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"Praetor-Urbanus;" - Inauguration of the Coptic Mayor of Cairo, preceded by the Procureur de la Commune / Etched by Js. Gillray.

Washington's reception on the bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his way to be inaugurated 1st pres[iden]t of the U.S. / Engraved by T. Kelley.

Arrangement for the inauguration of the president elect on the fourth day, or March, 1837. Prepared by the committee of the Senate. [Washington, D. C. 1837].

President Harrison's inauguration march

Tippecanoe inauguration ball, March 4, 1841 : [invitation].

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

... As some misapprehension exists on the subject of a supposed pledge, said to have been given by the present mayor, at the time of his inauguration, to serve, but one term, his inaugural address is here published ... Several voters. [Inaugural

Democratic inauguration ball. Sir: You are no doubt aware that extensive preparations are being made by the Democratic Association of the District of Columbia ... to give a magnificient ball on the evening of the 4th of March next, in honor of t

Inauguration of President Polk. - Approach to the Capitol

Democratic Inauguration Ball. [Mrs. Anna Maria Wilson] The Pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a BALL to be given at the National Theatre, on the evening of the 4th of March, 1845. In honor of the President and vice President e

Grand inauguration ball.

Inauguration of Gen. Taylor, March fourth, 1849 / W.W. Butt.

Cremorne Gardens ... Grand Victoria fete in honour of the Inauguration of the Exhibition of All Nations, by Her Majesty, on Thursday, May 1st, 1851 ...

Assembly of the multitude at the eastern portico, at the commencement of the inauguration ceremonies

[Panel detail from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]

The inauguration procession in honor of President Buchanan passing through [...]

Inauguration ball in the immense building erected for the purpose in Judiciary Square, Washington City, March 4th, 1857

Grand national inauguration ball, March Fourth, 1857 : [invitation].

President Grant's inauguration, 1869.

The Hon. Jefferson Davis, president-elect of the new southern confederacy, addressing the citizens of Montgomery, Ala., from the balcony of the Exchange Hotel, on the night of February 16th, 1861, and previous to his inauguration / from a sketch by our special artist.

[Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln at the U.S. Capitol]

Solomon Foot to Mary Todd Lincoln, Sunday, March 03, 1861 (Arrangements for Inauguration)

Journal Extra, [newspaper]. Latest from Washington, Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln. His inaugural address. Incidents, &c.

American Civil War, the important events, such as battles, skirmishes, encampments, etc.

Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln - March 4, 1861

[Unused copy of the dance cards prepared for the Union Ball in honor of the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861: cover]

Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln. His address!

[Unused copy of the dance cards prepared for the Union Ball in honor of the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861: inside, programme on one side, engagement on other]

[Lincoln inaugural]

Presidents Buchanan and Lincoln entering the Senate Chamber before the Inauguration

... The ladies in charge are happy to announce that they have completed the arrangements for the inauguration of this great work in behalf of the Sanitary and Christian commissions ... [Washington, D. C. Jan. 12, 1864].

The restoration of the Union - inauguration of Hon. Michael Hahn, Governor of Louisiana, on Lafayette Square, New Orleans, March 4 / from a sketch by our special artist, C.E.H. Bonwill.

Washington, District of Columbia. Crowd at President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

Washington, District of Columbia. Crowd at President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

Andrew Johnson taking the oath of office in the small parlor of the Kirkwood House [Hotel], Washington, [April 15, 1865]

Lincoln [second] Inauguration, 1884 [i.e. 1865]

National inauguration ball, March 4th, 1865 The honor of Mrs. Joseph Wood company is requested.

The Second Inauguration of Pres. Lincoln in front of the Capitol at Washington

Lincoln's second inaugural

National Inauguration Ball. March 4th, 1865. Invitation.

Washington, District of Columbia. Crowd at President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

Grand reception of the notabilities of the nation, at the White House 1865

Freeport Journal, [newspaper]. April 15, 1865.

Washington, District of Columbia. Crowd at President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

Bill of fare of the Presidential inauguration ball.

Inauguration Ball to Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus Noble, Saturday, March 04, 1865 (Printed Invitation)

Lincoln taking the oath at his second inauguration, March 4, 1865

Inauguration ode. Composed by Mrs. Isabella James. November 20, 1866

Inauguration ode.

President Ulysses S. Grant delivering his first inaugural address on the east portico of the U.S. Capitol, March 20, 1869

Gallery of the U. S. Senate. Inauguration Day, March 4th, 1869. Admit the bearer. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Wash., Philp & Solomons, [1869].

The inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant as president of the United States, March 4th, 1869 - Chief Justice Chase administering the oath of office - the scene on and near the east portico of the Capitol, Washington, D.C. / HWS [monogram].

Egypt--the religious ceremonies preliminary to the inauguration of the Suez Canal, at Port Said ; Egypt--arrival at the station of El-Guishr, Suez Canal, of the steamship L'Aigle, with the Empress Eugenie

Washington D.C. - The Inauguration - President Grant taking the oath of office [March 4, 1873]

Washington D.C. - The inauguration - The procession from the Senate chamber passing through the rotunda to the east steps of the Capitol [March 4, 1873]

Washington, D.C.--the inauguration--scene in the Senate chamber at the Capitol--swearing in the vice-president / from a sketch by James E. Taylor.

The inauguration of Washington: as first President of the United States, April 30th 1789; at the old city hall, New York

The Inauguration of President McKinley. Chief Justice Fuller administering the oath of office in front of the senate wing of the Capitol drawn by T. de Thulstrup

Washington, D.C. - an incident of the inauguration - ex-confederate soldiers saluting President Garfield

Opening of the Grand Ball in the new building of the National Museum - The inauguration of Pres. Garfield

Inauguration of Pres. Garfield - Chief Justice Waite administering the oath of office

The death of President Garfield--Judge Brady administering the Presidential oath to Vice-President Arthur, at his residence in New York, September 20th

Cleveland's entry into Washington - March 4th. 1885 / J. Keppler.

["Tammany Hall is going to the inauguration." News. They can't help themselves]

The inauguration - night scene near the White House / Drawn by T. de Thulstrup and Charles Graham.

"Here's a health to the mugwumps, who helped in the strife, and have made this the happiest day of my life!" / F. Opper.

The old and the new year / J. Keppler.

Map of part of the city of Washington showing position of the several divisions and route of the inaugural parade, March 4th 1889 : under direction of Gen. James A. Beaver, chief marshal.

Patent office, Inauguration, Wash., D.C.

The great ball-room, March 4 1889, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

The Inauguration Ball, at the Pension Building, on the evening of March 4th - exterior view, and scene in the Grand Ball-Room, upon the arrival of President Harrison

The Inauguration of President Harrison, March 4, 1889

Map of the city of Washington : souvenir of March 4th, 1889 /

The new administration - visitors paying their respects to President Harrison at the White House

The grave of Mary, the mother of General George Washington, to be sold at public auction To the ladies attending the inauguration of President-elect Harrison: on Tuesday, March 5, 1889, at 12 o'clock M., we will offer at public outcry, at the Ca

[The Opera House, the inauguration of the opera, Paris, France]

Chief Justice Fuller administering the oath of office to Major M[cKinley]

Inauguration day, 1897 - a good beginning / Dalrymple.

President McKinley making his inaugural address [March 4, 1897]

"She has seen better days" / J.S. Pughe.

Presid't McKinley delivering his inaugural address

The ball room, McKinley inauguration, Washington, U.S.A.

The ball room, McKinley Inauguration, Washington, U.S.A

The ball room, McKinley Inauguration, Washington, U.S.A

McKinley and Hobart reviewing inaugural parade

The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, 1865

[Inaugural decorations, McKinley inauguration, Pension Building]

Haverly's European Mastodon Minstrels

Inauguration of Cleveland - flag bedecked podium and crowd

Roosevelt inauguration - view of podium

President McKinley riding in the procession, accompanied by Senator Hanna (on the President's left) and Representatives Cannon and McRae

[William McKinley and another man seated in a carriage enroute to or from the U.S. Capitol on the day of his inauguration]

The new president takes the oath of office. The Wilcox home in which President Roosevelt was sworn in

President's Escort, Troop A, Inauguration of McKinley, 1901

President McKinley taking the oath /

[Theodore Roosevelt taking oath of office during inauguration]

Inauguration of Pres. McKinley

Awaiting the president at Capitol, inauguration of McKinley 1901

Splendidly decorated Inaugural ball room, Inauguration 1901, Pension Building, Washington, D.C

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