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At a General Court held at Boston in New England the second day of October 1678. [A proclamaton for a day of fasting and prayer November 21, 1678] [Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green 1678].

The London Gazette: Published by authority. From Thursday February 5th to Monday February 9th 1684 … Printed by Thomas Newcomb in the Savoy 1684. And Reprinted at Boston in New-England by Samuel Green, 1685.

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].

From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

At the Convention of the Governour and council, an representatives of the Massachusets Colony [A proclamation setting apart September 19, 1689 as a fast day]. [Cambridge Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

Anno Regni regis & reginae Gulielmi& Mariae secundo. By the Governour, & council [An order for enlisting men in the expedition against Canada] Boston March 24 1689. [Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green 1690].

At a General Court for their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting at Boston, upon adjournment, December 22th, 1691 [A proclamation relating to various matters] [Cambridge Printed by Bartholomew Green 1691].

The earthquake Naples: September 21, 1694. Boston, N. E. Preprinted by B. Green, February 21 1694,5.

London, Septemb. 27, Yesterday morning arrived three Holland mails, which bring the following advices ... London, Printed by J. Dawks, Re-printed at Boston in N. E. by B. Green & J. Allen, 1697.

The Turkish fast, out of the Monthly Mercury for December, 1697. [blank] Boston, in N. E. Re-printed by B. Green, and J. Allen. May 13, 1698.

D. Green to Andrew Jackson

To his excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Governour of said province … Boston. Printed by Bartholomew Green, and John Allen, Printers to His Excellency the Governour and council 1702.

An elegy in memory of the worshipful Major Thomas Leonard Esq. Of Taunton in New-England: who departed this life on the 24th day of November, AnnoDomini, 1713. In the 73d year of his age. [Boston. Printed by B. Green? 1713].

By the honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq; Governour of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut in New-England, a proclamation for a publick thanksgiving .... New-London: Printed by Timothy Green, printer to his honour the governour and company. 172

Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio Yalensi, quod est Novi-Porti in Connecticut, ab Anno 1702, ad Annum 1724. Alicujus gradus Laurea donati sunt. Novi-Londini. Excudebat Timotheus Green MDCCXXIV.

By the Honourable William Dummer, Esq; Lieut Governor & commander in chief, in & over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England a proclamation for apprehending John Pittman. Boston: Printed by B. Green Printer to His Hon. Th

A sober reply in Christian love to a paragraph in Jonathan Edwards's discourse, delivered at New Haven, Sept. 10th, 1741. [New London, Printed by Timothy Green, 1741?].

In the year 1766 the settlers upon the New Hampshire Grants on the west side of the Green Mountains, appointed Samuel Robinson, Esq. of Bennington their agent to state to the King and Council of Great Britain the illegal and unjust proceedings o

An abridgment of Mr. Pope's Essay on Man / Invented, drawn & engrav'd by Val Green.

To the candid public ... New-London: Printed by Timothy Green, March 1774.

[Cut] The dying criminal: poem, by Robert Young, on his own execution, which is tobe on this day, November 11, 1779, for rape, committed on the body of Jane Green, a child,eleven years of age, at Brookfield ... Printed and sold at the printi

Newport, October 25, 1781. Glorious intelligence! [Announcement of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis]. Newport, Printed: New-London: Re-printed by T. Green [1781].

His excy. Nathaniel Green, Esq., major general of the American Army / J. Norman sc.

General Green

View from the Green Woods towards Canaan and Salisbury, in Connecticut

Green Hill, the seat of Samuel Meredith Esqr. near Philadelphia / J. Hoffman del. ; S. Hill sc.

Dilettanti-theatricals:--or--a peep at the Green Room.--vide, Pic-Nic-Orgies-- / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

Star Office. September 10. Annapolis. September 4. Mr. Green. As some of the opponents of Mr. Jefferson have not yet dropped the charge of inaction and timidity against him when governor of Virginia, you will oblige me by publishing in your next

Elisha Green et al., March 9, 1807

Fort Green, New York.

Plan of Forts Green, Laurence & Swift and lines of intrenchments constructed in the vicinity of Brooklyn for the defence of the city of New York.

A profile of the ground between Fort Green on the Jacksons hill southeast of the wall about to Cobble Hill Fort near Gowannes Creek Aug. 10th 1814 /

Andrew Jackson to Samuel N. Green, January 19, 1815

D. Green to Andrew Jackson

Duff Green to Andrew Jackson, April 26, 1827

Duff Green to Andrew Jackson, November 12, 1828

Melancholy! How are the mightly fallen." [letter to Tom Moore regarding the execution of Duff Green] Washington, August 4th, 1829.

Duff Green to Andrew Jackson, June 14, 1829

To the public. I publish General Duff Green to the world, as a scoundrel and a coward. Jas. Watson Webb, of New York. Washington, February 6, 1832.

O'-Check-Ka or Four Legs Head Chief of the Winnebagoes on Winnebago Lake, Michigan / / painted at the Treaty of Green Bay 1827 by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

Seconde et dernière ascension du ballon Monstre, construit et dirigé par Mr. Green ... 9 janvier, 1837

Mr. Edward Spencer, born May 8th 1799 who accompanied Mr. Charles Green in that fatal parachute experiment of Mr. Robert Cocking's, July 24th, 1837, from Vauxhall Gardens. And has made twenty-seven ascents with Mr. Green, up to this date, August 24th, 1839 / / G.P. Harding, F.S.A., del. et fecit ; Day & Haghe, lithrs. to the Queen.

[Nathaniel Green, half-length portrait, facing front, seated with arm on table with tablecloth]

Ashbel Green, Jr. to Andrew Jackson, July 2, 1841

Andrew Jackson to Green, December 15, 1843

Circular. Important to all whom it may concern. I have permanently located myself in the village of East liberty, for the purpose of practising as a botanical physician, on the new and old systems ... Henry Hahn, M. D. East Liberty, Green townsh

Abraham Lincoln papers: Series 1. General Correspondence. 1833-1916: Abraham Lincoln to Duff Green, Tuesday, June 05, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office; endorsed by Green)

Abraham Lincoln to Duff Green, Tuesday, June 05, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office; endorsed by Green)

For San Francisco with certain dispatch. the splendid, first class clipper ship George Green ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall ... this day, Monday, May 5th, a balloon ascent will positively take place by the veteran Green, in the Royal Nassau balloon ...

From the valley of Green River to the Great Salt Lake.

[Design drawing for stained glass window with Green Deco composition with number, and number-letter codes]

[Ethan Allen, 1738-1789, full-length portrait, standing, before "the Green Mountain Boays in Council", examining map]

[James S. Green, Senator from Missouri, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

The cost of a rebel peace. Plain words for working-men ... New York. Printed for the Union Executive Congressional committee by John A. Gray & Green [186-?].

Gen. Duff Green

J.S. Green CSA

Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull, Friday, December 28, 1860 (Sends letter in reply to Duff Green)

J.S. Green CSA

White House interior, Old Green Room (1st interior photo?) President's study

Hon. Green Clay Smith of Kentucky

Hon. Green Berry Raum of Ill

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Hospital camp. Kendall Green

Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 25, 1861 (Appointment of Green Adams)

[Major Charles Jones Green of Co. A, 47th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in uniform with carved cane]

Map shewing the several routes proposed for the passage of gunboats to the Lakes via: Erie and Oswego Canal; Champlain [Canal]; Illinois River and Chicago [Canal]; Wisconsin, Green Bay [Canal]

Montgomery Blair to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, July 25, 1862 (Requests Lincoln's help in getting Green Adams to exchange rooms)

Alexander Hunter, et al. to John Conness, Monday, July 20, 1863 (Recommend James J. Green)

George M. Adams to Green Adams, Thursday, February 19, 1863 (Death of James Harlan)

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, Thursday, January 01, 1863 (“Duff Green" building)

James Speed to Grant Green, Thursday, November 10, 1864 (Cover letter)

The war in Louisiana--the Battle of Pleasant Hill, between General Banks and the rebel General Dick Taylor, April 9 / from a sketch by our special artist, C. E. H. Bonwell. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Wilson's Plantation, between Gen. Lee and the rebel Gen. Green, April 7. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Mansfield, between Gen. Banks and General Dick Taylor, April 8.

Bridge across the Matapony River near Bowling Green, Va.

Green, Judge Ashbell

Broadway, near Bowling Green

Raum, Hon. Green B. of Ill. M.C.

Smith, Hon. Green Clay of Ky. 2nd Lt in 1st Regt. Kentucky Vol. Inf. June 9, 1846. Colonel of 4th Regt. Kentucky Vol Cavalry. April 4, 1862 Brevetted Maj General, March 13, 1865

Green, Hon. G.A. of Mass

Raum, Hon. Green Berry of Ill.

Green Valley, American River, from the Central Pacific Railroad, 4 miles above Alta. Placer County

From corner Green and Kearny Streets, San Francisco, looking Northwest

Green Street, West from Kearny, San Francisco

Green Bay and Fort Howard, Brown Co., Wisconsin 1867.

Bird's eye view of the city of Berlin, Green Lake Co., Wisconsin 1867.

Crandall's improved building-blocks for children can be made into churches, ... / John A. Gray & Green, Printers, 16 & 18 Jacob Street.

Bitter Creek Valley - near Green River

Burning Rock cut - Green River Valley

Castle Rock - Green River Valley

Green Room in the White House

[Anna Katherine Green, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing slightly right]

United States topographical and geological survey of Green River : No 1 preliminary map of Green River from Green River station to Uintah River.

Bird's eye view of the city of Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky 1871.

Flaming Gorge, Green River [Utah] / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Junction Yampa & Green Cñs / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Buttes near Green River City [Wyo.] / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Green River / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Flaming Gorge, Green River [Utah] / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Green River Cañon / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Green River Cañon / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Cañon of Lodore, Green River / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.