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[Kyōgen play with three characters, one wearing a large hat and a disk over his nose]

[Kyōgen play with two characters]



[Warrior archer]

[Vignettes of supernatural beings and mythical events possibly related to Japanese theater]

[Three monks or travelers lighting a fire beneath a teapot]

[Fox and two hares]

[Kyōgen play with three characters, two with swords, the third lying down or feigning sleep]

[Kyōgen play with four characters, two wear hats, one possibly portraying a woman; there is a fish with carving knife on tray in the background]

[Portrait of a woman]

[Warrior or nobleman archer]

[Grapes on a vine]

[Suzume uri to suzume odori]

Jingū kōgō to takenouchi no sukune

[Two long-necked creatures accosting a noodle shop customer]

Hokeso - March

Sarusubi [i.e., saru-suberi] monkey slip / Megata.

[Nandina bush with berries] / Megata.

[Lotus-like plant with yellow blossom and large leaves, each on separate stalks]

Ashibune ni tori

Take bamboo / Megata.

Kiku - chrysanthemum / Megata.

Tsutsuji rhododendron Judicum - azalea / by Megata Morikagi [i.e., Morikaga?].

Shimotsuke - May-June

Hai kai kuwa - March-April

[Blue blossoms on stalk with leaves]

Hotarugusa - April

[Branch of a maple tree with leaves and seeds] / Megata.

Haguma nadeshiko - June

Sakura cherry



[Plum branches with blossoms]

Mirau[?] - March

Tsubaki camelia [i.e., camellia] / Megata.

Biwa loquat / Megata.

Hana-strobel[?] acornus calamus, sweet flag / Megata Morikaga.

Mokŭsei o[?] fragr. / Megata.

Sakura so[u] - March

Hime kuwanso [possibly heme kwanso] - March

Gayo matsu pine


Tachi aoi - May

[Peach tree branches with leaves and blossoms] / Megata.

Ai (Indigo)

Atsumori[?] so - February

Ukon so - September

Utsubo sô - May

Nadeshiko - May

Kitsune azami - May

Kuchi nashi - cape jasmine / by Megata Morikaga.

Mokŭgì althea / Megata.

Matsu pine / Megata.

Sakoku - June

Shi / by Megata Morikaga.

Koji kuwa - June-July

[Yellow blossoms on stem above leaves of a kin-ran or golden helleborine plant]

[Kiri branch with flowers and leaves] / by Megata Morikaga.

[Small white flower, possibly a gin-ran, on stem with long green leaves or fronds]

Kaido pyrus spectabalis [i.e., spectabilis] / by Megata Morikaga.

[Wisteria vine with leaves and blossoms] / Megata.

Hasu - lotus / by Megata Morikaga.

Ran - July

Yanagi - willow / by Megata Morikaga.

[Five petal red-on-white blossoms on stem above two three-leaf whorls]

Raincoat, umbrella hat, brush hook, spade, hoe, sickle

Signs - candy

[Metalwork design in a circle showing a woman with wings, possibly a religious figure, holding stick and small drum]

[Japanese man, full-length, standing, facing left, wearing minister's robe over kimono]

[Religious figure, possibly Buddha, standing on a lotus, facing slightly left, holding a staff, with a green halo behind his head]

[Scissor clamps and hooked probe?]

[Man or a woman wearing ceremonial costume with a phoenix-motif headdress, seated, facing slightly left, playing a biwa]

[Spider and leaf on a spiderweb]

Shō (Chinese musical inst.)

[Pikes or halberds and staffs]

[Man wearing a sokutai, a long ceremonial robe, offering branches to a fire]

[Metal comb with design showing Ebisu, one of the seven lucky gods, holding a large fish and fishing pole]

[Mythological Buddhist or Hindu figure, full-length, standing, facing front, with long green sash and flaming green halo behind his head]

[Typical bow used by a samurai]

[A Japanese woman sitting at a large loom, weaving]

[An elderly man, seated, smoking]


Lady playing the koto

[Incense pot and burner]

Distributing fertilizers

Fishing with the sail net

Cha (tea)

[Bow, arrows, and quiver, also arrowheads and armband]


Surgery [scissors and lancet]


[Mame - green bean or pea plant showing vine, leaves, pods, and blossoms] / Kanemori.

[Metal teapot with floral designs]


[An old man, possibly a monk or scholar, seated a low table writing on scroll with brush]

[Swords and scabbards, banners and standards]

[Palanquin or litter]

[Mame - pea or bean plant showing vine, leaves, pods, and blossoms] / Matsuwo[?].

[Two images (top): shash and attachments for uniforms; (bottom): batons or ceremonial staffs]