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Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

The machine to go without asses

King George II, crowned June 11, 1727 - King George III, crowned Oct. 25, 1760

The Whitehall pump

His majesty King George the III - contemplating a medal of King Alfred

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

The state blacksmiths forging fetters for the Americans

George the IIId, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland / Pollard sculpt.

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.


By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

Wonders wonders wonders & wonders - dedicated to the wonderfull wonderfull wonderer

George III, King of Great Britain &c / Pollard sculp.

A block for the wigs - or, the new state whirligig

Blessed are the peacemakers

Amusement for John Bull & his cousin Paddy, or, the gambols of the American buffalo, in St. James's Street

Coalition arms / JN: 1784.

A new pantomine - harlequine

George the III / Reynolds del. ; Angus sculp.

The Hibernian attempt

Vaux-Hall / drawn by T. Rowlandson ; aquatinto by F. Jukes ; engraved by R. Pollard.

The modern paradise, or Adam and Eve regenerated

Three weeks after marriage

The sick prince

The poor blacks going to their settlement

A convention of the not-ables

The fall of Phaeton

Constitutional Club

The eclipse at an end - and political tilting discovered

--Affairs. The sweet prospect behind us, or The outs in office

The monstrous hydra, or virtue invulnerable

The Household, or who rules the roast!

The paddy's at dinner with Puddinghead [the Regent]

The Tories and the Whigs pulling for a crown

His royal highness George Prince of Wales / Painted by J. Russell ... ; engraved by J. Collyer ...

L'enjambee imperiale

Taking physick, or, The news of shooting the King of Sweden

A voluptuary under the horrors of digestion / Js. Gy. design et fecit.

Modern hospitality, or A friendly party in high life

The progress of passion / JN [Nixon] 1792 ; etched by Cruikshanks.

The gradual abolition off the slave trade or leaving of sugar by degrees

La grande aiguiserie royale de poignards Anglais

Treason!!! / designed & etch'd by Rd. Newton.

The king of Brobdingnag and Gulliver

The rival gardeners

Death of the Corsican fox--Scene the last of the Royal-Hunt / Js. Gillray. inv & fect.

The rival gardeners

The king of Brobdingnag and Gulliver

Visiting the sick

A Kick at the Broad Bottoms! i.e. - "Emancipation of All the Talents" / Js. Gillray, inv. & fec.

His most excellent majesty George the third, by the grace of god, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, king, defender of the faith &c, &c, &c / engraved by Will'm. Skelton.

Merry making on the regents birth day, 1812 / G. Cruikshank.

The spirit of the book - or anticipation of the year 1813

An altercation concerning r-l wives, &c / Lewis Marks del.

The modern Job! or John Bull and his comforts! / Marks del et sc.

The death of the property tax! Or 37 mortal wounds for ministers & the inquisitoral commissioners! / G. Cruikshank sculp.

Sick of the property tax or ministerial influnza (sic)

State physicians bleeding John Bull to death!! / G. Cruikshank fect. ; Invd. by Yedis.


The blessing of new taxes!!! / Marks fect.

Characters in the new piece now poforming [sic] at the Theatre Royal Cotten Garden 1820

The Kremlin in commotion - or - the Grand Lama sick of the horn cholic

A royal brewery, or how to cook a wife

Panorama of the times

The cunning and happy family / J.L. Marks, fect.

Coronation procession of his majesty George the Fourth, 19th July, 1821 / drawn & etched by W. Heath.

Reception of the Prince of Wales

Instantaneous view of the Prince of Wales' ship Hero firing a salute, Portland, Maine

Welcome to the Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales and suite

His royal highness Albert Edward, Prince of Wales

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with Mayor Howard of Portland on his left; photographed just prior to departure on board his fleet, at Portland, Maine, October 20, 1860 / by George Stacy, 143 Madison Street, New-York.

Prince of Wales at Portland Maine

A street view in Portland, Me., October 20th, 1860, of the Prince of Wales, Duke of Newcastle, Lord Lyons & Mayor Howard

Grand torch-light parade of the New York firemen in honor of the Prince of Wales, passing the Fifth Avenue Hotel, October 13, 1860

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales at the tomb of Washington, October 1860

Grand ball given by the citizens of New York to the Prince of Wales, at the Academy of Music, October 12, 1860

Prince George of Wales

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales & Prince Alfred / Window & Bridge 63A Baker St. London.

The Prince of Wales and family / photographed by Vernon Heath.

Officers of the Prince of Wales' ship Hero

Day's sport in the Terai

Interior of the royal drawing-room tent

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, and elephant, Terai

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and party, with first tiger killed by H.R.H. in India / B & S.

The next thing to do / J.S. Pughe.

[Large building with harbor in background, Greece?] [Buildings and forts on the coast of Malta]

A troublesome egg to hatch / J.S. Pughe.

A disturbing possiblility in the east / Keppler.

Too many Shylocks / J.S. Pughe.

Our international thanksgiving dinner / J.S. Pughe.

Duke of York at Montreal and Quebec /

Edward Rex / Keppler.

"The greatest show on earth" now in London / Ehrhart.

Commercial might versus divine right / Keppler.

Edward VII, King of England / Etched by Franz Raubicheck, after a life photograph taken in September, 1901.

Kipling's terrible nightmare / Kep.

Too late / Keppler.

[King's carriage leaving Longchamps with Loubet and King Edward]