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A spinner in the Mollahan Mills, Newberry, S.C. Dec. 3/08. Witness, Sara R. Hine. Location: Newberry, South Carolina / Photo by Lewis W. Hine.

[Two girls whispering]

Mari arasoi

[Silhouette of unidentified girl facing left, no. 1]

[Silhouette of girl facing left, no. 2]

[Silhouette of girl facing left, no. 1]

Myra Newell

Girl reading a letter dessiné par J.B. Huet peintre du Roi par son très humble et très obéissant serviteur Demarteau

Gyokkashi eimo


A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2


Matsubaya uchi somenosuke

Autumn flowers

Verlegenheiten. No. 13, Pack dich deine Blumen sind ja ganz welk Vas t'en les fleurs sont fanées M. Schwind del. ; lith. Inst. in Wien

[Title page from "Memoir of Ann Elizabeth Pierce" and frontispiece engraving of a dying girl lying in bed surrounded by her family]

Ladies whipping girls

[Group portrait of two unidentified girls, three-quarter length, seated, facing front]

The orphans prayer / T. Sinclair's lith, Phila.

School house, Tappan / painted by Robert W. Weir ; engraved on steel by James Smillie.

The playful pets / painted by W. Drummond ; engraved by J. Sartain.

Little pets / E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, Hartford, Ct. ; Phelps & Watson, New York ; Geo. Whiting, New York.


[Two unidentified girls, about three and five years of age, the younger child seated in high chair, older one standing beside her on left, both nearly facing front]

Mexican Girls. Costumes of the Poblanas

Dancing girls at Cairo / David Roberts, R.A.

St. Mary's Hall / lith. of T. Sinclair, Phila.

[Small girl leaning against an overturned wash tub on which two puppies have been placed; a cat stands in the doorway, alert, behind them]

Girl praying

[Two unidentified girls, full-length portraits, seated on chairs next to table with tablecloth]

[Page of five sketches]

[A young girl holding a doll remembers the revelry during a festival beneath blossoming cherry trees on the banks of a river]

J.L. Baker aged 3 Mrs. Thos. Leaming

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. First meeting of Uncle Tom and Eva T.W. Strong litho. 98 Nassau St. N.Y

Portrait of an unidentified girl, full-length studio portrait, facing front, seated with right elbow resting on a table and with her left hand on the edge of the table, next to a dog pull-toy on wheels

[Milliner and her daughter]

Unidentified woman and girl, seated half-length portrait, facing front

Unidentified woman and girl, seated half-length portrait, facing front

Wheeling girls of Hamburg

[Two unidentified young girls, probably sisters, wearing matching dresses]

Individual portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Coddington and their daughters

[Unidentified girl in plaid blouse]

Types Algériens. Jeune fille des Ouled Naı̈ls ND

Western bank note & eng. co. steel plate engraving & lithography

Board and instruction for young girls. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Folsom, of Cambridge receive into their family a few young girls for board and instruction ... Cambridge, 1st July 1860.

[Women and girls, outside a building, washing clothes in a stream by pounding and rinsing, and hanging on a rope strung between two trees]

[Unidentified girl in a plaid dress with lace collar and jewelry]

Tunis. Jeune filles Juives / ND Phot.

[Italian peasant girl] / E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm), 501 Broadway, N.Y.

[Unidentified young vivandière in Union uniform with barrel canteen and cup]

[Unidentified soldier in uniform with young girl]

Unidentified soldier in Union mounted infantry uniform with daughter and wife

Nose out of joint

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with wife and daughters holding saxhorn]

Dora Allison, Little Miss Bonnie Blue, the light of the Confederacy / Rees.

Free evening schools. The Chambers Street Chapel Evening Schools will begin on Monday evening, October 13th, at 7 o'clock, for men and boys; and on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 7 o'clock for girls and women ... Boston, Oct. 9, 1862.

Portrait of a young girl, cheeks tinted pink, her image framed by a printed decorative motif

Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence A redeemed slave child, 5 years of age. Redeemed in Virginia, by Catherine S. Lawrence, baptized in Brooklyn, at Plymouth Church, by Henry Ward Beecher, May, 1863 R.S. De Lamater, photographer, 258 Main St., Hartford Ct

Rebecca. A slave girl from New Orleans / J. E. McClees, artist, 910 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Rebecca, Charley, and Rosa, slave children from New Orleans photographed by Kimball, 477 Broadway, N.Y

[Sarah and Susan Wilson] / Mumper.

Scène d'octobre: la jeune pointrinaire / d'après R. Robinson.

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Evreiki. Mariam

Mary Craig F.W. Guerin, photographer, No. 627 Olive St., St. Louis

The school girl

"Carolina twins," Millie and Christina

Rest on the roadside after Niles

Our "favorite"--Manufactured "only" by J.E. Nicholson & Co.--Dealers in cigars, tobacco & snuff

Myrtle Hazzard / S.S. Frizzell '68 ; drawn by Miss A.R. Sawyer ; lith. C.H. Crosby, Boston.

[Three men, possibly court officials, and two girls with a two-wheeled ox-cart]

American dress chart, front of lady's dress

Making the scrap book copied by Louis Kurz, of the Chicago Lithographing Company, after Miss J. Oakley's beautiful cabinet picture

The bright little teacher, after D.R. Knight J. Queen after D.R. Knight

Beauty--Manufactured by R. Wilson & Co., Cincinnati, O. / lith. of Strobridge & Co., Cin. O.

The Fairy Story imp. New Eng. Lith. Co. Boston

Buckeye girls manufactured of the best quality of vuelta abaja tobacco by C.F.S. & Bro. / Tuchfarber, Walkly & Moellmann, Cin.

[Two small girls reading at small round table]

[Unidentified girl in a plaid dress]

[Portrait of African American girl, seated]

Roberta Hubbard

Little girl seated and knitting with boy kneeling at her side watching

German boy and girls with flowers watching ducklings

Christmas morning. Before daylight. J.M.K

Little girls reward. The first roses. K... 71

Everybody's friend. The happy little girl Kuriger, 71

Faithfull watcher

E. Butterick & Co.'s report of New York fashions, for fall 1871

Good morning E.R. Howe del. 1871

E. Butterick & Co.'s quarterly report of New York fashions, for winter 1871-72

E. Butterick & Co.'s report of New York fashions, for spring 1871

Christmas morning. Before daylight. J.M.K

E. Butterick & Co.'s quarterly report of New York fashions, for summer 1872

Portrait of a little girl

Reading lesson 1500, writing lesson 1500

E. Butterick & Co.'s quarterly report of New York fashions, for spring 1872

Girl with geese and gosslings with mountains in the background

Listening to the birds / original by G.G. Fish 1872 ; chromo-lithographed and published by A. & C. Kaufmann, 366 Broadway, New York.

[Fontinelle Weller posed as Columbia]

E. Butterick & Co.'s report of New York fashions, for winter 1873-74

E. Butterick & Co.'s quarterly report of New York fashions, for summer 1873