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Queen Hope on throne at coronation

[Prince Palden Gyumed and Princess Hope Leezum seated on white scarves, Sikkim]

HM the Gyalmo, HH Prince Palden, HH Princess Hope

Princess Hope & Queen Hope in the palace, Sikkim

[Palden Thondup Namgyal, King of Sikkim, and Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, in brocaded dress, walking to the Tsuklakhang Main Temple (Palace Temple) during the King's birthday celebration, Gangtok, Sikkim]

[Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, seated, three-quarter length portrait, facing left]

[King and Queen of Sikkim and their daughter Hope Leezum watch birthday celebrations, Gangtok, Sikkim]


Hope: a rhapsody. Mourn, Yankey, mourn, the dreaded loss deplore [42 lines of verse] [New York July 26, 1774].

Queen Caroline. Britain's best hope!! England's sheet-anchor!!!

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform 4th May 1840

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform. 4th may 1840. Published by J. S. Horton, corner Baltimore and South St. Baltimore, Md.

Cape of Good Hope.

Map of Warren County, New Jersey /

[Design drawing showing Dove and tongues of Fire with text "The Holy Spirit, Hope]

1857. New and important arrangement. Royal Mail through line for Kingston, Cobourg, Port Hope,...

Dentistry and Thomsonism. Lahaska, Bucks Co,, Pa. Printedby F. P. Sellers, Lambertville and New Hope job and newspaper office. 1858.

[Five sketches along the Valley Pike in the vicinity of Fishers Hill, Strasburg, Cottontown, Mount Hope, Toms Brook, etc.].

[Civil War envelope showing soldier holding 51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment flag with message "The star-flowering banner must never be furled, for its blossoms of light are the hope of the world"]

New Hope Church, Georgia

"The forlorn hope" - volunteer storming party, consisting of portions of the 7th Michigan and 19th Massachusetts, crossing the Rappahannock in advance of the Grand Army, to drive off the Rebel riflemen, who were firing upon the Union pontoniers, Wednesday, December 10 / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

Michael Dunn, Raymond, Potter Co., Penna. / Photographed by Hope, successor to M.H. Kimball, 477 Broadway, New York.

[Union troop positions at Dallas and New Hope Church, Georgia, May 25-June 5, 1864].

A. D. Hope to William A. Newell, Tuesday, June 21, 1864 (Removal of Samuel A. Hopkins)

Map of Allatoona, New Hope Church and vicinity.

Hope, Judge Wm B. of Ky

Hope Valley, Alpine County

Christian's hope

The Christian's hope

Faith Hope Charity

Faith, Hope and Charity / F. Gleason, Boston.

[Broadside view of three-masted schooner Niagara, with riverboat Mount Hope in background]

Our hope

I am resting in hope

Soap! Soap! Blaine's only hope! Blaine's funeral died November 4th, 1884. Hon. Jas. G. Blaine, and with him the Republican party, aged 24 years ... Pall bearers, John A. Logan, Jay Gould, Ex. Gov. Cornell, and John I. Davenport. Undertakers, Hon

Rules and regulations for the Hope and help rooms social purity department, Woman's Christian temperance union ... [Washington, D. C.] Darby, pr. 1309 Pa. Ave. [1887].

Welcome! And let us hope you will be a real happy new year / J.S. Pughe.


Charles Frohman presents a new play, Phroso by Anthony Hope.

Hope Hampton

Hope Farm Fair - Mrs. J.W. Gerard

Hope Hampton

Hope Winchester & Flo Pratt

Hope Hamilton

Thos. Clark, Jr., with others, Hope Farm Fair

Mrs. Frank Gould, and unidentified gentleman, Hope Farm Fair

Hope Hamilton

Mrs. Frank Carley, and others, at Hope Farm Fair

The hope of the Philippines - class of boys in Normal High School, Manila, Philippine Islands

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Mrs. Hopkins Smith (Mrs. Fuller Potter), and Mrs. H.W. Howe, Hope Farm Fair

Hope Hampton

Hope Hamilton

Luke Whoozis. "He's late tonight, I hope nothing has happened to him, here he comes now!"

Mr. Delancey, Hope Farm Fair

Blanche Bates as "The Fighting Hope"

Hope Hampton

The Adrian Hope family

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Hope Hamilton

Mrs. Leonard Wood, Hope Farm Fair

J.D. Crimmins, Mrs. Patten, and unidentified lady, Hope Farm Fair

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Misery loves company; - but they hope soon to be out of it / Dalrymple.

Noon hour, Hope Webbing Co. /

Hannibal Hope and the circus parade

Their only hope is rain

Africa--Cape of Good Hope, ostrich farm

Laura Hope Crews and John Drew in "Much Ado About Nothing"

5 year old Helen and her stepsisters "hulling" strawberries at Johnson's Hulling Station, Seaford, Del. Helen is an orphan, who one month after death of her widowed mother, was adopted by the Hope family of Seaford, Del. This is her 2d season at Johnson's Hulling Station. On the day of the investigation she started working at 6 A.M. and at 6 P.M. the same day Helen was still hulling strawberries. Location: Seaford, Delaware.

Hope Williams

Hope Hamilton

Mrs. Edmund Randolph, Hope Farm Fair

Drive through the oaks, Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Mrs. J. Gordon Douglas, Mrs. Fred Beach at Hope Farm Fair

Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. H.W. Warner, Mrs. J.A. Wright, and Mrs. J. Howard Ford, Hope Farm Fair

6 yr. old Earle Holt (or Hope) 712 H St., S.W., sells papers for a neighbor boy. When I met him, within an hour he had forgotten that I had photographed him, but he didn't forget to shortchange me when I bought the paper. He goes to school in the morning and sells in the afternoon. Location: [Washington (D.C.), District of Columbia]

Faith, hope, and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is tango / Keppler.

Hope, Hempstead Co., Ark. /

Wood carving group of working boys at King Philip Settlement - Names beginning at our right: 6. Frederick Reinhadt, 15, 147 Grant Street. 5. Arthur Bourque, 14, 415 Kilburn St., 3. Anthony Bello, 16, 75 Mt. Hope Ave. 8th grade Slade School - wants good education more than work. 1. Wm. Berupe, 15, 36 Assonet St., Sweeper, Iron Works, 7:30-11:30, 1-5. Barber Shop 7 years old, now Fridays and Saturday afternoons and until 12 at night. 4. Herman Reinhadt, 17, Hub Clothing Co. clerk. Was a doffer in the mule room. 7. Manuel Ferreira, 15, 27 Whittier St. Sweeper, Iron Works, same schedule as Berupe. 2. John Megna, 16, 75 Mt. Hope Avenue, Sweeper, Iron Works, - Two previous positions. Location: Fall River, Massachusetts / Lewis W. Hine.

There is hope, my adored, hope for thy sister and for us

New Hope School #41. 4 miles northwest of Shawnee. 31 present. Opened October 2nd--8 months term. Principal, Mr. J.H. Harrison, P.O. Route 6, Shawnee, says there ought to be twice that number present and will be after cotton picking is over. Lewis W. Hine. See W.H. Swift Report. Location: Potawotamie County, Oklahoma.

"America, the hope of all who suffer, the dread of all who wrong," Whittier. Save food and defeat frightfulness / Paus.

"America, the hope of all who suffer, the dread of all who wrong," Whittier. Save food and defeat frightfulness / Paus.

All hope for president's returning healthy. Rev. Henry N. Couden, chaplain of the House of Representatives, offering prayer in the House for the speedy recovery of President Wilson

Rosehill Manor, hope of Geo. Slater, Upperville, Va.

Minnehaha Springs School. An unusual two-room school, built (during a summer resort boom) in order to consolidate some of the surrounding one room schools, - but the others refused to give up and so only one room is used here. Hope to consolidate later. 4 H Club just organized here. Location: Pocahontas County, West Virginia / Photo by L.W. Hine.

Then here goes everything! she cried, and now I hope you're satisfied!

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton

Rev. N. De. Carlo, pastor of Holy Rosary Church, Wash., with a silver chalice presented by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy. The gift is one foot high with reliefs of the apostles cut on the base and delicately engraved handles symbolizing faith, hope, and charity. Presentation made by Dr. Sahetta, counselor of the Italian Embassy

Health for Children, The hope of the Future

Health for Children, The hope of the Future