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[The Capture of Christ]

[Christ bearing the cross]

[Portrait of a youth, half length, facing slightly right]

[Bacchus figure seated on a wine barrel with people in the background possibly mashing grapes for wine; possibly done as a study for stained glass]

[Death of the Virgin]

[Landscape with a castle on a hill and three figures and horse]

[Vertumnus and Pomona?]

[Paris receiving the golden apple from Hermes]

A north view of Crown Point

Vue du cataracte de Niagara, au pais des Iroquois / Antoine Le Loup fecit.

Bunker's Hill on N. York Island

View of the Rebel fort and works, on Mud Island comprehending Red-Bank on the Jersey shore; taken from * [southeast shore of Carpenter's Island] in front of the 6 gun battery / surveyed & drawn by P. Nicole.

Libertas Americana. 4 Juil. 1776 Non sine Diis animosus infans / / dessin de la medaille des etats unis de l'amerique compose par A.E. Gibelin en 1783.

[The Madonna of the Rose]

[Napoleonic figure standing on a throne holding a staff]

[Perspective rule for drawing square structure illustrated with geometrical diagram; figure IV]

[Landscape with harvesting scene]

[Kyōgen play with two characters]

[Kyōgen play with three characters, one wearing a large hat and a disk over his nose]



[Warrior archer]

[Caesar-like figure standing and holding a staff and an orb topped with a cross]

[Kyōgen play with three characters, two with swords, the third lying down or feigning sleep]

[Vignettes of supernatural beings and mythical events possibly related to Japanese theater]

[Fox and two hares]

[Three monks or travelers lighting a fire beneath a teapot]

[Portrait of a woman]

[Kyōgen play with four characters, two wear hats, one possibly portraying a woman; there is a fish with carving knife on tray in the background]

[Warrior or nobleman archer]

[Grapes on a vine]

[Suzume uri to suzume odori]

[Surrey chapel (St. Georges Fields, England) and Independent Church (Baltimore, Md.). Transverse sectional elevations]

At Mullet Hall, Clarendon

At Oliphant's, Vere, Jamaica, Carpenter Mountains in the distance

Tavern at foot of Stony Hill

The old ford, Spa[nish] Town

Toll gate at ferry

Mr. Bryan's washerwomen, Dry River

[Large banana or plantain tree]

A most charming picture--Admirable figures

The breadfruit, Longville

Spa[nish] Town bridge

Near ferry looking to Span[ish] Town

The introduction of the mules, adds much to the scenery

Lodging house, back-front, Miss Coles, Spa[nish] Town

Part of Kellits

Bread nut [i.e., breadnut] and trumpet tree[s], near top of Colas Hill from 4 P[aths]

[View of river with woman working on bank]

[Sugar works]

Lindos, ent[ra]nc[e] to Admirals pen from Greenwich, Jamaica

Breadfruit at Longville, one of the first planted in Jamaica

Head of Negro man wearing cap, front and back view

At Lindos gate, looking to Kingston

[View of town]

Cotton spinning, Mr. Reid's salt ponds

From Br[a]n[do]n Hill

Bagging cotton, Reid's salt ponds

Israel's Orange River

Ashley's grass[?] piece wagon on this side of tree

La Duchesse / W5(?).

[Man on horseback on road]

[Mule loaded with large pack]

On the Rockfort Road

Maroon. Buckra reading their pass

At Sunbury

Yel[low] Sanders, figs, wild pines

Water hole, Dry River

From Brandon Hill

Costume of Jamaica / Watchman.

[Closet with tower, roof]


General rules from Kirby's perspective of architecture

[Structure, Ware and Kirby methods]

[Horizontal and vertical planes/ room interior]

United States & Macedonian

[Circles and octagons]

[English and French methods]

[Table and wheels]

To determine the perspective of squares in various situations [cubes]

[Seascape with ships]

[Design drawing for a navigational system for an airship employing six balloons and parachutes, a deck, superstructure, and basket below]

[Horseracing at steeplechase, spectators in background]

L'intérieur et l'extérieur d'un bayair "Couronne de Charles X" / Pav Braun, professeur de langue allemande à l'école Royal polytechnique, a Paris, rue neuve des petits champa, VCo. 17.

[Woman milking] / J.F.M.

Ax my eye

Concours sur le meilleur moyen d'élever un ballon sans perte de gaz de lest / Louis Panafieu, membre de la Société aèrostatique.

Exterior view of a church R.K. Eastman

Trip to Epsom

A row in a city kitchen / JL.

[Two views of an airship shaped like a long tube with a pointed nose, propellers on the side and a rudder, resembling an 1850 design proposed by Pierre Jullien, a French clock maker from Villejuif, France]

Appareil propre à la direction des aerostats plans annèxes à la demande d'un brevet pour une durée de 15 ans / / apprové à [...] Sourbieu & Pre. Pradel, 1852 septembre 9.

Plateforme aérienne cerf-volant libre dirigeable, système Vaussin-Chardanne. Feiulle no. 1 / dressé et presenté ... le 19 mars 1853, Vaussin-Chardanne.

Plateforme aérienne, cerf-volant libre dirigeable, système Vaussin-Chardanne. Feuille no. 2 / dressé et presenté ... le 19 mars 1853, Vaussin-Chardanne.

[Self portrait, standing]

[Landscape with rocks]

Voiles mobile. Systém Ate. Lanteigne menuisier / [...] Mo[...], '58.

[Normandy peasants at pier]

Jingū kōgō to takenouchi no sukune

Signal tower Fort Reno D.C. / Lt. J.R. Underdunk(?), U.S.A. del.