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[Indians pouring molten gold into mouth of bound Spaniard; corpse being cut up and eaten in background. Caribbean?]

[How the Natives collect gold in the streams]

Louis d'Or au soleil

[Akaki kinran (gold brocade with red background)] [Shiro aya (white twill weaves, also known as Chinese twill weaves)].

[Kara nishiki (Chinese brocade) with red background] [Kinran (gold brocade) with hollyhock on blue background].

Thomas Jefferson, 1776, Table Comparing Value of European Silver and Gold Coins; with Notes

Ten Spanish milled dollars or their value in gold or silver, to be given in exchange for this bill at the treasury of Virginia, pursuant to act of assembly passed Oct. 20 1777.

One hundred Spanish milled dollars, or the value thereof in gold or silver, to be given in exchange for this bill at the treasury of Virginia, pursuant to an act of assembly passed October the 5th, 1778.

One hundred Spanish milled dollars, or the value thereof in gold or silver, to be given in exchange for this bill at the treasury of Virginia, pursuant to an act of assembly passed May the 3d, 1779.

Continental Congress, September 24, 1779, Memorandum on Gold Medal for Henry Lee for Leadership at Powles Hook

This bill of two hundred dollars shall be exchanged and redeemed in Spanish milled dollars, or the value thereof in gold or silver, at the rate of one for forty at the treasury of Virginia, on or before the thirtieth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, according to an act of assembly passed the seventh day of May, 1781.

Maryland sc. Know all men by these presents, that we [blank] of [blank] county, are held and firmly bound unto the state of Maryland, in the full and just sum of [blank] gold currency, to be paid to the said state of Maryland ... [n. p. 1781].

David Rittenhouse, January 7, 1793, Assay on Gold and Silver Coins

Why Northern Pacific railroad 7-30 gold bonds are a good investment for the mechanic operative, laborer and farmer? ... Jay Cooke & Co. New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Financial agents Northern Pacific railroad co. ... [n. d.].

Cash in hand, occassioned by the capture of the British Packet Swallow. by Commodore Rodgers, with 260,000 dollars, in gold and silver on board. Boston printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Corner Theatre-Alley [1813].

U. S. Congress to James Madison, November 3, 1814. Resolution for the production of gold medals for gallentry.

Gold medal presented to Jackson by Congress

A map of the second section of that part of Georgia now known as the Cherokee Territory in which are delineated all the districts & lots which by an act of the General Assembly were designated the Gold Districts and taken from actual survey /

U.S. Reports: Smith vs. Richards, 38 U.S. (13 Pet.) 26 (1839)

The philosopher's stone! Gold & silver plating, by the electro-magnetic apparatus ... Alton. Printed at the Telegraph Office [1840?].

Gold mines of California!! W. R. Andrews, having just returned from California, after having spent several months in the mines and mountains of that interesting country will deliver a lecture at on day of 1849, upon the gold mines of California

Topographical sketch of the gold & quicksilver district of California.

We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States, being about to leave our homes for California, for the purpose of mining and digging gold ... have agreed to unite together and form an association ... [Philadelphia 1849].

Map of the gold regions of California.

[Model of a statue dedicated to French balloonists, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, featuring a double profile portrait from a gold medal designed by Houdon and an inflated balloon] / H. Thiriat, sc.

Life in the gold mines, California ; / Lithographed from a photograph by Fishbourne & Gow, San Francisco.

[Miners panning for gold ; entering a mine shaft ; miners with equipment ; and miners cooking at camp] / Lith. of Britton & Rey, California St. corn. Montgomery St., S. Francisco.

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Gold in California - "El Dorado," in Sacramento

Jenkins & Knight's patent spoke machine. Awarded the gold medal, at the late fair of the Maryland Institute, in the City of Baltimore ... Kingston, N. Y., November 8, 1854.

Perfumery gold medal - R & G.A. Wright manufacturers of the celebrated gold medal perfumery and importers of French, English & German druggists & fancy articles No. 23 South 4th St. Philadelphia Reen engr

San Francisco Mint operations: "Running the gold into ingots"

Burning a Peruvian to make him tell where the gold is / J.W. Orr.

General map of the United States & their territory between the Mississippi & the Pacific Ocean. 1. Showing the different surveyed routes from the Mississippi valley to the coast of Pacific Ocean, 2. the new established & proposed Post Routes, 3. the recently discovered gold, silver, and copper region in Kansas, Nebraska and Arizona.

Map of the recently discovered gold regions in Western Kansas & Nebraska /

[How we get gold in California: "Fremont Mill and vein, Mariposa", "Ground sluicing, at Gold Hill", "winnowing gold, near Chinese camp," and "ocean beach mining, at gold bluff]

The gold mining town of Rock Creek, British Columbia, 1860

[How we get gold in California: "our camp on the Stanislaus", "the first gold-hunters", and "El Rastra"]

[How we get gold in California: "hydraulic mining, at French Corral", "interior of tunnel", and "Tunneling, at Table Mountain]

Routes to the Pikes Peak gold regions.

5,000 U. S. volunteers wanted to assist in carrying off part of these goods. The National Union store, just opened this day, at 512 Seventh street. Immense sacrifice! $5000 worth of fine gold & plated jewelry ... Washington, D. C. H. Polk

Money must be had! One cent a handsomely chased gold plated locket charm, former price 37 cents.; for only one cent. at Salom's Old curiosity shop. Cor. of West and Washington Sts., Boston [1861].

[Unidentified man with gold mining equipment and wearing a U.S. beltplate]

The money crisis in the South - auction sale of a five dollar gold piece at Danville near the N. Carolina border

John Hall to Abraham Lincoln, March 22, 1864 (Sends gold pin)

Map of the territory of Montana with portions of the adjoining territories : showing the gulch or placer diggings actually worked and districts where quartz (gold & silver) lodges have been discovered to January 1st 1865 /

Map of the territory of Montana with portions of the adjoining territories : showing the gulch or placer diggings actually worked and districts where quartz (gold & silver) lodes have been discovered to January 1st 1865 /

No. 48 State Street. Boston, Sept. 11, 1865. Dear Sir: The undersigned have formed a copartnership for the transaction of a strictly commission business, in the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, gold and government securities under the style o

New and short route to the gold mines of the Black Hills, Montana and Idaho. 400 miles saved. The "Black Hills exploring and mining association" desires to call the attention of miners and emigrants to the new and short route to the gold mines w

Gold Hill, Fort Homestead, Bower's Canyon

Whim of the Four-Twenty Claim, Gold Hill

Gold Hill, from the North

Gold Hill--General View, from the Ophir Grade, looking South

Bower's Canõn, Gold Hill

Hoisting works of the Bullion Mine, Gold Hill

Fort Homestead, Gold Hill

Gold Hill from Fort Homestead, Crown Point Ravine

Empire, Imperial, Challenge, and other Mining Works at Gold Hill

Hornet Hill Cut, Central Pacific Railroad near Gold Run

Bullion mine, Gold Hill, Nevada

[2 views] (1) Banking-House, Denver City, Colorado - miners bringing in gold dust [interior]; (2) The Overland Coach Office, Denver City, Colorado [street scene]

Gold Hill City

Gold Dust

U.S. Reports: Butler v. Horwitz, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 258 (1869)

Hydraulic gold mining - near Dutch Flat, California, C.P.R.R.

U.S. Reports: Bronson v. Rodes, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 229 (1869)

Gold at 160 ; Gold at 130

New York Gold Room bulletin board on Black Friday, Sept. 24, 1869

U.S. Reports: Express Company v. Kountze Brothers, 75 U.S. (8 Wall.) 342 (1869)

U.S. Reports: Hepburn v. Griswold, 75 U.S. (8 Wall.) 603 (1870)

Scene in the New York Gold room during the excitement of September 24th, 1869

... A large and peremptory sale of fine gold watches, chains, jewelry diamonds, etc, on Saturday, August 11, at 10 A. M. [Helena, Mont. 187-?].

Costs in gold, white goods, linens, printed cottons, ginghams, &c. made up with a given rate of expenses, by James Halliday. New York. c. 1870.

Deseret gold coinage, 1849-1860 - $2 1/2, $5, $10, and $20

The new gold loan. [n. p. 1871].

Pure Gold

Hydraulic gold mining, Virginia City.

U.S. Reports: Gay's Gold, 80 U.S. (13 Wall.) 358 (1872)

[Three men in gulch with a sluice, placer mining for gold] / W.H. Jackson photo.

U.S. Reports: Hall v. Jordan, 86 U.S. (19 Wall.) 271 (1873)

Across the continent - The Frank Leslie excursion to the Pacific - Scenes of frontier life in Cheyenne: 1. A party of gold miners starting for the Black Hills; 2. The Union Pacific R.R. Depot, Cheyenne; 3. Old Zip Coon [man playing fiddle]; 4. Scene in front of the Inter-Ocean Hotel

U.S. Reports: Campbell v. Rankin, 99 U.S. 261 (1879)

Shading the gold

Sifting with gold powder, fig. 6

Knife for cutting the gold leaf into squares

[Another view of the throne decorated with gold and precious stones, which Sultan Selim I captured in Iran, in the Treasury of the Imperial Topkapı Sarayı (palace)] / Abdullah Frères.

The slave of gold

Percheron stallion Duc de Chartres, imported by A. Rogy: winner of first prize, grand gold medal, at the Concours Hippique Regional; held at Alencon, France, in 1873

View of San Francisco, formerly Yerba Buena, in 1846-7 before the discovery of gold.

Joe's Luck Mine (Sheba Reef) - The DeKaap Gold Fields in the Trans-Vaal

The silver bracelet, the gold necklace

Hoisting works at Gold Hill. Jacket. Belcher. Alph. Crown Point. Kentuck

Miners of the Comstock, as they work under ground. Ophir mine. Gould & Curry mine. Three Bickell brothers who lost their lives in the fire in Gold Hill mine, April 7th, 1869. Savage mine. Chollar mine

[Panning for gold, Puerto Rico]

Virginia & Truckee ore train Crown Point trestle ; Virginia & Truckee R.R. express and depot ; Early day scene in gold canyon when gold was first discovered in Nevada in 1850.

Black, Chinese and White laborers in a gold mine in South Africa

Gold Hill, from Belcher Dump. Silver City, from south end of town

Gold Hill, from Belcher dump

U.S. Reports: South Spring Gold Co. v. Amador Gold Co., 145 U.S. 300 (1892)

U.S. Reports: Barden v. Northern Pacific Railroad, 154 U.S. 288 (1894)