760-1820 (George III), Anno regni Georgii III...At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the nineteenth day of May, 1761..., London, M. Baskett, 1767

Virginia Colony Councilmen, Burgesses and Representatives of the Virginia Colony to George III of England, April 14, 1768, Petition Against Taxation by Great Britain; Repeal of Stamp Act

Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

Virginia Colony to George III of England, May 17, 1769, Petition Against Deportation of Prisoners

The machine to go without asses

An elegy on the much lamented death of the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, who died at New-berry port in New-England, on the 1st day of October 1770. [1770].

Plan of Fort George and adjacent works at Pensacola in West Florida.

George Washington commandant en chef des armées des Etats-unis de l'Amerique / N. Pruneau del. et sculp.

A funeral elegy, on the Rev’d and renowned George Whitefield, Chaplain to the Right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30h. day of September, 1770. AEt. 56. [Boston 1770].

The character and death of the late Rev. George Whitefield ... [Portsmouth] Printed and sold by D. and R. Fowle [1770].

I George Brooke, treasurer of Virginia, hereby certify, that of the County of hath paid into the loan offic of this Commonwealth dollars, to be applied to his credit in account with a British subject, according to an act of General Assembly pass

A funeral elegy, on the Revd. And renowned George Whitefield, chaplain to the right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30th day of September 1770 AEt. 56 [Boston? 1770?].

Capt. Gg. [George?] Newell

Virginia Colony to George III of England, April 1, 1772, Petition Against Importation of Slaves from Africa

A plan of Fort George at the city of New-York.

To His Royal Highness. George Augustus Frederick. Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This chart of the West Indies,

George Whitefield, M.A. / Elisha Gallaudet sculp., N. York 1774.

Copy of a survey return'd by Mr. Sam Lewis, surveyor of Botetourt Coun[t]y. Surveyed for George Washington 2950 acres of land (by virtue of a warrant for 5,000 acres granted by His Excellency the Governor to said Washington agreeable to His Majesty proclamatiom issued in the year 1763) lying in the county of Botetourt on the n.e. side of the Great Kanhaway about a mile and half above the mouth of Cole River, joining the upper end of the Poketillico survey ... Novemr. 6th, 1774.

King George II, crowned June 11, 1727 - King George III, crowned Oct. 25, 1760

The Whitehall pump

His majesty King George the III - contemplating a medal of King Alfred

[Eight survey tracts along the Kanawha River, W.Va. showing land granted to George Washington and others.

To His Royal Highness. George Ausgustus Frederick. Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This chart of the West Indies,

George Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, April 6, 1775, Records of Virginia Land Grants

Orders. Thursday, July 27, 1775. The Light Infantry company to the Third Battalion are desired to meet at the Carpenters Hall, next Saturday Morning, at Seven o'clock, on business of importance. George Morgan.

An express just arrived from General Washington. Camp at Cambridge. Oct. 24, 1775. Sir. The inclosed information being of the highest importance, I thought it proper to transmit it to you with all dispatch. I am Sir Your obedient servant George

Recantations of Robert Hooper, John Pedrick, Robert Hooper, Jun, George M’Call, Richard Reed and Henry Sanders In Committee of Sayety. Cambridge, May 4, 1775 … Printed and sold in Queen Street [1775].

In council. November 7th, 1775. Whereas by an Act of this colony made in the sixteenth year of the reign of George the third, intitled. An act impowering the courts of general sessions of the peace, within this colony to grant licences, to innho

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

George Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, April 5, 1775, Records of Virginia Land Grants

By His excellency, George Washington, Esq; Captain-General and Commander in chief of the forces of the thirteen United Colonies. Whereas the ministerial army abandoned the Town of Boston; and the forces of the United Colonies, under my command,

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

The state blacksmiths forging fetters for the Americans

In the sixteenth year of the reign of George the third, King, &c. 1776. An act for the carrying into execution a resolve of the American Congress, for ascertaining the number of inhabitants in this Colony. [Watertown: Printed by Benjamin Edes, 1

George Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, October 28, 1776, Memorandum Granting Permission for Jefferson's to Use Wythe's House in Williamsburg, Virginia

George Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, November 11, 1776, British Troop Movements in New York

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, April 18, 1777, Letter of Introduction for Strother Jones

George Montgomery, Esq'r. major general of the American armies - kill'd at Quebec Decr. 31st. 1775

A topographical map of Hudsons River, with the channels depth of water, rocks, shoals &c. and the country adjacent, from Sandy-Hook, New York and bay to Fort Edward, also the communication with Canada by Lake George and Lake Champlain, as high as Fort Chambly on Sorel River. 1776.

George Washington, Esq'r. - Americanischer generalissimus

[Lake Champlain and Lake George, and the country between the Hudson and the lakes on the west, and Connecticut River on the east.

All loyal seamen or able-bodied landmen, desirous of serving his Majesty King George the Third, and willing to enter on board the Talley Philadelphia, fitted for the better defence of the City and Riber-Service only; now lying at the New-Ferry w

George the IIId, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland / Pollard sculpt.

A view in the Island of Jamaica, of the spring-head of Roaring River on the estate of William Beckford esqr. / drawn on the spot, and painted by George Robertson ; engraved by James Mason.

Gen'l. George Washington

Iohann George Sulzer geb:den 16 Octobr 1720 - gest:den 25 Febr 1779 / A Graff pinxit 1774 ; D. Berger sculp. Berloini 1779.

I [blank] do solemnly swear ... allegiance to his Majesty King George the third my lawful sovereign; and that I will at all risks stand forth in support of his person and government: and I do solemnly disclaim and renounce that unlawful and ini

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, July 23, 1779, Request to Send Letter to Mr. Battora in New York under Flag of Truce

George French to Thomas Jefferson, October 5, 1779

[Penobscot River and Bay, with the operations of the English fleet, under Sir George Collyer, against the division of Massachusetts troops acting against Fort Castine, August 1779; with full soundings up to the present site of Bangor.

Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, March 1, 1779, Memorandum on Bill to Regulate Practicing Attorneys; Changes in Court System

S.E. George Washington - général en chef de armées des etats unis de l'Amérique / Le B. pinx ; J.L. sculp.

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, June 11, 1780

Sr. George Bridges Rodney - [...] admiral of the Blue & [... Maje]sty's ships sent to protect our trad[...] West Indies

Land-Office Treasury Warrant no. 2375 for George Rogers Clark

Edward Moody to George Muter, October 20, 1780

George Washington Eqer. général en chef de l'armée Anglo-Amériquaine, nommé dictateur par congrès en Fevrier 1777

His excellency George Washington Esq'r. captain general of all the American forces

Lord George Gordon


George Washington to Joseph Jones, May 14, 1780. James Madison List to 1789 MAY 11.

James Innes, James Barron, and George Lyne, September 1780, War Board Memorandum on Virginia Troops; with table by Thomas Jefferson

Lord George Germaine

By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

Horatio Thomson to George Washington, October 7, 1781

Horatio Huntington to George Washington, May 22, 1781

Thomas Jefferson to George Nicholas, July 28, 1781

George Muter, March 13, 1781, Memorandum of Cannon and Ball Available at Foundry; with List

View of Port George taken from the top of Binney Isle

His excy. George Washington Esqr. captain general of all the American forces / J. Norman.

Plan of Fort George at Pensacola.

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, October 28, 1781

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, March 19, 1781

The thunderer

Wonders wonders wonders & wonders - dedicated to the wonderfull wonderfull wonderer

George III, King of Great Britain &c / Pollard sculp.

Guy Carleton and Robert Digby to George Washington, March 19, 1783

James Madison to George Washington, April 29, 1783.

A block for the wigs - or, the new state whirligig

Salem, February 22, 1783. Capt. George Williams, jun, arrived from the West-Indies, via Portsmouth, has favoured us with the St. Lucia gazette of the 18th of January ... [Salem] Printed by S. Hall, 1783].

Blessed are the peacemakers

George Washington commander in chief of ye armies of ye United States of America / engraved by W. Sharp, from an original picture.

Guy Carleton to George Washington, April 6, 1783