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[Title page of Opera quae ad nos extant omnia, with Froben family device of caduceus clasped by two hands]

[Title page of De magnete, with serpent wound about wooden T staff clasped by two hands]

[A tarred and feathered man standing on hands and feet with a rope attached to upper thighs and held by a man standing at left; the man on all fours looks back at a wild-eyed devil standing behind him]

To the public. The crisis being deemed by the Parliament of England a libel, and consequently ordered to be burnt by the hands of the common hangman, on the copies arriving in this Province, Mr. Murray, late of the Kingdom of Ireland, who has di

A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2

Massachusetts mutual fire insurance company for insuring buildings against damage by fire. This policy of insurance witnesseth, that ... Witness our hands and common seal, this day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninet

Printers' picture gallery. The following device is made up entirely of cuts from the specimen-book of a single- type-foundry in this city. Most of the pictures are current at the South, and are even put by masters into the hands of the slaves ..

[Hotei, the god of good fortune, one of the seven lucky gods, facing front with his head resting on his hands, peering out through an opening in his bottomless bag of goods]

[Two men, one on his hands and knees crawling, the other is sitting on the first man's back, facing forward, holding a paddle over his head, about to strike the man on his exposed buttocks]

To the public. The undersigned, persons who have been employed for a considerable time past upon the National Jounral, deem it expedient to offer to the public, a statement of facts in relation to the treatment they have received at the hands of

Rules and regulations, under which all hands are employed by the Lehigh coal and navigation company. Mauch Chunk. A. Sisty, printer. 2d Month, 13th, 1832.

To the public!! Strayed from the subscriber, on or about the first of May, a gray horse, about 15 1-2 or 16 hands high, dark legs and white snip ... Joseph Lappell. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" Office May 13, 1840.

The 'destiny' of the United States in the hands of Martin Van Buren! and the friends of the British government rejoice. St. Albans [Vt.] The Messenger Extra. August 27, 1840.

The ship of state on a lee shore, experienced hands coming to her rescue

[Unidentified man, about 40 years of age, half-length portrait, slightly to left, head three-quarters to right, arm over back of chair, hands clasped in front, with heavy side whiskers]

[Unidentified woman, about 20 years of age, three-quarter length portrait, three-quarters to the left, seated in chair beside small table with tablecloth, wearing bonnet and black lace gloves; hands in lap, one elbow on table on which there is a folded fan]

[Rufus Blakeman, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the right, facing front, hands folded in lap]

[Unidentified man and woman, both about 35 years of age, with a girl about 15 years of age, man and woman three-quarter length portrait, seated, the man nearly facing front, the woman slightly to the left, holding hands; standing between them, facing front, is the girl]

[Unidentified woman, about 40 years of age, three-quarter length portrait, body to right, facing front, seated in upholstered chair, hands in lap]

[Study of hand]

[Title page and frontispiece showing slave on top of mountain, with his hands raised to paper labelled "libertas justitia" which appears in sky] / Childs.

Political game of brag. Shew of hands

[Unidentified woman, about 65 years of age, three-quarter length portrait, nearly profile to the left, seated in chair by table, hands in lap, wearing cap and light gloves]

[Unidentified woman, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the left, wearing white lace cap, with hands together]

A lie nailed. The following certificates silence a base slander set afloat by a man who knew it was a lie when he told it. The original certificates are in the hands of Wm. H. Pearce, Cecilton. Certificates. The undersigned, neighbors of Charles

Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas--in the hands of the "border ruffians"

Liberty. The fair maid of Kansas in the hands of the "border ruffians".

The lady's guide to perfect gentility, in manners, dress, and conversation ... also a useful instructor in letter writing, toilet preparations, fancy needlework, millinery, dressmaking, care of wardrobe, the hair, teeth, hands, lips, complexion, etc.

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Cana, with symbols: rings, joined hands, orb with hearts, and grapes]

[Design drawing for stained glass window, 2 window composition "Confirmation;" right figure's hands outstretched]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window showing Crucifixion with text "Unto Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"]

Ames' lotion, for the almost immediate cure of burns, scalds, cuts, bruises, chilblains, frost-bitten limbs, tooth-ache, ague in the face, sore lips and hands, and many other diseases. Sold wholesale and retail by Simeon S. Ames ... A. Mudge & s

[Unidentified Union officer, full-length portrait, standing, with both hands of sword, facing front]

[Young girl with clasped hands]

[Harriet Tubman, full-length portrait, standing with hands on back of a chair]

[Civil War envelope showing hand holding envelope with the message "Soldier's letter"]

15 dollars reward. Strayed or stolen, on Sunday evening the 17th instant, a large well-built bay horse, 16 hands high ... Any information leading to the recovery of the above property will be received and the said reward paid, by calling at hous

[Civil War envelope showing shaking hands in front of U.S. Constitution with weapon and American flag in back]

The Sanitary commission takes this method, in addition to the means already used, to remind you of the fact there are various supplies in the hands of the Commission to be applied to the benefit of the sick or wounded soldiers of the several reg

To the memory of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, who died a martyr to his country falling under the hands of a traitor assassin, on the night of the 14th day of April, 1865, the fourth anniversary of the great war of rebellion through which he led the nation to a glorious

Mr. Wehli's left hand

Creed crusher, or, spiritual mill for pulverizing creed &c., : God dwelleth not in temples made with hands, Acts 17 c. 24 v. /

Shaking hands across the bloody chasm - The Greeley party on the record - official statement of the two democratic senators and six democratic members of the house. [n. p. 1867?].

Completion of the Pacific Railroad - meeting of locomotives of the Union and Central Pacific lines: the engineers shake hands

Female suffrage - wouldn't it put too much power into the hands of Brigham Young, and his tribe? [cartoon showing Brigham Young leading parade of women carrying babies]

Birds of a feather [cartoon showing "Eastern bravo" man, with 4 pistols sticking out of his pockets, shaking hands with "Western bravo" (an Indian, who has rifle, spear, knife and tomahawk)]

[Seated man with hands folded in front]

Seven male hands encircling a mug of beer, sitting on a table, one hand has a cufflink which may have the trademark of Anheuser Busch inscribed on it

[Two Japanese women, full-length studio portrait with backdrop, facing slightly right, standing with large parasol and holding hands]

[Two Japanese women, full-length studio portrait with backdrop, standing, facing each other, holding hands]

Fine lacquer painting, fig. 4

The horse that died on the man's hands: moral--don't hold your trotter too high

Sifting with gold powder, fig. 6

Coating the plate. First position of the hands Second position of the hands

New York City - the third contest for the long-distance pedestrian championship for the world at Gilmore's Gardens, March 10th-15th [4 illustrations]: Ennis...shakes hands with Rowell; Charles Rowell [head and shoulders]; Rowell running a lap...; and view of the track on Saturday afternoon with Rowell, Ennis and Harriman walking together]

[Man and woman holding hands while seated on a log]

[Walt Whitman, half-length portrait, seated, facing left, wearing hat, hands in coat pockets]

[Father Time raising hands while woman grips hat]

[Boy with hands on pole]

[Walt Whitman as an old man, half-length portrait, seated, facing front with hands resting on cane] / Herbert Gilchrist.

Licensed wreckers - in the hands of the receivers / J. Keppler.

Beautiful, beckoning hands

Town warrant. Middlesex, ss. To either of the Constables of the Town of Reading, Greeting: [To notify the inhabitants of election the first day of August, 1883] ... Given under our hands, this twentieth day of July, A, D. 1883. Selectmen of Read

Town warrant. Middlesex, ss. To either of the constables of the Town of Reading. Greeting: [To notify the inhabitants of the election Dec. 5 1883] Given under our hands, this twenty-fourth day of November, A.D. 1883. Selectmen of Reading. [Readi

[Theodore Roosevelt standing on table outdoors and making speech to men seated around him, hands at waist] / Smith Art Photography, Freeport, Ill.

Arbitration is the true balance of power. Puck: "Don't meddle with the hands, gentlemen - this pendulum is the only thing to regulate that clock!" / J. Keppler.

Animal Locomotion: [24 frames of hands clasping, plate 533]

In your open hand, you can see and know yourself as others see and know you, buy open hand fine cut tobacco and ask for a book that will tell you all about your open hand

Shaking hands with the President, March 5th, 1889, Washington, D.C.

[Hands holding bloody dagger and coin bag, skulls with bat wings, and letter W]

In the hands of the enemy after Gettysburg

Town warrant. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Middlesex s.s. To either of the constables of the town of Reading, Greeting. [Notice of election Nov. 5, 1889] ... Given under our hands this twenty-sixth day of October, A. D. 1889. Selectmen of Readi

[Monk, three-quarter length studio portrait, standing, facing left with hands together in front of his chest]

Harvest hands on their way to the wheat fields of the Northwest

[Couple on bed closeup holding hands]

[Martha Virginia's hand haloed by sun with rays]

[Woman seated in a chair clasping hands]

[Head and shoulders of girl with hands crossed]

[Capt. Isaac Bassett, employee of U.S. Senate for over 60 years, turning back the hands of the Senate clock at close of a session of Congress] / Harry O. Hall.

[Eugen Sandow, full-length portrait, seated, facing right, hands behind head] / Sarony, 37 Union Sqr., N.Y.

Hands across the sea

[Caricature of man with hands tucked in his pants standing outside theatrer (sic)]

[Eugen Sandow, full-length portrait, seated on stool facing right, hands behind head, wearing fig leaf]

[Nude male, Prof. B.A. McFadden, full-length portrait, standing on pedestal, facing left, wearing a fig leaf, with hands behind head]

[Black Douglas and Lord Ashley shaking hands]

The national honor and credit in good hands / Dalrymple.

[Eugen Sandow, full-length nude portrait, standing, rear view, hands on head] / Steckel, Los Angeles, Cal.

Pilar Morin as clown/mime: Half length, facing front; hands on top of head

[Study of the arms and hands of Peace in Peace and prosperity]

[Nun with hands folded, praying, seated]

U.S.S. Oregon, shake hands

Heart and hand

The Globe Tailoring Company, Cincinnati. Upon the fingers of one hand you can count the leading mail order merchant tailoring firms

Another theory knocked out by a condition / Dalrymple.

In the hands of his philanthropic friends / C.J. Taylor.

U.S.S. Yankee, "All hands on the boat falls"

Set of paintings of Christ's passion, by Kosheleff, in Russian Hospice, Jerusalem. Pilate washing his hands.

[Champ Clark, half-length portrait, standing, facing right, hands in pants pockets]

Our queer way / Dalrymple.

[Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarter length portrait, hands behind his back, facing left]

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