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[Kitchen scene from Bartolomeo Scappi's Opera]

[Interior view of large, spacious kitchen with cooks preparing a meal]

[The spit-roasting of a suckling pig in a grand kitchen]

[Old woman scouring a cooking pot in front of large kitchen fire. Lady handing menu(?) to cook]

[Title page of Antoine Beauvilliers, L'Art du cuisinier, showing 4 men working in large kitchen]

[Title page of 1817 cookery book showing woman milking cow, implements and containers, food, woman working in kitchen]

The people putting responsibility to the test or the downfall of the kitchen cabinet and collar presses

A row in a city kitchen / JL.

Clar de kitchen

[Cover of The Housekeeper's Annual and Lady's Register, illustrated with woman working in kitchen and ornate border]

Public sale of household & kitchen furniture. There will be exposed to public sale on Tuesday the 24th day of August next, at the late residence of Rev. Dr. Breckindidge, in the borough of Canonsburg, a large and splendid assortment of household

Trust sale at Front Royal, on Saturday the 27th of December 1851, of house and lots, slaves and household and kitchen furniture. By virtue of a deed of trust from William Cook bearing date November 19, 1851 ... Winchester, Va. Harvey Brown Cheap

Camp kitchen

[Thomas Kitchen, Pvt., Georgia regiment, C.S.A., three-quarter length portrait, seated holding bayonet and rifle, facing front]

Captain Ballerman's kitchen. Tasting the soup

Brooklyn sanitary fair, 1864. New England kitchen / lith. of A. Brown & Co. 47 Nassau St. N.Y. for Henry McCloskey's Manual of 1864.

Civil War camp scene, showing company kitchen, 1863(?)

[Bombproof kitchen and tents on front line in front of Petersburg, August 10, 1864]

Across the continent, on the Pacific Railroad - Kitchen of the hotel express train

[Advertisements for]: 1. Portable emigrant's or cottage stove; 2. Kitchen ranges

[Kitchen cabinets and work area]

[Floor plan of kitchen and stove room]

Belles of the kitchen polka

In the kitchen.

In the kitchen.

In the kitchen.

A New England kitchen. A hundred years ago / H. W. P.

Devil's Kitchen, Devil's Island, Apostle Islands, Wis.

[The kitchen buildings which have been added to the Imperial Police Station of the cavalry in Şişli]

Devil's Kitchen, Geyser Springs, Sonoma Co., Cal. / Andrew Price, photographer.

She fetched food from the kitchen

[The kitchen]

[Pvt. Holmes and Pvt. Desmukes, of the 10th Cavalry, with two children, Lillian Mearns and Luther Williams, in kitchen camp at Fern Spring, near Baker's Butte, Mogallon Mountains, Arizona]

Cook in White House kitchen

Kitchen of a Japanese house

Old kitchen in Telfair Academy, Savannah, Ga. fireplace, china hutch, and spinning wheel.

[Man and woman in kitchen with baby in background]

[Devil's fireplace and kitchen, York Beach, Me.]

[White House kitchen]

[Stone summer kitchen on grounds of "Whitehaven", St. Louis County, Missouri]

The devil's kitchen, Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen (by night), Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen, Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen (by night), Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen (by night), Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen (by night), Chinatown, San Francisco

The devil's kitchen, Chinatown, San Francisco

Charity for the suffers of war - Cretan children at refugees' food kitchen, Athens

The Old (New) Kitchen in Cottage of John & Abigal Adams

The Old Kitchen in Cottage of John & Abigail Adams

The Queen's carriage before a Cretan refugee feeding kitchen, Athens, Greece

Orphans of Sultan's victims, at the Cretan refugees' food kitchen, Athens, Greece

[Katharine Wright and Harriet Silliman, busy in the kitchen]

Gov. O'Neal and Gov. Kitchen

[The Kitchen garden, Mt. Vernon, Va.]

St. Regis Hotel: kitchen

[Kitchen with Garland stove]

The Devil's Kitchen, Mackinac Island, Mich.

[The Kitchen garden, Mt. Vernon, Va.]

Gov.'s Isl.: soldier's kitchen

[The Georgia Negro] Assessed value of household and kitchen furniture owned by Georgia Negroes.

[Looking into kitchen, probably in clubhouse, New York City]

U.S. field kitchen in France

Martha Washington kitchen at Mt. Vernon

[Army School of Nursing, Camp Wadsworth, S.C.] -- Diet kitchen

St. John's Guild. Diet kitchen. Lewis Memorial Cottage

Knott Wright. "Come out to the kitchen and meet our new cook"

The Old kitchen, Longfellow's Wayside Inn, South Sudbury, Mass.

[Kitchen, Thomas Bailey Aldrich Memorial, Portsmouth, N.H.]

Martha Washington's kitchen at Mount Vernon, Va.

Kitchen and living room, John Hancock House, Lexington, Mass.

[The Old kitchen fireplace, Mt. Vernon, Va.]

Kitchen and living room, John Hancock House, Lexington, Mass.

Kitchen and living room, John Hancock House, Lexington, Mass.

Army Motor Kitchen of Mrs. Hoares [YMCA]

Berlin -- travelling soup kitchen

[Kitchen in the White House, Washington, D.C.]

The rise of the kitchen tyrant; - and how she may fall / Ehrhart.

The Kitchen, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

White House kitchen

Kitchen, New White House

[Kitchen of the camp building at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, with neatly arranged wall shelves holding dishes, canned foods, and other provisions]

Fireplace in the kitchen at Mt. Vernon

A West Indian kitchen, Martinique, F.W.I.

White House kitchen

White House kitchen

White House kitchen

[Horse drawn delivery wagon at entrance of White House kitchen]

[White House kitchen with set table and cupboards]





Kitchen of Washington's headquarters, Morristown, New Jersey