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Ierusalem, cum suburbiis, prout tempore Christi floruit, accurate notatis omnibus insignibus et praecipuè iis locis... /

Siege of Jerusalem by Crusaders, 1099

Korte beschryvinge van de landschappen des werelts enz.


Map of the city of Jerusalem : exhibiting the location of the most important places mentioned in the New Testament, as correctly as can be ascertained /

The Rabbi, Enoch Zundel, the true messenger from Jerusalem / drawn from memory and lithographed by A.A. Hoffay.

Plan of Jerusalem /

Crypt of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

Jerusalem from the south April 12th 1839 / David Roberts.

Shrine of the Holy Sepulchre April 10th 1839 / David Roberts.

Valley of Tombs of Kings. Thebes

Entrance to the holy sepulchre; title page, vol. 1.

Church of the Purification Jerusalem April 5th 1839

[Jerusalem from the North] Jerusalem April 1839

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

Tomb of St. James, Valley of Jehosaphat/Jerusalem April 1839

Fountain of Siloam Valley of Jehosophat

Citadel of Jerusalem without the walls

Gate of Damascus Jerusalem April 14th 1839

The Stone of Unction Holy Sepulchre March 30th 1839 / David Roberts.

Entrance to the tombs of the kings, Jerusalem

The Pool of Bethesda Jerusalem April 12th 1839 / David Roberts.

Absaloms Pillar Valley of Jehoshaphat

Greek Church of the Holy Sepul., Jerusalem, April 11th, 1839 / David Roberts.

[Calvary] Jerusalem April 10th 1839 / David Roberts.

Two lectures descriptive of modern Jerusalem illustrated by forty beautiful illuminated and magnified diagrams, from drawings taken on the spot, covering from sixty to one hundred square feet, which the whole audience can see at once. Mr. D. W.

Chancel of the Church of St. Helena / D. Roberts, R.A.

Tombs of the khalifs, Cairo / David Roberts, R.A.

Ancient Jerus̈alem, previous to its destruction by Titus / from the original painting by G. Wunderlich ; on stone by J. Queen.

Mosque of Omar. Jerusalem

Mosque of Asha. Jerusalem

The Golden Gate. Jerusalem

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing entry into Jerusalem with children, palms, city and crenels with text "Blessed is He Who Cometh In The Name of The Lord"]

[Design drawing for stained glass Stark memorial window showing New Jerusalem with ancient walled city, Lamb of God with rivers, Christ knocking, and skyscraper skyline with ferry, plane]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Archangel Uriel with shield, and architecture (encouraged rebuilding of Jerusalem)]

[Design drawing for stained glass Memorial window showing Entry into Jerusalem with palms, crenellated architecture, sword and cross]

[Holy Sepulchre, interior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

[Holy Sepulchre, exterior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

[Group of tourists with indigenous people in cemetery outside walls of Jerusalem]

[Group of tourists with indigenous people outside walls of Jerusalem]

[Masjid al-Aqṣá] / P. Bergheim.

[Mosque El Aksa] / P. Bergheim.

[Near St. Stephen's gate. Tower of Antonia, outside of walls] / P. Bergheim.

[Tower of Antonia] / P. Bergheim.

[Jaffa gate] / P. Bergheim.

[St. Stephen's gate] / P. Bergheim.

[Pool of Hezekiah, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Hospice of the Knights of St. John, from Mediterranean Hotel] / P. Bergheim.

[House of Pontius Pilate. Church of Ecce Homo]

[View of Jerusalem walls from the southwest. Valley of Hinnora and lower pool of Gihon] / P. Bergheim.

Femme de Jerusalem / Dumas Ph.

[Tombs of St. James and Zachariah in the Valley of Kedron] / P. Bergheim.

Famme de Bethlem / Dumas Ph.

[Tomb of the Holy Virgin] / P. Bergheim.

[Virgin's tomb. Mount of Olives - Gethsemane] / P. Bergheim.

[Tomb of Absalom] / P. Bergheim.

[Tomb of David] / P. Bergheim.

[General view of Jerusalem from North East] / P. Bergheim.

[General view of the Haram or Moriah. El Aksa - Omar - Church of St. Anne]

[Church of the Holy Sepulchre, principal door] / P. Bergheim.

[Tower of Hippicus or of David. Built in time of Herod] / P. Bergheim.

[Golden Gate. Exterior] / P. Bergheim.

[Dome of the Chain - Dome of the Rock] / P. Bergheim.

[Damascus Gate]

[Zion Gate] / P. Bergheim.

[Jews' wailing place]


[Pool of Bethesda]

[Joab's Well] / P. Bergheim.

Patriarque Maronite Jerusalem / Dumas Ph.

Jerusalem / Frank M. Good, Phot. ; London.

[Solomon's Pools]

[Via Dolorosa - arch of "Ecce Homo"] / P. Bergheim.

[Fountain of Kait Bey]

[Tree of Agony, Gethsemane] / P. Bergheim.

[Envelope addressed to Miss Fannie Ridley, Jerusalem, Southampton, Virginia; postmarked Richmond]

Absalom's tomb, Jerusalem / Frith.

[Map of the environs of Petersburg from the Appomattox River to the Jerusalem Plank Road showing entrenchments occupied by Federal forces] /

Head quarters near Jerusalem "pike", A. of P.

Headquarters of Genl Meade of Jerusalem Plank road

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Wailing place of the Jews / P. Bergheim, photo.

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Golden Gate from the North East / J. McDonald, Sergt. R.E. photo.

Panoramic view of the city. General view of the city, from the hill of Evil Counsel / McDonald, Sergt. R.E. photo.

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Detail of masonry at wailing place / P. Bergheim, photo.

Porte dorée, extérieur The golden gate, exterior / / Bonfils.

Mosaiques, détails extérieurs de la mosquée d'Omar Mosaïcs: external details of the mosque of Omar / / Bonfils.

Cupoles du St. Sépulcre / Bonfils.

Fac̨ade du St. Sépulchre / Bonfils.

Coupole de l'Ascension Cupola of the Ascension / / Bonfils.

Eglise du Pater, intérieur du couloir Church of the Pater: interior of the passage / / Bonfils.

Tombeau de la Vierge et grotte de l'agonie Tomb of the Virgin and cave of the agony / / Bonfils.

Intérieur de l'hôpital St. Jéân Interior of St John's hospital / / Bonfils.

Tombeau des Juges Tomb of the Judges / / Bonfils.

Intérieur de la mosquée d'Omar, le Rocher Interior of the mosque of Omar: the Rock / / Bonfils.

Eglise du Pater, intérieur du couloir Church of the Pater: interior of the passage / / Bonfils.

Panorama de Jérusalem, du clocher S'-Sauveur Np0s 1 Panorama of Jerusalem from the belfry of church S'-Sauver / / Bonfils.

Portes du St. Sépulcre Gates of the Holy Sepulchre / / Bonfils.

Intérieur de la coupola du St. Sépulcre Interior of cupola of the Holy Sepulchre / / Bonfils.

Détails de la chaire de Cadi Borhan-ed-Din Details of the pulpit of Cadi Borhan-ed-Din / / Bonfils.

Porte donnant accès au-dessous du rocher Gate leading under the Rock / / Bonfils.

Tour de David et d'Hippicus / Bonfils.

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