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By the Honourable William Dummer, Esq; Lieut Governor & commander in chief, in & over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England a proclamation for apprehending John Pittman. Boston: Printed by B. Green Printer to His Hon. Th

Virginia sc. By the Hon. Francis Fauquier, Esq; his Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in chief of the said Colony and Dominion: A proclamation. Whereas a party of Cherokees arrived at Staunton in Augusta, and intended to proceed from

Hon yomu musume tachi

The hon. James Otis, jun. Esq.

[Arms] The speech of the statute of the Right Hon. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham to the virtueous and patriotic citizens of New York. Gentlemen. After a tedious passage over the Atlantic, I am at last arrived in this land of liberty ... [New Yor

To his Excellency the Right Hon. John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg, 1774]. [Negative Photost

The following is the account of the number of inhabitants in the Colony, of Rhode-Island, taken between the 4th of May and the 14th of June, 1774, and ordered to be printed by the Hon. General Assembly, among their public acts and orders. Newpor

By his Excellency the Right Hon. John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice admiral of the same: A proclamation. Virginia, to wit. Whereas I have been informed that a cert

By his excellency the Hon. Thomas Gage, Esq; Governor, and commander in chief in and over his Majesty's Province of Massachusetts-Bay vice admiral of the same. A proclamation: Whereas the infatuated multitudes who have long suffered themselves t

By his excellency the Hon. Thomas Gage, Esq; Governor, and commander in chief in and over his Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts-Bay vice admiral of the same. A proclamation: Whereas the infatuated multitudes who have long suffered themselves t

A plan of that part of the Rosalij Estate call'd New-Found-Land, the property of His Excellcy. Chas. O'Harra, the Hon. Lt. Gov. Wm. Stuart, James Clarke & Rob. & Phill. Browne, Esqrs., situate at Rosalij in the parish of St. David, Dominica.

Important News. Boston (Twelve o'clock) Friday, August 22. The following letter from the Hon. Major-General Lincoln to the Honorable council, is just received by express. Bennington, August 18, 1777. Gentlemen: I most sincerely congratulate you

The hon. John Hancock, Esq. - president of the honourable the Continental Congress

The right hon'ble. Lord North / O Neale delint.

The R. Hon'ble. Earl of Dartmouth

The Hon. Sir Willm. Howe Kt. of the Bath, commander in chief of all his majesty's forces in America

The right hon'ble. Lord Macartney

The hon'le. Anthony Wayne, Esqr., major general in the American Army / J. Nor sc.

The hon'le. B. Lincoln, Esq., major general in the American Army / J. Norman sc.

To the right hon'ble Lord Bangor, this plate representing a complete perspective view of all the machinery of a bleach mill, upon the newest and most approved constructions, consisting of the wash mill, rubbing boards moved by a crank, and beetling engine for glazing the cloth, with a view of the boiling house; is most respectfully inscribed by ... Wm. Hincks / Wm. Hincks, delin. et sculp.

To the right hon'ble ... trustees of the linen manufacture ... this view taken in the County of South representing taking the flax out of the bog when it has lain a sufficient time to separate the rind (which is the flax) from the stem, & strengthen it, spreading it to dry, stoving, beetling, and breaking it ... dedicated by ... Wm. Hincks / Wm. Hincks, delin. et sculp.

A view of the seat of the Hon. Selah Strong, Esqr., St. George's Manor, Sussex County, Long Island / [?] del. ; Tiebout sculp.

A monody on the death of the Hon. Thomas Russell, Esq. sung after the eulogy delivered by Doctor John Warren, in the church in Brattle-Street on Wednesday, May 4, 1796. Written at the request of the several societies of which he was a member. Se

State of New-York. In Senate, August 17th 1798. Ordered that Mr. Foote and Mr. Frey deliver a copy of the resolution, (relative to the proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States) to the Hon. the Assembly and request their concu

Rt. Hon'ble. George Grenville / W. Haines sculpt.

A plan of the town of New Haven : with all the buildings in 1748 taken by the Hon. Gen. Wadsworth of Durham to which are added the names and professions of the inhabitants at that period : also the location of lots to many of the first grantees /

The Right Hon. Henry Robert Stewart, Lord Viscount Castlereagh, M.R.I.A. & F.R.S. / from an original picture by T. Lawrence, Esq. R.A. ; drawn by W. Evans ; engraved by H. Meyer.

Hon. Theophilus Parsons, late Chief Justice of Massachusetts / Stewart pinxt. ; Leney sculpt.

State of New York. In Assembly. March 17, 1817. Resolved, if the hon. the Senate concur herein, that the Treasurer of this state be, and he is hereby authorised and directed, to receive from the respective county treasurers, all such monies as m

Obituary notice. Died at Quincy, the 28th October, 1818, Mrs. Abigail Adams, consort of the Hon. John Adams late president of the United States. [n. p. 1818].

To the Hon. Arthur Livermore. [Signed] Estwicke Evans. Concord. N. H. June 1819.

A geological and agricultural survey of the district adjoining the Erie canal in the state of New York. Taken under the direction of the Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer. Part I. Containing a description of the rock formations; together with a geological profile, extending from the Atlantic to Lake Erie.

William Pitt from the original by Hoppner in the collection of The Rt Hon'ble Lord Carrington / engraved by P. Lightfoot.

To the Hon. John Thompson. Sir you have caused to be recently printed circulated and published in the remote parts of this district a handbill addressed to "William Creighton, junr." your competitor for Congress, couched in terms which are highl

The gridiron "The honorable member solemnly declared in writing that when this country returned to cash payments he would suffer himself to be broiled upon a gridiron, now the country has returned to cash payments and I think the hon. member bound to undergo the consequences." Substance of C of Exchequer's speech upon bank charter / / H.B. ; A. Ducotes lithogy., 70 St. Martin's Lane.

From the Pennsylvanian. The Hon. Thomas H. Benton. We subjoing an interesting correspondence between a number of our fellow-citizens and Colonel Benton arising from a desire on their part to meet him at the festive board during his visit to this

Hon. Martin Van Buren, Vice President of the United States

A free public dinner in honor of the Hon. Jas K. Polk will be given at Lewisburgh in Marshall county, on Thursday the 6th of October. The Citizens of Marshall and the adjoining counties are respectfully invited to attend and participate ... Sept

Chart of the Red Sea : comprising the part above Jiddah, on Mercator's Projection, compiled from a stasimetric survey executed in the years 1830, 31, 32 and 33 in the Hon. Company's Ship Palinurus /

Hon. Luther Bradish's letter, to the committee of the N. Y. State A. S. Society. New York. 1838.

Webster festival. Ode to commemorate the civic festival given to the Hon. Daniel Webster. at Faneuil Hall, July 24, 1838.

Old Iron Sides on a lee shore The U.S. Frigate Constitution Captn. Elliott, weathering Scilly, on her return from France, with the Hon. Edward Livingston on board on the night of the [Eleventh] of May 1835 / / drawn on stone by A. Hoffy, from a painting by J. Evans ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Philad.

Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Esqr. / Painted by Waldo & Jewett ; Eng by A. B. Durand.

Hon. & Rev. B.R. Wilson of Monrovia, Liberia, died Oct. 9, 1864 / Photographed by S.W. Truesdell, Kenosha, Wis.

To the independent voters of the Congressional districts of Barnwell, Richland, Lexington and Orangeburg:-- Fellow citizens: The Hon. S. H. Butler having resigned his seat in Congress, you will be called on the choose a representative, on the fi

The lament of the Irish emigrant - a ballad - poetry by the hon. Mrs. Price Blackwood

The lament of the Irish emigrant - a ballad - poetry by the hon. Mrs. Price Blackwood

Election next Monday. For representative to Congress, the farmer's, fisherman's and freeman's candidate. Hon. Daniel P. King of Danvers. Fellow citizens of District Number Two ... March 30, 1843.

North interior view of the New York post office, located by authority of the Hon. Charles A. Wickliffe Post Master General and arranged by John Lorimer Graham Esq. Postmaster, Feb. 1st 1845

Letter from Hon. William Woodbridge, United States Senator from the State of Michigan. It is with great reluctance, that I furnish the following letter to the public and yet I do not feel at liberty to withhold a document from so high a source,

Electors of the Western district! Read and consider!!! At a meeting of gentlemen of the Whig party, and of citizens generally, favorable to the election of Hon. Wilkins Updike, to Congress, held at Kingston Court House, Aug. 11, 1847.

To the electors of the Western Congressional district. The Hon. Wilkins Updike, of South Kingstown, is now a candidate to represent you in the next Congress of the United States ... A Citizens of Narragansett. [1847].

Washington, February 26, 1847. Sir: I beg to solicit your favorable attention to the resolution offered yesterday by the Hon. Mr. Hannegan, relative to the reports of Senate debates for the thirteenth Congress ... James A. Houston.

Order of the procession for the funeral of the Hon. John Quincy Adams, a representative in the Congress of the United States from the state of Massachusetts, and ex-president of the United States ... February 24, 1848.

Hon. Charles Francis Adams

Hon. W.R. King of Alabama

Messrs Henry Staples & co. will sell at auction, at the Law Library Rooms, College street in this city on Thursday, July 14th, at 12 o'clock M. the law library formerly belonging to the Hon. Dutee J. Pearce, of Newport ... Providence, July 9th,

$100 reward! Ranaway on the 27th of September last, from the farm of the Hon. Jeremiah Morton, to whom he was hired, in the county of Orange, near Racc on Ford, my negro man Osborne! ... Robert O. Grayson. Stevensburg, Culpeper Co., Va.,

Steam or other communication with Liberia. An adjourned meeting to aid this object will be held this evening in the 4 1-2 street Church ... when the Hon. Judge Wayne will preside and addresses be made by several distinguished gentlemen ... All w

[Hon. Andrew Johnson, half-length portrait, facing left]

Hon. Andrew J. Rogers

Hon. John B. Henderson

Hon. Townsend Harris

Hon. Francis Granger of N.Y.

Hon. Silas Wright of N.Y.

Hon. Jas. Alfred Pearce

Hon. Zach Chandler of Mich.

Hon. Gerrit Smith of N.Y.

Hon. John Snyder Carlile of Va.

Hon. Lyman Tremain of N.Y.

Hon. J.T. Harris

Hon. F.B. Craige of N. C.

Hon. Chas. B. Hoard of N.Y.

Hon. F.A. Conkling

Hon. Thos. C. Theaker

Hon. Joseph W. McClurg

Hon. Hiram Price of Iowa

Hon. Alexander Ramsey

Hon. J.A. Gilmer of N.C.

Hon. Morton Smith Wilkinson of Minn.

Hon. John Bell of Tenn[?]

Hon. Henry Wilson

Hon. W.G. Steele of N.J.

Hon. Thurlow Weed

Hon. Schuyler Colfax of Ind.

Hon. T.J. Dwyer

Hon. Daniel Clark of N.H.

Hon. John Young Brown of Ky

Hon. Silas Wright of N.Y.

Hon. Gerrit Smith of N.Y.

Hon. Rice

Hon. Geo. Read Riddle

Hon. Thompson Campbell

Hon. Chas. R. Train of Mass

Hon. John R. Thomson of N.J.

Hon. John B. Henderson

Hon. George M. Bibb of Ky

Hon. Thurlow Weed

Hon. Ben. F. Wade of Ohio

Hon. J.G. Scott