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[Holstengate, Lubeck, Germany]

Gus Worke, a farmer who came from Germany 40 years ago, Southington, Conn.

Bible. Manuscripts. Latin. Biblia latina. April 4, 1452-July 9, 1453. "Giant Bible of Mainz"


Mainz, Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 14 Aug. (in vigilia Assumptionis Mariae) 1462.

Liber sextus Decretalium.Mainz, Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 17 Dec. 1465.

[Earth, the sun, and moon carried on dragon's back below title in decorative border]

Collationes patrum XXIV.

Collationes patrum XXIV.

Die guldin Bibel, innhaltend Belonung der Tugennt vnnd Strouf der Laster.

Die guldin Bibel, innhaltend Belonung der Tugennt vnnd Strouf der Laster.

Der Sele Trost.

Praeceptorium divinae legis.[Reutlingen, Michael Greyff, not after 1479]

Die vierundzwanzig Alten, oder Der goldne Thron.

Die vierundzwanzig Alten, oder Der goldne Thron.

Die vierundzwanzig Alten, oder Der goldne Thron.

Die vierundzwanzig Alten, oder Der goldne Thron.

[Medieval universe, with heaven above, bands containing stars, and earth below]

[Trees with medicinal virtues, growing naturally and cultivated in pots]

[Sigismund, emperor of Germany, on his death bed, 1437]

[Un officier allemand portant un drapeau, accompagné d'un tambour, d'un fifre et de deux soldats] / DH.

[Cursus per totam septimanam. German. [from old catalog]]Dye siben Curs[us] auf ainen yeglichen Tag der Wochen ain, mit seyn siben Zeiten vn[d] sel Vesper gar loblich geordiniert.Ulm, Conrad Dinckmut, 1491.

Meditatio[ne]s Iordani de vita et passio[n]e Ih[es]u [Christ]i.Meditationes de vita et passione Jesu Christi [from old catalog][Magdeburg, Moritz Brandis ca. 1500?]

Dr. Philip Melanchthon

[Hroswitha (10th Century nun, poet, and chronicler) presenting her works to Otto I (912-973), King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor]

Typus gramatic

[The elaborate device of Franz Birckmann, a Cologne bookseller, showing 3 seperate scenes: The Adoration, St. Ursula with the 11,000 virgins, and a boiling cauldron containing 7 Maccabean youths and their mother. In upper corners are 2 shields containing Cologne arms and Birckmann trademark]

[Architectural title page of Commentaria ... super anatomia mudini bordered in columns with scene of seated teacher lecturing as assistant dissects cadaver]

Praeclara Ferdina[n]di Cortesii de noua maris oceani Hyspania narratio sacratissimo, ac inuictissimo Carolo Romanoru[m] Imperatori semper Augusto, Hyspaniaru[m] &c. Regi anno Domini M.D.XX. transmissa

[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

[German cupeling furnace with a brick dome and a cupeling hearth with iron hood, both used to separate metals from ores]

[Solar system diagram with seven planets in circular orbits, the earth as number V, Telluris; and surrounding text]

[Person with crossed eyes, head-and-shoulders view]

[Person with crossed eyes wearing corrective mask, head-and-shoulders view]

Ordenliche Beschreibung mit was ... Ceremonien ... die Röm. Kay. May. ... Sampt etlich andern Ertzhertzogen, Fürsten vnd Herrn, den Orden dess Guildin Flüss, in disem 85. Jahr zu Prag vnd Landshut, empfangen vnd angenommen.

[Manfred seated and pointing to two knelling men with falcons]

[Title page of Alchymia, with figures of Galen and Aristotle, and scenes depicting alchemy]

Psalmus 98, Freiburg, 19 Nov. 1615

Hic est draco caudum suam devorans

Warhafftiger und Natürlicher

Abriss vnd Beschreibung der Churfürstl. Residentz-Statt Maintz wie dieselbe von Ihrer Königl. Majestät in Schweden erobert worden Geschehen den 14. Decembris des M DC XXXI Jahrs.

Abbildung der zwar hoch betrübten ...

Ein Kurtz--Jedoch nachdenktlich Bespräch--eines Fuches und Katzen

Der Warner

Abbildung der prächtigen - und zwar trawrigen Leichbestattung - gehalten uber den Tödlichen abgang und wolreiffen hintritt auszm Röm. Reich der allerschädlichen Bestiæ der contribution, ...

De Nova stella, anni 1572

[Cassiopeia constellation depicted as Cassiopeia in chair, with key to stars' names at left and new star or nova at right]

[Moon as solid body with irregular surface features in first telescopic drawings of moon to be published]

[Teams of horses trying unsuccessfully to pull apart vacuum-filled copper spheres, also depicted in detail above, in Magdeburg demonstration for Emperor Ferdinand III]

[Johannes Hevelius and assistant using six-foot sextant to measure angular distances between pairs of stars]

Der kayserlichen residenz - stadt Wien / von Leonhard Loschge, buchhændlern in Nürnberg.

[Siege and relief of Vienna in 1683, with portraits of Ernst Rudiger von Starhemberg, Emperor Leopold I, Sultan Mehmed IV, Kara Mustafa, Count of Waldeck, Elector of Saxony, John III Sobieski, Elector of Bavaria, Charles V Duke of Lorraine]

Imperium Romano-Germanicum.

Mouvements der Allÿrten und Frantz Sösischen Armée zvischen Donawert und Höchstedt nebst der Retraite welche die Allÿrte Armée machete [?] 21 September an 1703 nacher Nörlinge Sig [?] bedeutet die Allÿrten [?] bedeitet die Frantz Sosen.

[Map showing battle lines in vicinity of Donauwörth, Germany].

[Plan of New Ebenezer, Ga., 1742, which was settled in 1736 by the persecuted Salzburgers of Bavaria at invitation of trustees of the Georgia colony; text in German]

Cabinet d'un peintre / gravé par D. Chodowiecki à Berlin.

Jerome de La Lande, de l'Aca. rle. des sciences de Paris, de celles de Londres, de Berlin, de Petersb., &c. Né ... 1732 / A. Pujas, [i.e. Pujos] del., 1773 ; B. Vlam, excudit ; C.F. Fritschius, sculp.

[The surprise attack on Maestreicht(?)] / H.B.

Map of the empire of Germany.

Friedrich der grosse könig von Preussen &c. Frédéric le grand roi de Prusse &c / / L. Wolf del. ; Meno Haas Reg. Acad. Berol. Socius. sculps.

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, April 9, 1788, Tour of Germany; First Page Missing

Hamburgh in red, the city in green : [Washington D.C.].

J. Philip Reibelt, August 5, 1795, Nuremberg Sessions, Appointment

[French atrocities in Germany during Napoleonic War, 1796] / Wm. Wadsworth(?).

Hamburgh in red, the city in green : [Washington D.C.].

Dees Nederlandsche Koe, altoos door Waereld-grooten ...

[Head-and-shoulders portraits of Johann Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Peter Schöffer, Melanchton, Johann Fust, and Lucas Cranach] / Stahlstich v. Carl Mayer's Kunst-Anstalt in Nürnberg.

Unknown to Unknown, February 11, 1801, Copy of Letter written "at Dillenburg near Marburg" on a Proposal to Establish "three colonies under the authority of the US peopled with emigrants from Germany"

Les dames de la Halle partant pour aller chercher le Roi a Versailles, le 5 Octobre 1789 / Prieur inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Luftfahrt des Herrn Professors Bourguet ; zu Berlin den 23 May Ao 1804 / Tollen, tsc.

Tiddy-Doll, the great French gingerbread-baker; drawing out a new batch of kings - his man, Hopping Talley, mixing up the dough / Js. Gillray invd. & fec.

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Emperor of Germany, 1121-1190

Cascade du Rio de Vinagre, près du volcan de Puracé / dessiné par Koch à Rome d'après une esquisse de M. de Humboldt ; gravé par Arnold à Berlin.

[Maximilian I] J. Stieler pinx ; B. Rausch del.

Frederick William the third, King of Prussia

Luther verbrennt die päpstliche Bulle und das canonishe Recht vor Witteneberg, am 10 December 1520 / v. Löwenstern exc.

A new map of South Carolina with its canals, roads & distances from place to place along the stage & steam boat routes.

Der Gärtner

Der Buchbinder

Der Schneider. Der Knopfmacher

Der Gärber

Der Uhrmacher

Der Webstuhl


Der Wagenbauer

Die Kunst Häringe einzusalzen

Der Böttcher

Seife, Kerzen, Lichte

Der Schumacher

Der Hutmacher

Das Oel

Der Kürschner

Der Sattler

A bivouack in safety or Florida troops preventing a surprise

Die Fischerei

[Front page of the Illustrated London news, illustrated with view of London from waterfront, and view of the destruction of the city of Hamburg by fire]

Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn

Leaflets of the ball room. Being a sketch of the polka quadrilles, the Baden, mazurka figures &c. &c. to which is appended the music of the celebrated Redowa waltz, now first published in the United States.

Strassenbilder / bei F.G. Schulz in Stuttgart.