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John Glyn esqr., member of Parliament for Middlesex

The Chevalier D'--n producing his evidence against certain persons

The courtiers assembled, on hearing the news of the death of the Rt. Honble. Wm. Beckford

Charles Gravier comte de Vergennes - conseiller d'Etat ordinaire, ministre et secretaire d'Etat et chef du conseil royal des finances / Callet pinxt ; Vangelisti sculp.

The Scotch Butchery, Boston, 1775

Virginia General Assembly, May 1779, Bill on Salaries for Government Officials; Written on Fragment of Note from "Mr. Foster"

War of posts / T. Colley, fect.

The surrender of government castle, in March 1782, to the late besieging minority

The state cooks making peace-porridge

Paradice lost

The royal hunt, or a prospect of the year 1782 / South Briton fecit ; North Briton invt.

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

The political mirror or an exhibition of ministers for April 1782 / Razo Rezio inv ; Crunk Fogo sculp.

Amusement for John Bull & his cousin Paddy, or, the gambols of the American buffalo, in St. James's Street


Mr. De Vergennes, ministre des affaires etrangères sous Louis XVI / Bovinet sculp.

The return of poor Sam Stern and his supporter to the T--y

Constitutional Club

--Affairs. The sweet prospect behind us, or The outs in office

La verite triomphante

Messieurs Delaunay, Flexelles, Berthier, Foulon, et les deux Gardes du Corps qui ont été decolés par le peuple, voudraient passer jusqu'aux Champs Eliseés en depit de Caron qui ne recoit dans sa barque que le Sr. Remy François boulanger victime innocente de la fureur aristocratique: l'infortuné Calas et autres viennent le recevoir a l'autre bord

The sour prospect before us, or The ins throwing up State --.

End of the Irish Invasion : - or - the Destruction of the French Armada / Js. Gillray, inv. et f.

La chose impossible, ou la commission des finances telle quil la faudroit pour les bien restaurer / Bunbury del. ; L.C. Ruotte sculp.

Member of the riding house at Paris, delivering an harangue from the shoulders of a French citizen

A Kick at the Broad Bottoms! i.e. - "Emancipation of All the Talents" / Js. Gillray, inv. & fec.


Sick of the property tax or ministerial influnza (sic)

Conspirators; or, delegates in council

Te deum à l'autel de la paix (suite) / Lith. de Delaporte.

La paix sera desormais une verite (comme le charte) / J.J. Grandville ; E. Forest ; lith. de Delaporte.

Lamartine membre du gouvernement provisoire - ministre des affaires etrangères / M. Alophe.

Orenburgskii general gubernator i komanduiushchii voiskami orenbur. korpusa. General ad'iutant graf A. Perovskii

A.B. Young (of Boston) Supervising Architect, Treasury Department.

Officers - Oregon Boundary Commission

Wm. Seward

[Studio portraits of Japanese woman with tea implements and chest, a prince with his staff, government officials, and a Daimio (nobleman) with his wife ]

[Studio portraits of Japanese women, the wife of an officer, and a high official in court dress]

[Japanese curio shop, a street cart and portraits of a Japanese family and officials]

[Studio portraits of a Japanese "betto" (groom), a high official in court attire, a courtesan and a pilgrim or priest, wearing white robes and carrying a bell]

[Studio portraits of a Japanese officer (yaconin) and his family; a widow in mourning and her son, women street dancers and a girl fencing with a man]

[Studio portraits of Japanese women and men]

[Studio portraits of Japanese women and men]

Kokanskii Khan i ego synov'ia Seid Mukhamed Khudaiar-Khan, kokanskii khan

Sud kaziia Pis'movoditeli kaziia

Kokanskii Khan i ego synov'ia Maadamin Bek vtoroi syn kokanskago khana

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Tadzhiki. Ishan khodzha, samarkandskii kazy (sud'ia)

Sud kaziia Iuriskonsul'ty kaziia

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Uzbeki. Dzhura-bii byvshii shakhrisiabzskii bek v g. Kitabie

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Uzbeki. Abdul-Gafar bek byvshii ura-tiubinskii-bek

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Tadzhiki. Kary-Osman, Zakiatchi

[Gustavus Vasa Fox, Ass't Sec. of Navy, half-length portrait, facing front, Capt. Murray, U.S. Navy, half-length portrait, facing right, and Comr. Beaumont, U.S. Navy, half-length portrait, facing slightly right]

Danl Webster

Kijin zu

[Three men, possibly court officials, and two girls with a two-wheeled ox-cart]

[Studio portraits of a Chinese bureaucrat (mandarin), a civil officer, a Buddhist priest and a woman ]

[Portraits of a Chinese man selling vegetables, a woman and child beggar, a woman from Macau, and a bureaucrat (Mandarin)]

[Court official wearing a kanmuri]

[Samurai or retainer kneeling before government official or daimyo]

[A man, possibly a government official, holding a fan, seated, facing left, wearing a crown-like hat]

The new Indian war Now, no sarcastic innuendoes, but let us have a square fight / / Th. Nast.

[Collecting cards depicting a story about a Chinese governor of "Bac-Ninh," who, while relaxing on a hill with his rabbits, is frightened by an approaching balloon carrying sailors. The sailors land, capture the governor and his rabbits, and make rabbit stew]

Set a -- to catch a -- / F. Graetz.

An old saying twisted / F. Opper.

The national hall of statuary

The slush will have to stay / F. Graetz.

The custom-house code of morals under our beautiful tariff system / F. Opper.

A great past and a pitiful present / Gillam.

Another "boycott" / F. Opper.

U.S. commissioners and delegations of Sioux chiefs visiting Washington, October 13, 1888

A chairman


A Bureau official at his desk

Pay Director Edwin Stewart, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts

Chief Engineer Geo. W. Melville, Bureau of Engineering

Dr. John C. Boyde, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Capt. Geo. Dewey, Bureau of Equipment

Chief constructor Hichborn

Asst. Sec'y of the Navy Soley

Pay Director Edwin Stewart, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts

Paymaster Rodgers and Mr. Lasiers

John M. Swadall, Chief Clerk of War Department

Capt. N.H. Farquhar, Bureau of Yards and Docks

Asst. Sec'y of the Navy Soley

Capt. N.H. Farquhar, Bureau of Yards and Docks

Capt. W.M. Folger, Bureau of Ordinance [i.e. Ordnance]

Capt. Geo. Dewey, Bureau of Equipment

Commander Chas. H. Davis, Bureau of Intelligence

Prime minister (?)

Chief constructor Hichborn

Chief Engineer Geo. W. Melville, Bureau of Engineering

Official, India

John G. Painter's home in Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.

Capt. F.M. Ramsey [i.e. Ramsay], Bureau of Navigation

John G. Painter's home in Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.

Hon. William E. Rothery, Philadelphia, Pa., & Hon. Alfred B. King. Clay - Ashland, Monrovia, Liberia, Liberian Commissioners to the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Ill., 1893 / Rothengatter, Philadelphia.

A nice attitude for a United States Senator! / C.J. Taylor.

Coroner Harrison is a little too previous / Dalrymple.

Where is the difference? / Dalrymple.

"United we stand!" / Hutchins.

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