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Plan of the peninsula of Charles Town shewing the three posts that His Majesty's troops have kept and fortified with buildings therein for guard rooms, Boston, 3th. [sic] Decr. 1775. To His Excellency Major General Howe, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces, &c.

To the impartial public. My dear friends. Guard yourself against impostors, Sentinel and Watchman are fictitious names, he who is ashamed of his right name may deceive you. Christopher Duyckinck. Preserve the right of election to yourselves, or

Abstract of rations for the guard at Drennon's Lick

That sense of duty which impels every man to cry out mad-dog on the approach of a rabid animal urges me to make this effort to guard the public against one of the most cunning scoundrels with whom I have ever come in contact. This man is Charles

To the voters of Washington. You have a great interest at stake. Your canal stock is at hazard. Do not be thrown off your guard by the deceptious letter of Col. Seaton ... Johnson Hellen. May 30, 1840.

An act to establish an auxiliary watch for the protection of public and private property in the City of Washington ... Approved, August 23, 1842. Rules and regulations prepared by the undersigned for the auxiliary guard of the City of Washington

To the citizens of Washington. It is well known to you that events have transpired within the last few days, deeply affecting the peace a d character of our community ... W. Lenox, Pres. Board of Aldermen. J. H. Goddard, Capt. Auxiliary Guard. A

U.S. post, lower Cascades, Columbia River - guard house, May 1860

Lt. Col. C.D. Westbrook, 120th N.Y. Inf. (Ulster Regt., Washington Guard)

Rebel guard

"The home guard" White Mountain rangers

Chs [i.e., Charles] Zagonyi, Major Comm. body guard / E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm), 501 Broadway, N.Y.

[Captain David Thompson of Caldwell Minute Men (later Caldwell LIght Infantry); Company D, 1st Infantry Regiment 4th Division Missouri State Guard; and Company H, 2nd Missouri Infantry Regiment; holding sword]

The advance guard

United States volunteers. The "Union guard", accepted by the Secretary of War, July 26th, '61 ... Headquarters 302 Broadway Cor. Duane Street.

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with single shot percussion pistol and D guard Bowie knife]

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with musket, D guard Bowie knife, and engraved knife sheath]

Sketches with Co. B, 8th Reg. Pa. Ma. under the officers of the old Southwark Guard / J. Queen del.

Provost Marshal's Guard House, Vicksburg, Miss.

To the subscribers to the coast-guard fund. ... R. B. Forbes. Commanding officer of the Coast Guard. Boston, June 12th, 1861.

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with D guard Bowie knife]

[Private Thomas F. Bates of D Company, 6th Texas Infantry Regiment, with D guard Bowie knife and John Walch pocket revolver]

Manassas, Virginia (vicinity). Camp of General Irvin McDowell's body guard

Mass meeting to avoid the draft. Citizens of Philadelphia! Rally in your might, and assemble in Independence Square, on Saturday evening, October 25th, [1862] and adopt measures to promote enlistments in the Philad'a city guard 157th Regt., P. V

Pickets of the First Louisiana "Native Guard" guarding the New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad / From a sketch by our special artist.

Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia. 8th U.S. Infantry Provost Guard at headquarters, Army of the Potomac

Culpeper, Virginia. Officers of 80th New York Infantry ("Alston Guard." "20th Regiment State Militia Infantry.")

The picket guard. "Who goes there?" "Friends." "Dismount one friend, advance and give the countersign"

On guard - Aug. 27, 1863

Infantryman on guard

[Charles H. Richards, Dickinson Guard, 89th Regiment, New York, full-length studio portrait, standing next to a chair, facing front, wearing uniform]

Bealeton, Virginia. Company K 93d New York Infantry headquarters guard. Army of the Potomac

Court house, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Quarters of provost guard of General Geary's command / / Butler, Bonsall & Co., Army photographers, General Rousseau's division.

Brandy Station, Virginia. Guard mount of 114th Pennsylvania Infantry (1st Division, 3d Corps)

Guard mount, head-quarters, Army of the Potomac / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Confederate prisoners captured at the battle of Fisher's Hill, VA. Sent to the rear under guard of Union troops

The rear guard nr. Charlottesville

Petersburg, Virginia. Earthworks in front of Petersburg. (The 27 foot ditch at Fort Gilmer, Guard against Federal mines)

Guard House and Guard, 107th U.S. Colored Infantry Fort Corcoran near Washington, D.C.

Washington Navy Yard, District of Columbia. Lewis Payne, standing in overcoat and without hat. Federal guard standing on left

Petersburg, Virginia. Group of Provost Guard, headquarters, Army of the Potomac

U.S.S. San Francisco, Marine guard

U.S.S. Newark, marine guard parading on quarter deck

U.S.S. Newark, marine guard

U.S.S. New York, marine guard

U.S.S. New York, marine guard

[U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine Guard, signal drill]

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard, company drill by sections

[U.S.S. Brooklyn, marine guard, bayonet drill]

U.S.S. Massachusetts, marine guard

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard company drill

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard

[U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard company drill by sections]

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard signal drill

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard bayonet drill

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Marine guard company drill

U.S.S. Iowa, Marine guard

[U.S.S. Iowa, Marine Guard]

Guard room showing original wallpaper, Washington's headquarters, Morris Jumel Mansion

U.S.S. Kentucky, Marine guard

West Point Cadets in Camp Guard House

Guard mount, Fort Oglethorpe, Chicamauga [i.e. Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military] Park, Ga.

A Life guard, Brighton Beach, N.Y.

Cadillac's body guard, civic & industrial parade, Detroit bi-centenary celebration

President McKinley's remains passing the Guard of Honor, leaving the White House, Sept. 17, 1901, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

"Royal Grenadier Guard" and "Garde Republicaine Bands'" farewell reception at L. P. Monument, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.

Mascot on guard, First Regiment of the Nebraska National Guard at Kearney, Nebraska.

Guard relief - march of West Point cadets

Church services, 55 Inft., Iowa Nat. Guard, Clarinda, Ia., '08

Parade, 55 Inft., Iowa Nat. Guard

55th Regiment, Iowa Nat. Guard, 1908

Nat. Guard, Gettysburg, [Pennsylvania], 1910

Nat. Guard, Gettysburg, [Pennsylvania], 1910

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard camp, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Nat. Guard, Mt. Gretna, [Pennsylvania], 1913

Peking, U.S. barracks for the Legation guard

Sword and guard, English Embassy

Legation guard on wall of Peking


Men wanted for U.S. Coast Guard

"Come on, Boys!" Give the Guard a fighting chance Fight alongside your friends - Fill up the National Guard.

On guard! It's a pretty big job for one bird! Join the Navy! / H. B. Matthews Feb. 1917.

Give the Guard a fighting chance Fight alongside your friends - Fill up the National Guard.

British and American Guard

Miss Julia Emory and Miss Bertha Graf who will guard the colors on their way to Ohio

Arlington National Cemetery. Interior of trophy room at Arlington National Cemetery with guard

Folger Library exteriors. Main entrance of Folger Library with guard II

Folger Library exteriors. Main entrance of Folger Library with guard I

9 & 10 Sts., N.W., showing the Haymarket, Old Central Guard House, the sec [...], Canterbury Hall, Brady's Gymnasium, etc., [Washington, D.C.]

Rear Admiral F.C. Billard, right, being sworn in as new Commandant of U.S. Coast Guard, succeeding Adm. Reynolds, retired

Oliver M. Maxam, Chief of the Division of Operations of the U.S. Coast Guard, who on Mar. 17 completed 40 yrs. service in the life-saving service and the Coast Guard

Adm. Reynolds congratulating Adm. Billard, new Commandant of U.S. Coast Guard. Adm. Reynolds retiring

U.S. Michigan Guard, Grayling, Mich., August 1921

Judge Moss, right, giving Adm. Billard his commission as new Commandant of U.S. Coast Guard