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Santa Fe R.R. locomotive shops, Topeka, Kansas

[Lewis and Clark map, with annotations in brown ink by Meriwether Lewis, tracing showing the Mississippi, the Missouri for a short distance above Kansas, Lakes Michigan, Superior, and Winnipeg, and the country onwards to the Pacific].

Map of a Reconnoissance between Fort Leavenworth on the Missouri River, and the Great Salt Lake in the Territory Of Utah, made in 1849 and 1850

[Lampshade design with six views: "Kansas", "Jefferson City", "Erie R.R.", "New York", "Niagara", and "Water Works, Phila."]

Kansas. To those who desire that Kansas should be free ... Worcester, Nov. 22, 1854.

Hon. Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, Kansas

Hon. Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, Kansas

Hon. Samuel C. [?] Pomeroy of Kansas

Nebraska and Kanzas

Hon. Samuel C. Pomeroy, Kansas

Hon. M.P. Norton of Kansas

Hon. M.P. Norton of Kansas

Hon. Samuel C. Pomeroy

Hon. M.P. Norton of Kansas

Constitutional Convention, Topeka, Kansas Territory [Topeka]

Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas--in the hands of the "border ruffians"

To the members of the National Kansas Committee. [1856].

Liberty. The fair maid of Kansas in the hands of the "border ruffians".

Ho! For the Kansas Plains

The "mustang" team

Great Kansas meeting at St. Louis, Missouri / [from a photograph by Fitzgibbons].

Kansas - Col. Sumner arriving at Constitution Hall. Col. Sumner dispersing the people assembled before the legislative hall, Topeka, Kansas

The buck chase of 1856

To the public. The Committee appointed at a public meeting at Faneuil Hall, June 3, 1856 to raise funds for the aid of the free state settlers in Kansas, earnestly ask attention to the following statements ... Contributions to Patrick T. Jackson

Forcing slavery down the throat of a freesoiler

Ho! For the Kansas plains

Kansas affairs. To the friends of free Kansas. National Kansas Committee Chicago, Dec. 1, 1856.

Who are the ruffians, murderers, and robbers in Kansas? [1856?]

Original air line and United States mail route! 1857. Spring arrangement. 1857. St. Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad. The only direct route from Chicago or Joliet to St. Louis Kansas and Nebraska ... [Chicago? Ill.] 1857.

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 2]

To the people of Kansas [Regarding the distribution of relief clothing] ... E. B. Whitman, Gen.'l Agent K. N. Committee. Lawrence, October 22, 1857.

Conference of Kaw Indians (Kansas) with the United States Commission of Indian Affairs

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 1]

To the people of Leavenworth County [Regarding the coming election for the members of the Constitutional convention] ... June 3d 1857.

The governor's mansion, Lecompton, Kansas Territory

Kansas sketches

Colton's Kansas and Nebraska.

General map of the United States & their territory between the Mississippi & the Pacific Ocean. 1. Showing the different surveyed routes from the Mississippi valley to the coast of Pacific Ocean, 2. the new established & proposed Post Routes, 3. the recently discovered gold, silver, and copper region in Kansas, Nebraska and Arizona.

Mitchell's sectional map of Kansas /

[M.J. Parrott, Representative from Kansas, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Map of the recently discovered gold regions in Western Kansas & Nebraska /

Harry W. Wessells, Col of 8th Kan Inf

J.J. Ingalls - Sen. Kansas

To the citizens of Philadelphia.

Harry W. Wessells, Col of 8th Kan Inf

Harry W. Wessells, Col of 8th Kan Inf

Modoc Indians in their new home. View through camp photographed by McCarty, Baxter Springs, Kansas

Appeal for Kansas sufferers! ... Daniel Foster, General agent of the N. E. Kansas relief committee [1860].

Old John Brown's career illustrated

Albert C. Lee, Col. 7th Kansas Cav

Hon. E.G. Ross of Kansas

Albert C. Lee, Col 7th Kansas Cav

Hon. E.G. Ross of Kansas

Albert C. Lee, Col. 7th Kansas Cav

Hon. Samuel Clark Pomeroy of Kansas

Hon. E.G. Ross of Kansas

Destitution in Kansas. Appeal for help ... October 30, 1860.

Albert C. Lee, Col 7th Kansas Cav

Lowe, Hon. David Perly of Kansas

Map of the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad and its connections published by the American Railway Review, New York.

Hon. E.G. Ross of Kansas

Lowe, Hon. David Perly of Kansas

W.W. Wright, Chf. Eng. & [...] Mil. RRds.

James M. Edmunds to James H. Lane, Saturday, April 20, 1861 (Unsurveyed land in Kansas)

Mark W. Delahay to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, March 29, 1861 (Kansas politics)

Kansas Army of Freedom to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, January 01, 1861 (Petition of volunteers to preserve the Union)

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 2, Little Bo-Peep and her foolish sheep

Mark W. Delahay to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, November 06, 1862 (Kansas election results)

James G. Blunt to Kansas Citizens, Tuesday, December 02, 1862 (Refugee Indians)

Thanksgiving proclamation ... I appoint, Thursday the 27th day of November next, as a day of thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God ... given under my hand and seal of the State at Topeka, this 29th day of October, 1862. ... C. Robinson. [Topek

John P. Usher to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, July 16, 1863 (General Blunt and affairs in Kansas)

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, Friday, July 17, 1863 (Military affairs in Kansas)

The destruction of the city of Lawrence, Kansas, and the massacre of its inhabitants by the Rebel guerrillas, August 21, 1863

Baker University, Baldwin City Kansas, Monday, September 14, 1863 (Printed circular)

Ebenezer N. O. Clough to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, September 04, 1863 (Sends resolutions of the Union League of Kansas)

James H. Lane to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, July 17, 1863 (Military affairs in Kansas)

The ruins of Lawrence, Kansas / sketched by a correspondent.

Thomas Carney and Samuel C. Pomeroy to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, December 01, 1864 (Kansas election results)

Thomas Carney to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 30, 1864 (Telegram concerning Kansas election returns)

Thomas Ewing Jr. to William P. Dole, Friday, August 26, 1864 (Kansas politics; endorsed by Dole)

Map and profile of first 40 miles of Union Pacific Rail Road Eastern Division extending west from boundary between states of Missouri and Kansas,

Haworth, Hon. John of Kansas

Map of Kansas and Nebraska.

Plumb, Senator of Kansas

Haskell, Hon. Dudley of Kansas

Moonlight, Gen. Thomas U.S.A. Col. of 11th Kansas Cav. U.S.A. not in uniform

Hon. Edmund Gibson Ross of Kansas

Haskell, Hon. Dudley of Kansas

Cobb, Hon. Stephen Alonzo of Kansas, Capt. and Commissary Sergeant of Volunteers on May 18, 1864

Ewing, Hon. Thomas Jr. Delegate to the peace convention held in Wash., D.C. in 1861; Col. of the 11th Kansas Vol. Cav., U.S.A. Maj. Gen.

Ingalls, Hon. John J. of Kansas. Senator. Judge Advocate with rank of Lt. Col. USA.

Pomeroy, Hon. Samuel Clarke of Kansas

Goodin, Hon. Rep. John Randolph of Kansas

Ingalls, Hon. John J. Sen of Kansas (photographed March 12, 1873)

Sen. Powell Clayton Gov. of Arkansas, Col. of 5th Kansas vol. cav. U.S.A.

U.S. Reports: The Kansas Indians, 72 U.S. (5 Wall.) 737 (1867)

Indian Territory, with part of the adjoining state of Kansas, &c. /

Scenes and incidents of the Great Indian Council, at Medicine Lodge Creek, Kansas / from sketches by our special artist, Jas. E. Taylor.

U.S. Reports: Smith v. Cockrill, 73 U.S. (6 Wall.) 756 (1868)

[The Kansas row]

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