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Commuters, who have just come off the train, waiting for the bus to go home, Lowell, Mass.

[Benzo, reclining in hammock, discussing Christianity with the King of Cacico in the latter's home; many Indian servants are preparing food and cleaning. Nicaragua]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - assualt on Kira Yoshinaka's home - pursuing the guards]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - assualt on Kira Yoshinaka's home - pursuing the guards and searching for Kira]

Boney bringing home the truth from Spain

[Home of Lord Timothy Dexter, Newburyport, Massachusetts with wooden statues on pillars and passersby enjoying the view]

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a large home and smaller houses, outbuildings, and perhaps a slave cabin]

Our country ..... home industry. [Cut] Manufacturers and mechanics. Your enemies have rallied under the banner of Gen. Jackson-the same man whom they a few days since declared a tyrant and a murderer. One of their avowed objects is a repeal of

American Theatre, in Mercer-Street, in the rear of 1 Mile Stone, Broadway. Positively the last night! Mr. Hewlett ... On Monday the 24th of March, Mr. Hewlett will be at home in the following: Part 1st--Songs ... Part 2d ... La diligence ... Par

Our country . . . home industry

What is home without a mother. By Alice Hawthorne

What is home without a mother. By Alice Hawthorne. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, N. Y

Home industry, the most direct road to national prosperity. [183-?].

New Salem, home of Abraham Lincoln 1831 to 1837.

My Early Home

Child lost. Samuel Bender left his home on Thursday, the 13th inst., and crossed the Long Bridge, in company with another boy, to pick blackberries, and was seen the day following on the Leesbury road; since when no correct tiding have been obta

[Full page of The Illustrated London News, Christmas Supplement, 1848, showing 2 scenes: 1) The Christmas Holly Cart [street peddlar selling] 2) Fetching home the Christmas dinner [from bakery]

[The return home] / Lalanne ; Maxime Lalanne inv. & sc.

Infirmary. Dr. Sherrill has taken a house with good and airy rooms pleasantly situated at 540 Hudson St. New Y. and fitted up an institution often desired by those who have not a regular home ... [New York 185-?].

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Jenny Lind's Home Sweet Home

Birds eye view of Mt. Vernon. The home of Washington

Do they miss me at home?

Sweet home

Home treasures

What is home without a mother

A new and complete rail road map of the United States compiled from reliable sources by William Perris, C.E. & Surveyor, New York; presented by the Home Insurance Company.

Viva l'America. Home of the free

Teacher's home

My good old darkey home. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Edwin D. Morgan to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, February 14, 1861 (Invitation to stay at his home)

John H. Bradley to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, January 27, 1861 (Invites Lincolns to stay at his home when they visit Indianapolis)

"The home guard" White Mountain rangers

Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman and staff with their families at Robert E. Lee's home, Arlington House, Virginia

Comeing [i.e. coming] home from the Third Regiment Looking at the turkey at Camp Griffin, Larkin G. Mead.

Home Squad. Company A. Supplies. Each member is required to equip himself with the articles enumerated, as follows: and to be readu in marching order when Jeff Davis crosses the wire bridge ... [Philadelphia, 1861].

P. P. Lowe to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, January 21, 1861 (Invites Lincolns to stay at his home on the trip to Washington)

The brave at home, no. 3 / E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, Hartford, Conn. ; Phelps & Watson, New York ; F.P. Whiting, New York.

The home of the American citizen after the tax bill has passed

Leaflets. Going home. Written after witnessing a triumphant death-scene. by Mrs. C. B. Daniels. [c. 1862].

Beaufort, South Carolina. Federal signal station. Formerly the home of John G. Barnwell

Dear Sir;- You and your family are invited to be present at the presentation and raising of a flag on the Home for the friendless, which will take place, Wednesday, the 14th of May, at half-past 3 o'clock P. M. New York, May 13, 1862.

Home in Charleston, S.C.

Let me die at home. By A. Anderson, Tune- Farewell, 'tis a lonely sound. Phila. Oct. 1863

[Abraham] Lincoln's summer home, Washington, D.C.

Home from the war

Washington, D.C. Home of Sanitary Commission, May 1863

The Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, on battle field of Gettysburg

Washington, District of Columbia. Home of Sanitary Commission

The third regiment, Mass. Vol. militia, to its friends at home [12 stanzas of verse] J. P. D. Co. D. 3d Regt. M. V. M. Camp Jourdan, Newbern, N. C., April 1863.

Campaign sketches. The letter for home / H.

Home of a rebel sharpshooter / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

The Banks expedition--scene on the hurricane deck of the U.S. transport North Star--the soldiers of the 41st Mass. Regiment writing home to their friends upon their arrival at Ship Island, Gulf of Mexico / from a sketch by our special artist, F.H. Schell.

Home from the war

Washington, District of Columbia. The home of the Sanitary Commission

Address of welcome to Rear Admiral David D. Porter, on his temporary return to his home, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 27th, 1864.

Negroes leaving their home [by boat; Civil War]

Isaac N. Arnold to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 15, 1864 (Requests message to annual meeting of Chicago Soldiers Home)

Our sweethearts at home. Words and music by Sep. Winner. Johnson, Song Publisher, ... Phila

Circular to the loyal citizens of the United States of America. Whereas it is desirable to establish a National Union home for the disabled soldiers and sailors of the army and navy of the United States; and whereas the flaw or crack in the old

Washington, District of Columbia. Buildings of the Sanitary Commission Home Lodge for Invalid Soldiers, North Capitol near C. Street

Death and burial of Abraham Lincoln [Cut of Abraham Lincoln A nation mourns his loss! By Humanities [pseud] Air:- "Sweet home." Boston: Morrill, Pr. [1865].

The Wisconsin soldiers' home The state of Wisconson By James T. Lewis, Governor. A proclamation ... Done at the Capitol, in the City of Madison, this 19th day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five. James T.

Washington, District of Columbia. Sanitary Commission Home Lodge

Home of Mr. Petersen, opposite Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C., where the President died; House of Wm. H. Seward, Washington, D.C.

War views. No. 1501, Camp life, Army of the Potomac - writing to friends at home

President Lincoln at home. Reading the scriptures to his wife and son, [Currier & Ives portrait].

Home views. No. 15, Rebel prison - 1865

The return home

Nashville, Tenn. 1865(?). Sanitary commission, Planters hotel, Sumner Street, known as the soldiers' home

Springfield, Illinois, the late and latest home of martyr president

President Lincoln at home

President Lincoln's first home in Illinois

Lincoln at home. [Andrew O'Connor portrait of Lincoln and family.]

"Going Home" - Kennebec claim, near Birchville, Nev. County

Old Soldiers' Home (summer residence of the President)

A letter from home - on the Allenkaket River, Alaska

Lincoln cane at home

The home of Abraham Lincoln, [in Springfield, Illinois].

[Columbia and Jonathan at home]

Home run polka. Composed by Mrs. Bodell of Washington, and respectfully dedicated to the National Baseball Club of Washington, D.C. / / L. N. Rosenthal, lith.

Surrattsville, the Home of John H. Surratt

Mr. Charles Dickens and his former American acquaintances - "not at home" / drawn by C.G. Bush.

Home incidents, accidents & co. [5 illus.] 1. The fatal card [one man shooting gambler on Miss. steam boat]; 2. Sleeping accommodations in a praire home; 3.Catching an alligator [alligator hanging from pole, Louisiana]; 4. A faithful dog [dog alongside murdered man, Nevada]; 5. A Sunday picnic [horses and wagon tumbling over cliff, Illinois]

A home in the country (summer)

Dreaming of home and mother

[Horatio Seymour, 1810-1886 "Seymour at home", full length portrait, standing, left profile, carrying rifle, American politician]

[Group of people gathered on porch of large home, possibly that of Winnebago agent]

The widow's home. Celebration of the first anniversary. [Charleston, 1868].

Seymour at home

Goldsmith Maid and American Girl: in the "brush home" of their capital race of six closely contested heats over the Union Course L.I. July 4th 1868

Coming from the trot: Sports on the home stretch

Grant at home

Presentation of a champion bat to the "Red Stocking" base-ball club, Cincinnati, Ohio, on its return home / sketched by J.A. Gervis.

A happy home and loneliness

The home of Washington / painted by T.P. Rossiter & L.R. Mignot ; engraved by Thos. Oldham Barlow.

[Harriet (Beecher) Stowe - winter home at Mandarin, Florida - exterior]

American agriculturist. Hearth and home

[Zieber family outside their Philadelphia home at Broad and Girard Ave.]

Frou Frou's Dream of Home, by Miss Lina Edwin