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The election, a medley, humbly inscribed to Squire Lilliput, professor of scurrility

Silas Deane, Esq. / drawn from the life by Dusimitiere, at Philadelphia ; W. Angus sculp.

J. Dickenson [sic] / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

Premiere assemblée du congrès / dessiné par le Barbier Peintre du Roi ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

The United States in Congress assembled, to all who shall these presents greeting : Whereas in and by our commission, dated at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, the Honorable John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferson ... with Richard Oswald ... did conclude and sign on the part of the United States of America and the crown of Great-Britain, articles in the words following ... Now know ye, that we the United States in Congress assembled, have ratified and confirmed ... the said articles ...

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - born at Boston in New England, Jan. 6th 1706 - died at Philadelphia, April 17th 1790

Green Hill, the seat of Samuel Meredith Esqr. near Philadelphia / J. Hoffman del. ; S. Hill sc.

A perspective view of the loss of the U.S. frigate Philadelphia in which is represented her relative position to the Tripolitan gunboats ...

The Burning of the fregate the Philadelphia in the harbor of Tripoli ...

Schuylkill Bridge, High Street, Philadelphia

Schuylkill Bridge High Street Philadelphia / [drawn by W. Birch ; engraved by S. Seymour].

Architectural drawing for a house for John Markoe, near 9th Street and Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Masonic Hall, Philadelphia

Christ Church, Philadelphia / J.P. Malcolm del. et sculp.

Sellers & Pennock 231 High Street Philadelphia

Convention at Philadelphia, 1787

Sportsmens depot established in 1826. John Krider, gun maker, dealer in fishing tackle and all kinds of sporting apparatus, N.E. corner 2nd & Walnut sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

First plate of four subjects, for Birch's Philadelphia

View of Philadelphia as seen from top of Great Ship House, Augt. 1829 / Smith, John R.

Life in Philadelphia. Plate 13 / Clay fecit 1829.

Like master like man / E.W. Clay del.

Great solar eclipse. To be seen every day at West's observatory, No. 7 Pear St. Philadelphia. NB No postponement on account of weather

Sir Walter Scott and his literary friends at Abbotsford / painted by Thos. Faed ; engd. by J. Sartain, Phila.

The chaplet, a waltz by Flora / Kennedy & Lucas lithography, Philada.

United States Bank, Philadelphia / drawn by C. Burton, N.Y. ; engraved & printed by Fenner, Sears & Co.

Andrew Jackson. From the original painting in the possession of Col. C.G. Childs of Philadelphia / painted by W. J. Hubard ; engraved by J. Sartain.

Humming birds / from life & on stone by M.E.D. Brown ; his lith. No. 5 Library St. Phila.

A view of the Butte des Morts treaty ground with the arrival of the commissioners Gov. Lewis Cass and Col. McKenney in 1827 / / painted on the spot by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Philada.

Kee-O-Kuck or the Watching Fox the present Chief of the Sauk tribe and successor to Black Hawk / / painted by J.O. Lewis at the great treaty of Prarie du Chien 1825 ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Philada.

A south east view of Merchants Hotel, nth Fourth St. Philada, J.M. Sanderson & Son / drawn and engraved by J.R. Smith, Philada.

James K. Polk. Governor of the state of Tennessee / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lith., Philadelphia.

[Philadelphia Merchant's Exchange]

The Chinese collection in the lower saloon of the new building at the corner of 9th & George Street, Philadelphia... / drawn on stone by A. Newsam ; P.S. Duval lith., Philada. ; engraved by J. & W.W. Warr.

[Independence Hall (State House) on Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

[Officer from the First Troop, Philadelphia, facing forward, head turned toward right standing before soldier holding horse and another on horseback] / J.R. Smith, Phila., Pa., 1839.

[Officer from the First Troop, Philadelphia, seated by a tent in which a writing desk is visible. A soldier marches with a rifle nearby] / J.R. Smith, 1839, Phila.

[Soldier from the First City Troop, Philadelphia, in uniform and helmet with a plume, standing on a bluff over looking a river, perhaps the Schuylkill or the Delaware] / J.R. Smith, 1839, Phila.

Nathaniel P. Tallmadge. Senator from New-York / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich, Washington City ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lithr., Philada.

[Entrance to Independence Square, Philadelphia]

[View of intersection of Eighth Street and Market Street, Philadelphia]

A. Mouton. Senator from Louisiana / from life on stone by Chas. Fenderich ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lith., Philada.

Franklin in the National Convention / Lossing-Barritt.

[Schuylhill, Fairmont Water Works, Philadelphia]

South West gate leading into Indapendance [i.e., Independence] Square, Philada.

American bank note company, Philadelphia, office 125 S. 5th St.

U.S. Ship Pennsylvania. Charles Stewart Esq. Comr. / Drawn on stone by Charles C. Barton, U.S.N. ; Lith. & Pubd. by Lehmann & Duval Philadelphia.

Ch. D. Meigs, M.D. Prof. Med & Diseases of women & children in the Jefferson Medical College of Philada. / engraved by Welch & Walter (Of Philada) from a daguerreotype by M.P. Simons.

Henry Clay / painted by G. Linen ; engraved by J. Sartain. Philada.

The orphans prayer / T. Sinclair's lith, Phila.

Battle of New Orleans - January 8, 1815 / desd. on the field of battle by Hthe. Laclotte ; drawn on stone by A. Hoffy ; P.S. Duval lith. Phila.

General Wm. H. Harrison of Tippecanoe, Fort Meigs and the Thames / on stone by James Queen, P.S. Duval, lith., Phila.

The death-bed of Wesley / engraved by John Sartain ; Pub'd. by Wm. Sartain, Phila.

Deutsches burger militair von Philadelphia. The German volunteers of Philadelphia

An unfinished house, in Chesnut Street Philadelphia. Built for the late Robert Morris Esqr. / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800 ; republished by Desilver 1841.

High Street, with the First Presbyterian church Philadelphia. Taken down in 1820 / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800.

This is to certify that ... was duly elected a member of the above society on the ... day of ... 184-, and the pledge having been in due form administered to him he signed the same / Sinclair Lithr. Phila.

The ox "Pennsylvania" / T. McClelland pinxt. ; lith. of T. Sinclair, Phila.

United States almanac, for the year 1841

[North side of Chestnut Street, between Second Street and Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

New suspension bridge at Fairmount, Philadelphia, constructed by Charles Ellet Jr., C.E. / W. Croome, del; engraved by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Smille.

[North side of Chestnut Street, below Second Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

No-Tin, a Chippewa chief / drawn, printed & col'd. at the Lithographic & Print Colouring Establishment No. 94 Walnut St., Phila.

[North side of Chestnut Street, between Second Street and Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

[North side of Chestnut Street, below Second Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

[John McAllister, Jr., full-length portrait, seated in a chair, outdoors on the roof of 48 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

[No. 46 to No. 52, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Tuko-See-Mathla, a Seminole chief / drawn, printed & coloured at the Lithographic & Print Colouring Establishment, Phila.

[Southwest view of Sanderson's Franklin House, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

Chestnut St. south side west of 2d

McAllister's house, Oak St., Philada

House N.W. corner of Chestnut and Strawberry Alley

French millinery, dress & flower making establishment / on stone by Jas. Queen ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Phila.

This certifies that [blank] is a member of the Native American Republican Association of Philadelphia / engraved & published by W.L. Germon, no. 80 1/2 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Dr. J.N. Keeler's infant cordial and carminative / Lith. of Thos. Sinclair, Phila.

Andrew Jackson, 7th president of the United States / on stone by A. Newsam ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Philada.

Chester Wharf 20 miles below Philadelphia on the Delaware, July 27, 1846

John Adams, 2nd president of the United States / on stone by A. Newsam; P.S. Duval, lith., Philada.

James Madison - 4th President of the United States / on stone by A. Newsam ; P.S. Duval, lith., Philada.

Nathaniel Chapman, M.D. / engraved by Welch & Walters (of Philadelphia) ; from a daguerreotype by M.P. Simmons.

Dr. Roby's Brazilian hair curling liquid / Wagner & McGuigan lith., Chesnut St. Phila.

St. Mary's Hall / lith. of T. Sinclair, Phila.

Philadelphia. 11, State-house / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; lith. by Deroy ; printed by Cattier.

Philadelphia State-house / / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner; lith. by Deroy; printed by Cattier.

The high priest in his robes. Exod. xxviii. 39 / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

American fashions, fall & winter 1849-50, by John R. Shankland, no. 100, Chesnut St. Philadelphia / designed & lithographed by Hoffy, No. 20 Sth. 3rd. Street, Philadelphia ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press, Philadelphia.

Altar of burnt offering. Exod. xxvii / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

The tabernacle in the wilderness, and plan of the encampment. Exod. XI. 2 / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

[Print speciman of stock certificate for Loudon Park Cemetery Company and letterhead for Semi Anthracite Coal Company] / Engraved & printed by A. Kollner, Phila.

[Fairmount Water Works on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

[Advertisements for the printing establishment of A. Kollner, Philadelphia]

[Lampshade design with six views: "Kansas", "Jefferson City", "Erie R.R.", "New York", "Niagara", and "Water Works, Phila."]

[Print speciman of American Indian man on horseback killing bison] / A. Kollner designed ; Lithy of A. Kollner, Phila.

The Sons of Columbia. A national song. Written for the Fourth of July and set to music by Theodore Ascherfeld, Havre De Grace, Md. / Lith. by Otto Knirsch, Phila.

[Print speciman of anatomical illustrations of human pelvis and hip bones] / A. Kollner's Lithy., Phila.

[Print speciman of botanical illustrations for Aethusa Cynapium, an herb, and Agaricus Muscarius, a mushroom] / Lithy. of A. Kollner, Phila.

Reminiscences of a fancy dress ball, in Philadelphia, February 1850 / drawn from nat: & on stone by C. Harnisch ; P.S. Duval's steam lith. Press, Philada.

Panoramic views of Philadelphia, from the state house / drawn from nature by E. Whitefield.

Lady Suffolk and Lady Moscow: hunting park course, Phila. June 13th 1850

[U.S. Customs House, Philadelphia]

San Francisco, 1850 / P.S. Duval's Steam Lith. Press, Philada.