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Thomas Jefferson, June 1776, Draft Fragment of Declaration of Independence

Edmund Pendleton to Thomas Jefferson, July 22, 1776, Virginia Convention; Declaration of Independence

[Map of defenses of New York Island from Fort Washington to Fort Independence, with redoubts, etc. planned between.

[Disposition of British troops, with fortifications north of Fort Knipehausen, i.e. Fort Washington to Fort Independence.

Peace, liberty, and independence. Philadelphia, March 24, 1783. His Most Christian Majesty's Cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning, in 36 days from Cadiz. By her we have the following very agreeable and im

To the real patriots and supporters of American independence [On the surrender of Chevalier Longchamps to the Court of France] [Signed] An independent patriot. [Philadelphia 1784].

Declaration of American Independence [seal] in Congress, July 4th, 1776. --- text in two columns within ornamental border. [Philadelphia 1800 ?].

[Congress voting the Declaration of Independence]

Regulations of the Port and Harbour of Georgetown. ... Ratified in Town Council, the 12th March 1807 and in the 31st year of American independence. [Georgetown, S. C. 1807].

America guided by wisdom An allegorical representation of the United States depicting their independence and prosperity / / Drawn by John J. Barralett ; engraved by B. Tanner.

Song, for the anniversary of American independence, 1819. Tune- "Ye mariners of England." Newburyport. E. W. Allen, Printer [1819].

Henry Clay, late Speaker of the United States House of Representatives; the advocate of South American independence / painted by Charles King ; engraved by Peter Maverick, New York.

Declaration of independence published by John Trumbull, New York, Sept. 10th, 1822.

Unanimous Declaration of Independence, passed in the United States Congress, by the representatives of the American people. [United States : s.n., 1823]

Order of exercises for the celebration of the] forty-eighth anniversary of American independence, July - 1824. [Newburyport, Mass.] W. & J. Gilman, printers [1824].

Funeral thoughts, excited by the death of John Adams and Thos. Jefferson, on the fourth of July, 1826, the jubilee of independence ... Boston. Howe & Norton, printers, 14 State Street [1826].

Funeral thoughts, excited by the death of John Adams and Thos. Jefferson on the Fourth of July, 1826, the jubilee of independence

Fourth of July ! A meeting of the citizens of Brandon was held at the Inn of A. W. Titus, on the 18th of June, when it was resolved that the approaching anniversary of our national independence should be appropriately commemorated, and that our

Celebration of American independence by the Boston Sabbath School Union, at Park Street Church, July 4, 1831. Order of exercise.

Order of services at the celebration of American independence in the Old South Church, July 4, 1833.

God save American. A grand national ode in honor of the glorious anniversary of American independence . . .

Declaration of Independence: July 4th 1776

Declaration of Independence: July 4th 1776

Compendious almanac for the year of our Lord 1837. Being the first after bissextile or leap year, and after the fourth of July, the sixty-second of American independence.

[Independence Hall (State House) on Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Jonathan's independence. Tune--Yankee Doodle

[Entrance to Independence Square, Philadelphia]

South West gate leading into Indapendance [i.e., Independence] Square, Philada.

Immense tariff meeting in Independence Square. Not perhaps since the great meeting in 1834, has such a vast concourse been convened in Independence Square, as that on Saturday afternoon last ... [Feb. 22, 1840?].

Order of performances at the sixty-seventh anniversary of American independence, by the City of Boston at Faneuil Hall 1843. John H. Eastburn, City Printer.

[Stuffed eagle in Independence Hall]

Order of exercises for the celebration of the 72d anniversary of American independence by the Presbyterian sabbath school of Georgetown, D. C. ... Georgetown, D. C. De Krafft, printer. High St. [1848].

Map of the emigrant road from Independence Mo. to St. Francisco, California /

Declaration of Independence - in Congress July 4th 1776 / engraved by Geo. G. Smith.

Just the thing for a child to have! John Adams's letter written the day after the signing of the Declaration of independence ... Boston. Henry Bowen's chemical print [185-?].

Grand reception of Kossuth: "the champion of Hungarian Independence" at the City Hall, New York, December 6th 1851 Grosser Empfang Kossuth's: der Kaempfer fur Ungarn's Unabhaengigkeit" bey dem Stadt Haus, New York, December 6ten 1851.

Disasters of 60 days : Wreck of Steamship Tennessee, Indian Cove, March 6th, 1853 ; Wreck & burning of the steamer Independence on the island of Margarita, Feby. 16th, 1853. 150 lives lost ; Collapse of flue on board Jenny Lind off San Francisquito, April 11th, 1853, 50 lives lost ; Wreck of propellor steamship S.S. Lewis, Duxburg Reef, April 9th, 1853 / / Lith. & pubh. by Britton & Rey, cr. California & Montgomery St., San Francisco.

Wreck & burning of the steamer Independence on the island of Margarita, February 16th, 1853 ; 150 lives lost / / From the sketch of Mr. Cross, passenger ; Lith. & publd. by Britton & Rey, S. Fco.

Interior view of Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Hymns and songs for the anti-slavery celebration of the Declaration of Independence, at Framingham, July 4, 1857. Boston, Prentiss & Sawyer, printers, No. 19 Water Street.

To Fort Independence Long Island and Fort Warren. The favorite steamers Argo and May Queen will leave Foster's wharf for Fort Independence, Long Island and Fort Warren, each making four trips daily ... A moonlight excursion will be made by the S

To the forts. The steamer Argo! Capt. E.W. Davidson, leaves Foster's wharf daily, at 9 1-2 and 2 1-2 for Forts Independence and Warren ... Fare each way 25 cents. Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co. Steam Job Printers No. 32 Congress Street.

Mass meeting to avoid the draft. Citizens of Philadelphia! Rally in your might, and assemble in Independence Square, on Saturday evening, October 25th, [1862] and adopt measures to promote enlistments in the Philad'a city guard 157th Regt., P. V

Proclamation of emancipation. The second Declaration of Independence! [L. Smith].

Bird's eye view of the city of Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri 1868.

Liberty Bell [resting upon dais ringed with liberty caps and fasces topped by eagle, Independence Hall, Phila.]

First reading of the Declaration of Independence in New York / A.R. Waud.

Views of Wm. F. Murphy's Sons' stationery establishment, 509 Chestnut St., (opposite Independence Hall), Philadelphia. Interior of store

The eight years of the war of the American revolution. Chronological table of the American revolution, showing the time and place of each event: with a list of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, arranged in the limits of the thirtee

Portraits and autograph signatures of the framers and signers of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, July 4th, 1776 / Thos. Hunter, lith, Philada.

[Bank note vignettes showing pile of U.S. coins, some dated in 1860s and 1870s ; Spanish explorer on horseback, men with cannon, and men holding large cross in Indian camp ; signing of Declaration of Independence]

[Bank note vignettes showing U.S. Capitol, log cabins, Brooklyn Bridge, Independence Hall, two people fishing in harbor, and New York City Hall]

Portraits and autograph signatures of the framers and signers of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, July 4th. 1776 / Thos. Hunter, lith. Philada.

North Carolina centennial celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence .... March 25, 1875.

[Richard Henry Lee reading the original document of the Declaration of Independence, on the Fourth of July 1876, at Philadelphia]

July 4th, 1876. The centennial celebration in Philadelphia-Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, reading the Declaration of Independence at Independence Square, July 4th / Hyde.

[Illumination of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, during the International Centennial, July 4, 1876]

Philadelphia, Pa. - Ceremonies in front of Independence Hall, Chestnut Street, at the opening of the centennial year - Mayor Stokley raising the old colonial flag

The Centennial Fourth - Mr. Richard Henry Lee Reading the Declaration of Independence, at Philadelphia

The Centennial Fourth - illumination of Independence Hall, Philadelphia [Fireworks and lights shining on Independence Hall]

The Tocsin of liberty: rung by the state house bell, (Independence Hall;) Philadelphia, July 4th. 1776

Memorial certificate. United States centennial exhibition. In commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States of America ... This is to certify that a resident of was a visitor at the International exhibit

In remembrance of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States

[Independence Hall, Philadelphia, during the American Centennial Festival, on the Fourth of July 1876]

North Carolina - Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

In honor of the Mass. Vol. Militia and its commanders and the one hundredth year of American independence

Ho! for the New Eldorado! 1,400 second-hand six-shooters for sale. Also 1,100 double-barrel shot guns and 1,000 winchester rifles! As the route from Independence to Carpenter City lies through the Cheyenne and Arrapahoe Country, it is necessary

[Independence, Kansas. April 30, 1879.] So many inquiries reach me from all parts of the country in reference to my project for opening up the Indian Territory, I have decided to issue this circular in answer to the most important questions that

[Curtis Publishing Company and Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]

House in which Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Seventh and Market Streets, Philadelphia

The Irish declaration of independence that we are all familiar with / F. Opper.

Declaration of independence. The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America, in Congress assembled, July 4, 1776. St. Louis. Great Western printing co. [1884].

Declaration of Independence

A new declaration of independence in the year 1885 / Gillam.

Morris Wilkins, auctioneer. Foreclosure sale of valuable property on Spuyten Duyvil Park-way. Palisade & Independence Aves. 24th ward. N. Y. City. [map] E. H. Ludlow & Co. will sell at auction, on Monday, Sep. 9, 1889 ... the valuable plots of g

Reading the Declaration of Independence by John Nixon, from the steps of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, July 8, 1776 / drawn by E.A. Abbey.

[Washington, DC - Bartholdi Fountain at 1st and Independence Ave., SW]

Science, independence, freedom

The great pole mares, Belle Hamlin & Justina, trotting to skeleton wagon: at Independence, Iowa, Oct. 24, 1890, driven by their owner, C.J. Hamlin, esq., making the fastest team time on record, 2.13 1/4, which was reduced Oct. 27, driven by their trainer, Mr. Andrews, to 2:13

U.S.S. Independence, Mare Island, Navy Yard

Rear of Independence Hall

"Independence Day" of the future / C.J. Taylor.

[Independence Hall from Independence Square, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Crown Princess entering King's carriage, after accident to her own, Independence Day, Athens

The restoration of Independence Hall, Philadelphia

[Thomas Jefferson, 1743, 1826, reading rough draft of Declaration of Independence to Benjamin Franklin]

The old Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Phila., Pa.

Independence Hall from N.E., Philadelphia, Pa.

[Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Declaration of Independence

Reading of the Declaration of independence White Plains, July 11, 1776 (From a painting by George Albert Harker - Courtesy Westchester Title and Trust Co.) New York's declaration of independence ... Compliments of The Westchester County Historic

[Five-person drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting the document to Congress on June 28, 1776] / Marsh sc.

[Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence]

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

[Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence]

Declaration of Independence

[Curtis Publishing Company Building and Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[Fort Independence from head house, City Point, Boston, Mass.]

[Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]