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[The German ships "Kaiser" and "Hohenzollern" in front of the Dolmabahçe Sarayı (palace)] / Abdullah Frères.

[Wildbad Gastein (i.e., Bad Gastein) and Kaiser Promenade, Salzburg, Austro-Hungary]

S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm

[Kaiser William Monument, Westphalia, Germany]

["Kaiser Wilhelm II"]

["Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse," smoking cabin, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers

Puck's suggestion for the German Kaiser's benefit / Ehrhart.

A puzzled kaiser / Keppler.

[N.Y. (City) Harbor: SS KAISER FRIEDRICH - full]



Kaiser and Kaiserin lead royal cortege past the German Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, which they had come to Jerusalem to dedicate / American Colony, Jerusalem.

Kaiser, age 22

Kaiser and King Haakon

Carl Schnell, purser of boat "Kaiser Wilhelm II"

Kaiser, Crown Prince & Prince Henry

T. Roosevelt and the Kaiser

Kaiser in Exile by Eberlein

Kaiser on board the Meteor

Passengers boarding boat "Kaiser Wilhelm II", New York

Guns of KAISER

T. Roosevelt and the Kaiser

Kaiser of Germany


The Kaiser cottage, South Haven, Mich.

Funeral of King Edward. Kaiser, Duke of Connaught, King George

Kaiser, age 8, Brasch Photo., Berlin / Brasch Photo.

Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany

Czar Ferd. & Kaiser Wilhelm


Kaiser at 35

Kaiser, age 1 1/2, C. Brasch, Berlin / C. Brasch

Kaiser and Czar on "Hohenzollern"

von Treutler & Kaiser

Kaiser & Burgermeister of Hamburg

Kaiser in Exile by Eberlein

Kaiser on his birthday congratulated by Tirpitz

T. Roosevelt and the Kaiser

Kaiser and Dr. Leutze

Kaiser inspecting troops

Kaiser Wilhelm I

Kaiser, age 10, Brasch Photo., Berlin / Brasch Photo.

Kaiser, Kaiserin and grandchildren

Princess Charlotte (Kaiser's Sister)

Driving nail in Kaiser's coffin

Kaiser and grandchildren

Kaiser, Kaiserin, daughter and grandchildren

Kaiser, age 12, seated, C. Brasch, Berlin / C. Brasch

Kaiser's hunting lodge

Kaiser at age 5, Brasch Photo., Berlin / Brasch Photo.

Kaiser's hunting lodge

Kaiser, age 16, seated, C. Brasch / C. Brasch


The Kaiser, Admirals von Holtzrendorff and von Tirpitz on board the Hohenzollen discussing the coming race.

Kaiser, age 10, Brasch Photo., Berlin / Brasch Photo.

The Kaiser's goulash / Kep.

[Kaiser Wilhelm, Brooklyn Superbas, baseball card portrait]

Kaiser & sons

Kaiser and staff officers

On KAISER WILHELM II - Buttoning up a fire-fighter


Kaiser on the field

[Theodore Roosevelt riding on horseback with Kaiser Wilhelm II]

Kaiser, Gen. v. Heeringen & Prince Henry

Getting ready for fire KAISER WILHELM the 2nd


Schroder, Kaiser's chauffeur

Kaiser reviewing troops

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser & Gen. Conrad v. Hotzendorf

Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser's Farewell

Princess Schaumburg-Lippe [Kaiser's sister] with wounded Germans

Kaiser and troops return to Berlin

Kaiser & Prince Henry

German Kaiser at review

Kaiser on horse

Kaiser & Kaiserin in the West

Kaiser's sons

Life boat drill KAISER WILHELM II


Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser Wilhelm /


Kaiser & Dr. Rogge

Kaiser and Kaiserin

Kaiser & his horse -- at the front

Kaiser & Kaiserin

Kaiser at front

Czar and Kaiser

Wedding of Archduke Karl Franz Josef & Princess Zita, Kaiser Franz Joseph

Kaiser leaving stand after christening of "IMPERATOR"

Kaiser and Prince of Monaco on boat "Meteor"

Kaiser - 1913

Kaiser on ship "Meteor"

Meeting of Kaiser and King of Italy

Gen. Pau & Kaiser

Kaiser reviewing infantry at front

Unser Kaiser an sein Volk / E. Kaempster.

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