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[Madonna and child]

[One-point perspective sketches of structure, road, and trees, with shifting vanishing point]

[J.A.C. Charles, French balloonist, head-and-shoulders oval profile portrait]

[Structure with pedimented wings. Perspective sketch]

[Church interior with galleries and vaulted ceiling. Perspective sketch]

Cotton spinning, Salt Ponds

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a large home and smaller houses, outbuildings, and perhaps a slave cabin]

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps looking southwest, showing ships, sailboats, and five men in a rowboat]

[Perspective view of Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, with St. Michaels Church at right center]

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

[Detail view of cupola, pediment, and frieze of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina]

[Preliminary sketch of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina, with small pediment and cupola]

[View of the city of Charleston, S.C., with a mansion, the Nathaniel Rusell House on Meeting Street at center, surrounded by smaller residences and First Scots Presbyterian Church at right]

A view taken from the S.W. end of Charleston, S.C. Jany 17th 1812

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps coming down the Cooper River, showing ships, rowboats, and canoes on the water]

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with homes and outbuildings at left and right, and a long row of brick building, perhaps barracks, at center]

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, possibly looking north toward Sullivan's Island]

St. Michaels Church, Charleston, S.C.


[Tree-lines lanes]

Draw bridge over Potomac at George Town, D.C. / J.R.S.

Whitingtons [i.e. Whittington] College, Highgate

[Design drawing for system to raise and lower a captive balloon, controlled by four ropes forming a pyramidal shape and operated by winches on the ground below] / M.G.

Winlock baths Sheperton Fields

[Windmill on the hill of Montmartre]

Springing them up to meet the train

[Two hunters holding guns, three dogs, and man carrying game and wiping his brow in field surrounded by woods]

[Two men in the woods aiming rifles during hunt]

[Steeplechase, some riders and horses have fallen after jumping fence]

From atop the Indian leap towards the imbankment [sic] which forms the reservoir named Deep Gap / J.R.S. 1821.

[Preliminary sketch, with grid, of the driveway in front of Mount Vernon]

North west [i.e., east] view from 3rd story of Mrs. Davis boarding house

President's house, Washington

[Washington Monument looking north on Washington Place in Baltimore, Maryland]

Battle Monument as seen from the west door of City Hotel, Baltimore

West front - a duplicated copy from the col[ore]d one Bullfinch's [i.e. Bulfinch's] favorite.

Fête donner à la grande duchesse Hélène de russie par W.R. Chateaubriant, ambassadeur à Rome en 1830

[River landscape, the Seine at Chateau-Gaillard] / T.H.R.

[Algerian horsemen firing off guns] / Paul Delamain.

Sketch from a cabinet picture by Gibert taken in 1843 by A.J.S.

Prof. Morse reading a newspaper / A.J.S.

[Two young Algerians]

Niagara River leaving Lewiston, U.S. July 22nd 1846

The Capitol from the railway station, Washington, U.S., July 29, 1846

Stony Point, near Gibraltar, on the Hudson River, U.S. July 24th 1846

The Hudson River at Albany, U.S. Saturday July 18th 1846

Wooden bridge on the Mohawk River, Schenectady U.S. July 20th 1846

[Landscape with house] / Lalanne.

Chateau a Liège


[Picadilly omnibus boarding passengers to the exhibition at Hyde Park; coach in front of Pinchins & Co. bar and ale]

[Stone building with portico, possibly a crypt or shrine, and in the distance, tents of nomads, northwest China]

[Wumen (Meridian) gate at the imperial palace compound in Beijing, China, where executions of corrupt officials took place; includes Chinese language characters in right margin]

[Bird's-eye view of a church in a walled compound in Beijing]

[Men and women sitting around a table in a tearoom, eating and drinking tea]

[Acrobats with cymbals tumbling in a courtyard at a Buddhist temple, with people placing offerings on an altar on the left, also gates and other temple structures]

[Interior scene showing a birthday party with women preparing tea at left, a group of women on raised platform at center, and children with elders under the Chinese character representing longevity on the right]

[Portrait of a young scholar, full-length, seated, facing front, holding a fan in left hand]

[A shoe on a bound foot]

[High-arched bridge over river, with street vendor selling "ice cold plum juice" in the foreground]

[Street scene, possibly outside a temple, with adults and children, some greeting others, a street crier with shoulder pole in the shadow on the right, and two pigs in the background]

[Chinese market day bazaar, with a performance taking place on a stage in the background]

[Buildings inside the imperial palace compound in Beijing, China, showing stairways and marble terrace with dragons]

[Bird's-eye view of the residential compound of a nobleman in Beijing; includes Chinese language characters identifying features of the residence]

[High arched pedestrian bridge spanning river in China]

[Summer scene with an elderly man resting against a tree on the left, a group of children playing with frogs at center, and a man sitting on a rock with a child on the right]

[Ornate palanquin for noble or wealthy man, to be carried by eight persons]

[Farm buildings with courtyard and animals, and two figures standing on a roof; large building in the background]

[Busy street scene in Beijing]

[Letter from Cornelius V. Moore to Henry Moore]

Pigeons loncés hors la nacelle / A. Tissandier.

[Study for a Saint Sebastian] / A. Legros.

Descente du ballon le Neptune dans les falaises du Cap Gris-Nez Voyage en ballon, Calais, 15 août 1868 / / A. Tissandier.

Le ballon captif à vapeur de Mr. Henri Giffard, à Londres, mai 1869 / A. Tissandier.

Voyages aèriens de M.M. Albert et Gaston Tissandier. Tentative de retour dans Paris assiégé. Le ballon, "Le Jean Bart" descend au milieu de la Seine en vue de Jumièges, 8 novembre 1870 / Albert Tissandier.

Conciliabule a cote du ballon, le "George Sand," entre bis trois aeronautes Revilliod, Albert, et Gaston Tissandier le Mans, 30 octobre 1870 / Albert.

Les gardes nationaux d'Heurteauville gardant le "Jean Bart" au clair de lune, 8 novembre 1870 / Albert.

Usine à gaz de Vaugirard, 3 octobre 1870. Depart remis. Calme plot. Entrevue avec M. Picard, il me charge de différentes recommendations importantes pour le gouvernement à Tours. Mr. dʹAlmeida--les pigeonnièrs, etc. - M. Labour / Albert Tissandier.

[Figure of a woman, and sketches of two cows or sheep] / G. Segantini.

[One of four bookplate designs for English author, Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks]

Ascension du 26 septembre 1876, 700 mètres / Albert Tissandier.

[One of four bookplate designs for English author, Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks]

[One of four bookplate designs for English author, Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks]

[One of four bookplate designs for English author, Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks]

Franeker / M. Lalanne.

[Gaston Tissandier, French balloonist, full-length portrait standing in basket of a balloon]

[Pencil sketch for sixteen vignettes from the lives of French balloonists Albert and Gaston Tissandier]

[Architectural drawing showing elevation, cross section, and plan for a "hirondellier militair," a military aviary for swallows used as messenger birds] / Paris, le 25 j[...], '89.

[Belcourt, summer estate for Oliver H.P. Belmont, Newport, R.I. Elevation]

[Belcourt, summer estate for Oliver H.P. Belmont, Newport, R.I. Side elevation] / R.M. Hunt archt.

Adéle Moscheuer Marier, 20 Mar., 1891

Stable for Oliver Belmont Esq., Newport, R.I. Section through library / R.M. Hunt, arch't.

Stable for Oliver Belmont Esq., Newport, R.I. Front elevation

[Belcourt, summer estate for Oliver H.P. Belmont, Newport, R.I. Front elevation] / R.M. Hunt archt.

[Stable for Oliver Belmont Esq., Newport, R.I. North end of east elevation] / R.H.

[Nude figure standing, holding a veil]

Trafalgar Square

[Tomb of French balloonist Jacques Alexandre Charles in Père la Chaise cemetery in Paris] / Alb. Tissandier, mai 1899, a Père la Chaise.

[The flaming forge, Ajaccio]