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[Knights, some on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat]

[St. George on horseback] / AD [monogram].

[Halberdier on horseback]

[A commander (Aga) of the Janissaries of the Ottoman Turkish army dressed in splendor, on horseback, to lead his warriors into battle]

[Knight on horseback - an example of the elaborate ornamentation found in books of calligraphy in the 18th Century]

[Man on horseback on road]

[Optical illusion disc with somersaults and horseback riding]

[Officer from the First Troop, Philadelphia, facing forward, head turned toward right standing before soldier holding horse and another on horseback] / J.R. Smith, Phila., Pa., 1839.

[Indian on horseback, two buffalo]

[Man shooting from horseback]

[Print speciman of American Indian man on horseback killing bison] / A. Kollner designed ; Lithy of A. Kollner, Phila.

[Landscape with 17th century soldiers(?) on horseback and on foot] / C.F.L. 1850.

[Print speciman of American Indian man on horseback with struggling Caucasian woman] / A. Kollner designed ; Lithy of A. Kollner, Phila.

[Details from the Circensian games, Ancient Rome: fig. 1 procession on horseback around the spina; fig. 2 racing on hrosebck; fig. 3 chariot races; fig. 4 groudn plan of the Circus Neronis]

Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers

[Emperor Maximilian on horseback]

The execution of John Brown, in a stubble field, near Charleston, [W.] Va. [men on horseback in foregrd.]

Lithograph of Abraham Lincoln on horseback within a border of furled U. S. flag and symbolic illustrations. "After a little while."

[Unidentified officer on horseback]

[Officers on horseback watching infantry drills in distance]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with saddle pistols and canteen on horseback]

[Fort Burnham, formerly Confederate Fort Harrison, James River, Virginia, with man on horseback and tents in background]

Daring ride [on horseback] of Colonel Lander at the Battle of Philippi [W. Va June 3, 1861]

[Private Levi F. Hocker of Co. F, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, in uniform with pistol and sword, on horseback]

[Bv't Major General M.R. Patrick, full-length portrait, on horseback, facing left]

[Outdoor portraits of a Japanese officers on horseback and studio portraits of young women, one with a spaniel and the other holding a parasol]

Falmouth, Virginia. Gen. Daniel Butterfield on horseback

[Major General Alexander McDowell McCook, full-length portrait seated on horseback, facing left]

[Statue of George Washington on horseback on top of a monument in the Capitol Square area of Richmond, Virginia]

[Cowboy horseback riding by cattle ranch]

Yo-Semite Fall, (2634 feet high) from Hutchings', with horseback ex. party

[Bearded man on horseback]

[Bearded man with pipe on horseback]

[Bank note vignettes showing pile of U.S. coins, some dated in 1860s and 1870s ; Spanish explorer on horseback, men with cannon, and men holding large cross in Indian camp ; signing of Declaration of Independence]

A Chief [standing on horseback] forbidding the passage of a [wagon] train through his country

Three Indians on horseback, ca. 1876

View of a battle, during a railroad workers' strike in Chicago, 1877. Soldiers on horseback, with swords, in crowd of fighting workers.

"The moonshine man" of Kentucky [Composite of 5 scenes of moonshining showing man cutting down tree, man mixing ingredients, moonshiner held captive by 3 men, 3 men on horseback begging for breakfast from framer and boy holding jug by still house]

[Samurai on horseback, wearing armor and horned helmet, carrying bow and arrows]

[Saddles, saddlebags, bridles, and other equipment for horseback riding]

Puck's advice gratis to some editorial shriekers for Grant Don't forget your "Man on Horseback" - but your man on foot has too many curs at his heels / / J. Keppler.

[Saddles, bridles, and other equipment for horseback riding]

Traveling on horseback

[A group photograph of the officers of the First Mobile Artillery Bodyguard Brigade, on horseback] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[Officers of a regiment of lancers, on horseback in field in front of barracks(?)] / Abdullah Frères.

[Lancers on horseback, in field in front of barracks(?)]

[Three officers of regiment of lancers on horseback, in field in front of barracks(?)]

[Three women and a man, all in uniform and on horseback, Fort Verde, Arizona]

[Funeral of Pres. Grant, New York City: men on horseback in front of men marching]

[Afro-American enlisted man standing by three officers' children on horseback, Fort Verde, Arizona]

[Man on horseback pointing, rope, and letter H]

[Two travelers, one on horseback, on a precipice or natural bridge during a snowstorm]

[Joan of Arc on horseback with soldiers]

[Group portrait of St. Regis Mohawk men and women in costume outside log building, some on horseback]

N. Africa (?) man with rifle on horseback, "An Arab Cavalier - Tuns

WTC [i.e. World Transportation Commission] members and British officers on horseback, Tiger Hill near Darjeeling

An English tea planter on horseback at Gampola rest house

[Calendar for July, August, and September 1898, showing Cheyenne war chief on horseback] / Frederic Remington.

[George Washington, monument in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia - full, on horseback]

Bankston Johnson - full blooded Choctaw Indian "Rough Rider" [on horseback aiming rifle]

[Military officer on horseback at military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

[Rough riders on horseback in water with wagon at Montauk Point]

[Man and woman standing in road in front of man on horseback]

[Man on horseback, beneath mountains]

[Soldiers on horseback, Rough Riders military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

Troop K, 10th U.S. Cavalry on the march [on horseback], Chickamauga Park, Ga.

[Two offcers on horseback at Rough Riders military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

Ninth U.S. Cavalry: Troop A - famous Indian fighters [on horseback]

[Bedouin men on horseback with falcons]

[Soldier on horseback, Rough Riders military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

[Men on horseback near town at foot of mountains]

[Rough riders on horseback in water at Montauk Point]

[Theodore Roosevelt posed on horseback, in uniform, between two other men also on horseback, in front of church San Antonio, Texas, during the Spanish-American War]

Moslem [i.e., Muslim] on horseback

[Men on horseback among ruins at Amman, Jordan]

Col. Roosevelt and officers of the Rough Riders [on horseback during Spanish-American War]

Mrs. Owen and two instructors, horseback riding in park

Horseback riding ring, Central park, New York

Mrs. Fisher and Capt. Turner, her instructor, horseback riding in park

Eltmore Robinson. Jumping a fence on horseback.

[Frank Carpenter(?) and another man on horseback, Bar U Ranch, Prince of Wales, Northwest Territories, Canada]

[Tioagla, full-length portrait, facing right, on horseback]

Men on horseback with a large herd of cattle in Cherry County, Nebraska.

Horseback rider preceding railroad train on 11th Ave., New York City

Boy Army- Boy Scouts, London. Seven boys, in uniform, all mounted on horseback.

Boy Scouts. Marching on horseback down a street.

Boy Scouts on way to Crystal Palace; Marching, on horseback, in formation

Roosevelt leaving railroad station Berlin. Crowd, car, and men on horseback.

Fitziu [on horseback]

In horseback riding ring, Central Park, New York

Central Park Horseback Riding

Boy Scouts. On Horseback with spears held aloft.

Robert E. Lee at Chancellorsville [on horseback, being cheered by troops], May 2, 1863

[Col. Richard Henry Pratt on horseback, founder and superintendant of the Carlisle Indian School, Carlisle, Pa. ]

[Theodore Roosevelt in Rough Riders uniform sitting on horseback] / James Burton, camera artist, N.Y.

[Theodore Roosevelt, on horseback, jumping fence]

[Theodore Roosevelt, side view, on horseback jumping over fence]

[Theodore Roosevelt, side view, on horseback jumping over fence]

President & Mrs. Roosevelt on horseback

[Theodore Roosevelt, on horseback, jumping over a split rail fence]

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