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L'Inde de ç̧à et de là le Gange ou est l'Empire du Grand Mogol et pays circonvoisins tirée de purchas et de diverses relations les plus nouvelles /

Survey of the River St. Johns from Fort Frederick in the Bay of Fundy to the River Medauesqua with the Lake Temesecuala and the Grand Portage from thence to the River St. Lawrence.

Map of the Kingdom of Poland : and the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania /

Continental Congress. Proceedings of the Grand American Continental Congress at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774. Association, &c. ... In Congress, Philadelphia October 20, 1774 Signed Peyton Randolph, President ... Sold at the Printing-office in

A plan of that part of the Rosalij Estate called the Grand Fonds, the property of His Excellency Charles O'Harra, the Honble. Leiut. Gov. William Stuart, James Clarke & Robt. & Phill. Browne, Esqrs., situate at Rosalij in the parish of St. David, Dominica.

Grand Passage in the Bay Fundy, on the western shore of Nova Scotia

Grand exhibition. To the public. When we published our proposals for a triumphal procession, we meant to refresh your memories with what we conceived ought to be exhibited on the termination of a succesful war, which produced one of the greatest

Ferdinand Grand, 1784, Account of Debt; in French

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, October 22, 1785

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, September 24, 1785, with Note to Ferdinand Grand

De Crillon / Le Grand del. ; Birrell sc.

Jean Durival to Ferdinand Grand, September 10, 1786

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, March 4, 1786, Lister Asquith's Maritime Law Case; William & Catherine (ship)

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, July 11, 1786

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, December 28, 1786, Garden Vegetables and Fruit

Jean Durival to Ferdinand Grand, September 15, 1786

Ferdinand Grand to Thomas Jefferson, July 12, 1786

Thomas Jefferson Ferdinand Grand, August 12, 1786, Memorandum on Finances for American Foreign Ministers in Europe

Ferdinand Grand to Thomas Jefferson, February 1, 1786, Bill Drawn by William Carmichael; Signed by J. I. Fauker for Ferdinand Grand

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, July 22, 1787, Financial Accounts

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, February 28, 1787

Ferdinand Grand to Thomas Jefferson, May 4, 1787

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, September 30, 1787

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, January 14, 1787

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, November 11, 1787

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, January 13, 1788, Included Copy of Thomas Jefferson Letter to Hogguer, Grand, & Company, same date

Ferdinand Grand & Company to Thomas Jefferson, November 24, 1788, in French

Carte de Grand Océan ou Mer du Sud.

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand & Company, October 14, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand & Company, June 9, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand & Company, October 21, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand & Company, April 23, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, 1790, Draft

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand, November 5, 1793

Avant L'Envol Vers Paris [La Vie Au Grand Air]

Grand victory on Lake Champlain [Cuts] Tenth naval victory.- "Com. Macdonough obtained a glorious victory, over the British Fleet on Lake Champlain Sept. 11 ... The old-war proverb still holds good; "There's virtue in the Yankee blood." Tune ...

The Kremlin in commotion - or - the Grand Lama sick of the horn cholic

Grand bobalition, or "Great anniversary fussible"

Grand bobalition, or great annibersary fussible. [Boston 1821].

Grand national lottery. fifth class ... D. Gillespie. The only agent in the United States for the managers ... Washington City, Jacob Gideon, junior. printer. 1821.

Grand Buffet de la Cuisine moderne

Grand celebrashun ob fe bobalition ob African slabery!!!. [Cuts] Boston 1825.

Grand celebrashun ob de bobalition ob African slaver!!!

Funeral honors. Washington, Miss. Aug. 12, 1826. In carrying into effect the views of the Committee of arrangement, the Grand Marshall directs th t the following order be observed, in the procession intended on to-morrow, the 13th instant, in ho

Grand fantastical parade, New-York, Dec 2d. 1833

Grand pot pouri brillant

Grand match between the Kinderhook poney and the Ohio ploughman

Grand Virginia reel and scamperdown at the Whitehouse Washington

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

Grand rally! The American Republicans of the city of Lancaster will meet in the Court house on Wednesday evening, 21st inst. to ratify the nominations of the County convention, and by rallying to the standard. and 'neath the ample folds of our n

Grand waltz de Bravura, op. 6

Grand Falls at Niagara from near the Table Rock, Canada side, July 22, 1846

Grand Falls at Niagara from near the observatory, Goat Island, July 22, 1846

Grand entrance to the mosque of the Sultan Hassan / David Roberts, R.A.

Grand valse, op. 5

Grand sliding thirds waltz

Grand Triumphal Quick Step, by Edward L. White

Palo Alto Triumphant - Grand the memory of the late Major Ringgold

Grand set to between rough and ready and Genal. Gas

Grand Presidential sweep-stakes for 1849

Grand patent India-rubber air line railway to California: competition defied

Grand inauguration ball.

Grand saloon of the "Atlantic"

[Fig. 1 Grand promenade in Elysian Fields, Paris; fig. 2 Festival (religious) at St. Petersburg; fig. 3 Public meeting in England]

Cremorne Gardens ... Grand Victoria fete in honour of the Inauguration of the Exhibition of All Nations, by Her Majesty, on Thursday, May 1st, 1851 ...

Ho, for Cuba, [Cut of ship] Liberty for all. Grand meeting Huzzah for Lopes. The citizens of Washington and vicinity, are respectfully invited to attend a mass meeting, to be held in front of the Patent office, on Monday evening, Sep. 1, 1851. T

Djîzeh (Nécropole de Memphis) - Pyramide de Chéops (Grand Pyramide) / Félix Teynard.

Great tubular bridge, Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal, Canada

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Old church on the Grand Plaza, city of Grenada [sic?], Nicaragua

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Market Place on Grand Plaza, Granada, Nic.

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Market place, Grand Plaza, Granada

Great Tubular Bridge, Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal, Canada

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Grand Cathedral, on the Main Plaza, City of Grenada [sic?], Nicaragua

Grand national inauguration ball, March Fourth, 1857 : [invitation].

Grand stairway - top

Les Grand Mulets. Mont Blanc

Grand ball given by the citizens of New York to the Prince of Wales, at the Academy of Music, October 12, 1860

Grand bazar au Kasr el Nil, Cairo / Zangaki.

Grand Eiger & Moench, from near Scheidick

Grand procession of Wide-Awakes at New York on the evening of October 3, 1860. Republican Wide Awakes in N.Y. - Lincoln-Hamlin Campaign [Printing-House Square (Park Row and Nassau St.)]

Riflemens Grand March...Petersburg [Va.] Riflemen

Grand reception in the Post office in State Street. Programme of arrangements.

Every ticket a prize! no blank tickets. C. Sicken & Co. licensed vendors. Grand all-prize scheme. Lottery for the benefit of the State of Delaware Class 252 for 1861. To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday, April 27th, 1861. [Wilmingto

Grand concert; by the 79th regt'al band Friday evening April 18th, 1862, at 7.5 o'clock at the Brick Beaufort Church ... "Camp Kettle" print. [1862].

Monitor Grand March

Batteries at Grand Gulf captured by the United States Mississippi Squadron, May 3, 1863.

General Sweeny's Grand March

Grand requiem mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, Friday, January 16, for the repose of the souls of the officers and men of the Irish brigade killed in the war

[Approaches to Grand Gulf, Miss. /

Approaches to Grand Gulf, Miss.

... Grand opening of new rooms! Opening of telegraphic institute! ... [New York, c. 1865].

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior one of the new magnificent upper cabin meteor steamers Pewabic. Will give excursion trips as below ... [Cleveland, 1865].

On the road to Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Grand ball at the opening of Leland's Opera House, Saratoga, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Davis.

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Grand masquerade ball of the Arion Society at the Academy of Music, New York, March 27, 1867 / TN.

Address of the Grand Council, U.L.A., to the councils of the Union League in Alabama [January 2, 1867].

The riot on St. Patrick's Day - the attack on the police at the corner of Grand and Pitt Streets, New York City

Grand golf tournament by professional players--On Leith links 17th May 1867

Jean Nicot presenting the tobacco plant to Queen Catherine de Medicis and the Grand Prior of the House of Lorraine 1655 [i.e., 1561]

Grand demonstration of the democracy in New York City, October 5, 1868

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