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[The Capture of Christ]

[Christ bearing the cross]

[Landscape with a castle on a hill and three figures and horse]

A north view of Crown Point

View of the Rebel fort and works, on Mud Island comprehending Red-Bank on the Jersey shore; taken from * [southeast shore of Carpenter's Island] in front of the 6 gun battery / surveyed & drawn by P. Nicole.

[The Madonna of the Rose]

[Napoleonic figure standing on a throne holding a staff]

[Landscape with harvesting scene]

[Kyōgen play with three characters, one wearing a large hat and a disk over his nose]

[Caesar-like figure standing and holding a staff and an orb topped with a cross]

[Three monks or travelers lighting a fire beneath a teapot]

[Fox and two hares]

[Kyōgen play with three characters, two with swords, the third lying down or feigning sleep]

[Vignettes of supernatural beings and mythical events possibly related to Japanese theater]

[Portrait of a woman]

[Grapes on a vine]

[Surrey chapel (St. Georges Fields, England) and Independent Church (Baltimore, Md.). Transverse sectional elevations]

[Large banana or plantain tree]

Head of Negro man wearing cap, front and back view

At Lindos gate, looking to Kingston

[Man on horseback on road]

La Duchesse / W5(?).

Water hole, Dry River

From Brandon Hill

[Structure, Ware and Kirby methods]

[Horizontal and vertical planes/ room interior]

To determine the perspective of squares in various situations [cubes]

Exterior view of a church R.K. Eastman

A row in a city kitchen / JL.

[Two views of an airship shaped like a long tube with a pointed nose, propellers on the side and a rudder, resembling an 1850 design proposed by Pierre Jullien, a French clock maker from Villejuif, France]

Plateforme aérienne cerf-volant libre dirigeable, système Vaussin-Chardanne. Feiulle no. 1 / dressé et presenté ... le 19 mars 1853, Vaussin-Chardanne.

Voiles mobile. Systém Ate. Lanteigne menuisier / [...] Mo[...], '58.

Sarusubi [i.e., saru-suberi] monkey slip / Megata.

Ashibune ni tori

Hotarugusa - April


[Plum branches with blossoms]

Mirau[?] - March

Biwa loquat / Megata.

Ai (Indigo)

Utsubo sô - May

Nadeshiko - May

Kuchi nashi - cape jasmine / by Megata Morikaga.

[Yellow blossoms on stem above leaves of a kin-ran or golden helleborine plant]

Hasu - lotus / by Megata Morikaga.

Yanagi - willow / by Megata Morikaga.

[Five petal red-on-white blossoms on stem above two three-leaf whorls]

[Metalwork design in a circle showing a woman with wings, possibly a religious figure, holding stick and small drum]

[Religious figure, possibly Buddha, standing on a lotus, facing slightly left, holding a staff, with a green halo behind his head]

[Man wearing a sokutai, a long ceremonial robe, offering branches to a fire]

[Mythological Buddhist or Hindu figure, full-length, standing, facing front, with long green sash and flaming green halo behind his head]


[Incense pot and burner]

[Mame - green bean or pea plant showing vine, leaves, pods, and blossoms] / Kanemori.

The Japanese Santa Klaus

[Knife and scissors]

[Crossbow with projectile and swords with scabbards]

[Warrior, full-length, facing left, with bow drawn, about to shoot an arrow at a target]

Domestic dog

Kaki (persimmon)

Lattice work

Ink, ink stone and water pot

[Japanese man, full-length, standing, facing left, wearing minister's robe over kimono]

[Incense pot and burner]

Biwa - shō

Writing brushes


[Japanese woman, full-length, standing, facing right, wearing robe over kimono]

Shō (Ch. mus. inst.) - musician of higher rank

[Two men with long noses playing a game of go]

Carpenter's square, ink-line (chalk line), marker

[Box (stove) with drawers, open at top showing grill or hibachi and teapot]

[Human-powered two-wheeled carts]

Shading the gold

Driving piles

Dom. animals / drawn by Watanabe.

[Saddles, bridles, and other equipment for horseback riding]

Traveling on horseback

[Medical practitioner with patient]

Knife for cutting the gold leaf into squares

[Textile design with bird and flower motif]

[Bowl on petal-shaped platter with conical base]

Playing go

[Nude woman playing lyre] / H.P.

Mansion for William K. and Alva Vanderbilt, 660 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Bay window

The Crown covers a multitude of shortcomings Sir James (G.B.) "No one will miss it now, you know" Th. Nast 1888

Small collection of nocturnes, marines & chevalet pieces by Mr. Whistler The Goupil Galleries for three weeks only, March 21 to April 9. Messrs. Boussod Valadon & Co., 116 & 117 New Bond Street.

Garden, Alhambra

[William Randolph Hearst, full-length portrait, facing front, seated with legs crossed, left shoe labeled "The Examiner" and right shoe labeled "The Journal", with a copy of the "The Examiner" extending from the right pocket of his coat and a copy of "The Journal" extending from the left pocket] / Davenport, New York '96.

Inner Gateway, Alhambra

Le comble de la direction du ballon / dessin par Hervè Lomm.

Congress - 14th Amendment 2nd section Kemble

[His Christmas wish] / F. E. Nosworthy.

[Julian and Julienne] / Held.

Johnson and Ainsmith, the big gun / Dunn, 1914.

In her path / C. D. Gibson.

His word of honor / C. D. Gibson.

Austria-Hungary - government not a country Behold the Austria-Hungary Valasek 18

Chairman: "Now genlmen lettuce all stannup an give three cheers for lawnorder an the constitooshion" Art Young

Gasoline Alley. Gee old gobbler / King.