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Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

[Interior of a metallurgist's workshop with furnace and implements of his trade; on the hood over the furnace is a portrait of an unidentified man]

[Interior of Canadian Indian dwelling; women are weeping over dying warrior in hammock; parrot is perched on rafter]

[Interior view of large, spacious kitchen with cooks preparing a meal]

[Interior view of a metallurgical workshop where men are removing impurities from silver]

[Interior view of the Temple of Neptune, Paestum, plate 13]

[A Native warrior on the cartouche for "Map for the Interior Travels through America, delineating the March of the Army"] / T. Conder, sculpsit.

[Horizontal and vertical planes/ room interior]

[Church ("Unitarian Church"), D Street and 6th Street, Washington, D.C. Interior elevation, apse]

[Interior wall with architectural ornaments of the U.S. Capitol building with portrait of George Washington at Dorchester Heights by Gilbert Stuart and unidentified portrait of a man, possibly John Adams, on display]

Interior of the House of Representatives, Washington / drawn by W. Goodacre, Junr., N.Y. ; engraved & printed by Fenner Sears & Co.

The interior view of the floating Church of Our Savior for Seamen

Interior of the Temple of Aboo-Simbel Novr 9th 1838 Nubia / David Roberts, R.A.

Interior of Grace Church, New York / Renwick, archt., Ackerman's, lith.

[Interior court, Temple of Medinet Habu, Thebes]

Parthenon. Interior

[Interior of Temple of Medinet Habu, Thebes

[Interior view of the Crystal Palace during the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851 showing statues on the sides, fountain at center with a large tree in the background, and crowds of spectators]

Vue de la même galerie, prise du côté oriental...

Vue générale de la grande nef, en regardant l'orient

Vue centrale de la nef du nord

Vue de la nouvelle tribune impériale, ...prise de face

Centre de la galerie

Vue du fond de la galerie, du côté oriental

Entrée principale de la mosquée

L'intérieur de la mosquée, avant sa restauration

Interior of St. Paul's, Rome, by Griffiths

Interior of the courtyard

[St. Peter's Church (Baltimore, Maryland). Interior. Perspective. Rendering]

Interior of George Steers' "model room", as it appeared at the time of his decease

Interior of the Port of Helsingfors [harbor secne, Helsinki, Finland]

The great Beethoven Festival, celebrated at the Music-Hall, Boston [interior, during performance]

Interior of Messrs. Leavitt and Delissier's sales-room, Broadway, New York

Interior view of the central office of I.M. Singer & Co., 458 Broadway, New York City / Keating sc.

[Holy Sepulchre, interior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

[Interior view of the main floor of the Boston Public Library] / John Andrew.

Interior of an Officer's Tent - Utah Expedition [Gen. Albert Johnston's Exped.]

Dept. of Interior, south face and portico, Doric

Harper's Ferry insurrection - Interior of the Engine-House, just before the gate is broken down by the storming party - Col. Washington and his associates as captives, held by Brown as hostages

[U.S. Department of Interior Building]

Reading-room of the British Museum

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Interior view

[Dept. of Interior, part of south face on F St. north, east facade and portico on 7th Street west]

Dept. of Interior, Doric, S. Portico, E. Portico

Granada. Interior de la Sala de Justicia mirando al Patio de los Leones (Alhambra) / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Tlemcen. Intérieure de la Mosquée de Sidi Bou Médine / ND Phot.

Tlemcen. Portail de la Mosquée de Sidi Bou Médine / ND. Phot.

Pisa. Interior of cathedral

Granada. Interior de la Sala de Justicia (Alhambra) / J. Laurent. Madrid

Tlemcen. Le mihrab de la grand Mosquée / ND. Phot.

Sec. John P Usher, Sec of Interior

Tlemcen. Mihrab de la Medersa (Djama Abd-el-Kassem) / ND. Phot.

Pisa. Campo Santo. Gall dell'inconsolab

Interior of Secession Hall

Constantinople. St. Sophia--interior, left of nave

Granada. Interior de Generalife (Alhambra) / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Caleb B. Smith, Sec. Of Interior

Caleb B. Smith, Sec. Of Interior

[Interior of a western style house, possibly at a border post, with Russian empire chair and western picture frames]

[Interior scene showing a birthday party with women preparing tea at left, a group of women on raised platform at center, and children with elders under the Chinese character representing longevity on the right]

Alger. Intérieur de la mosquée el-Kébir / ND. Phot.

Tlemcen. Mihrab de la Mosquée de Sidi Bou Médine / ND. Phot.

Granada. Interior de la galeria y del templete poniente del Patio de los Leones (Alhambra) / /J. Laurent.

Mosquée El Bordeni (Sanctuaire) / J.P. Sebah.

[Interior view showing two men being served tea by a young boy in a commercial establishment, possibly druing a business transaction]

Alger. Intérieur de la Mosquée el-Djedid / ND. Phot.

Tlemcen. Nef centrale de la Medersa (Djama Abd-el-Kassem) / ND. Phot.

Vienna. Interior of Arsenal Museum

Algeria. Algiers. Interior of Cathedral

Constantinople. St. Sophia - Ephesian columns

Constantinople. St. Sophia - general view interior

The Democratic convention at Charleston, South Carolina - Interior of the hall of the South Carolina Institute in Meeting Street the [...]

Tlemcen. Intérieur de la Mosquée de Sidi Bou Médine, nef centrale / ND. Phot.

Granada. Interior de la Mezquita (Alhambra) / J. Laurent. Madrid.

[Two sketches of tent interior]

Fort Totten, Washington, D.C. Interior view

Arsenal, Washington, D.C., north front. Interior court -- group of officers in foreground

Interior view of Fort Sumter, S.C. showing effects of bombardment

Interior of Fort Sumter in April 1861 after its surrender by U.S. garrison

Interior of Surgeon (David) McKay's quarters

Interior views of Fort Brady, James River, Va. near Dutch Gap Canal

[Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Interior view of Fort Sumter during ceremony of raising flag]

Ft. Brady, Interior

Interior of Fort Sumter in April 1861 after its surrender by U.S. garrison

Interior view of Fort Brady, James River, Va., near Dutch Gap Canal

General Bragg's camp, as seen from Fort Pickens / / drawn by an officer of the fort. Interior of a sand-bag battery at Pensacolo bearing on Fort Pickens / sketched by our artist, who has been traveling with W.H. Russell, LL.D., Barrister at Law

Interior of Fort Sedgewick (i.e. Sedgwick) in front of Petersburg, Va.

Interior of Fort Marion, Saint Augustine, Florida

Interior of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina

Interior of fort

Interior of the Hall of Columns, Karnac [Egypt]

Interior of Redoubt No 3--Fair Oaks

The campaign in Tennessee -- Interior of Fort Henry, on the morning after its capture, February 6 / from a sketch by Mr. H. Lovie, our special artist with Commodore Foote's expedition.

Interior of a shepherd's hut Iceland

Interior of breastworks on Round Top, Gettysburg / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan; positive by A Gardner.

Interior view of Fort Sumter, Charleston, S.C. taken by a Confederate photographer in 1864 [i.e. 1863]

[Interior and exterior views of the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon hospital, southwest corner of Washington and Swanson avenues, Philadelphia]

Interior views of Fort Sumter, Charleston, S.C. taken by a Confederate photographer in 1864 [i.e. 1863]

Interior view of Fort Sumter in 1864 [i.e. 1863] taken by a Confederate photographer