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Kentucky Tonic Bitters

The Philotoken or female's cure painful menstruation

Irving's Giant Pain Curer

[Old fashioned coal stoves]

Dr. Chauncey's patent air tight cooking stoves

Washington - Full Madder Colors

[Nine advertisement labels for Dupuy products]

Union Cravat

Hold up a minute - Something to show you

Gen. George Washington's Account with the United States, as written by himself, from 1775 to 1783

Oldridges Balm of Columbia for restoring hair. View of the Falls of Niagara

St. Crispin's celebrated vegetable paste blacking

Dr. Rowand's compound spirituous extract of Sarsaparilla and Burdock roots

Homo's sarsaparilla blood and cough candy

R. S. Bernard's diarrhoea medicine

Louden's Indian Expectorant

Sands's Sarsaparilla

Wistar's balsam of wild-cherry

American - Countersunk, Drilled and Burnished Ey'd ... Manufactured by Jona'n. Barlow & Co.

Sherman's worm lozenges

Hillman & Smith's razor strop and hone for razors, penknives, etc.

Dr. J.N. Keeler's infant cordial and carminative / Lith. of Thos. Sinclair, Phila.

McAllister's All-Healing Hair-Oil Ointment"

Gale's Arenaceous Concrete, for cleansing, whitening, and beautifying the skin

Ross's Expectorant

[B. A. Fahnestock bust, facing left, on advertisement for Fahnestock's Vermifuge]

Wells, Miller, and Provost's Compound Extract of Blackberry

The Oriental Life Elixir: A Great Egyptian Remedy for All Diseases

Dr. Jewett' restoring bitters

South American fever & ague remedy is a cheap, safe ...

Photograph album. John F. DuComb, No. 27 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia

E. Arnold & Co.'s celebrated Indian stomach bitters

Equarian condition powders - the most extraordinary medicine in the world for horses

The Old 76 still

Azor's Turkish Balm for restoring hair

Dr. M.G. Kerr Asiatic Balsam Compund

Clement's Genuine Osceola Indian Liniment

Arnica liniment

Hennessy's cottage furniture warehouse

Azor's Turkish Balm for restoring hair

Unicorn drops

Roberts' Horse Powders

[Perry Davis, bust, facing right, on advertisement for Perry Davis' vegetable pain killer]

No. 11 Trade Mark

Everett cigarros puros superiores

Independents, John J. Levy

Dr. Wieland's celebrated sugar worm lozenges / A. Kollner's Lithy. Phila.

Louden & Co.'s Cherokee Liniment

Dr. Christie's Ague Balsam - a sure remedy for ague, fever and all bilious diseases

Robertson's Genuine Bourbon Cordial, Harrison Co., Kentucky / R.E. Stevens ; Lee Mallory.

National Guard half pounds. Manufactured by Baker Pleasants & Frayser, Richmond, Virginia / Lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, N.Y.

X-X Brand--Petersburg, Va. / C.A. Butler del.

Samuel Hart & Co.s Club House playing card

B.L. Fahnestock's vermifuge / designed and engraved by Toppan Carpenter & Co., New York.

Young America denims

[5 labels from soap and perfume pasted on sheet of paper with copyright entry, Deposited in Clerk's office, Southern District of New York, September 30, 1858].

[B.L. Fahnestock bust, facing right, on advertisement for Fahnestock's Vermifuge]

McFarland, Evans & Co., 105 Market Street

[Sewing machine]

Bininger's Wine Bitters

El Alabama fabrica de tabacos de las mejores vegas de la vuelta abajo

Essence of Old Virginia Wheat Whiskey, A.M. Bininger & Co. / Sarony, Major & Knapp liths., N.Y.

Bininger's "Old Times"family rye, distilled in 1848...designed for family & medicinal use

Label for druggist P.S. Duval & Son's Lith. Phila.

The Queen of the trotting turf. Manufactured by Seth Halsey, Lynchburg, Va.

Crusader--Fabrica de tabacos--De superior calidad de la Vuelia-Abajo de S.E. & Co., Habana

Bininger's Old Kentucky Bourbon, A.M. Bininger & Co., N.Y. sole proprietors / F. Heppenheimer, N.Y.

King of Hearts

Dyer & Company's concentrated yeast

John C. Calhoun, fabrica de tabacos ...

Warner Bros. Coraline Corsets, the latest aesthetic craze

[Patent medicine labels for Perry Davis & Son, showing view of Providence, R.I., and four patent medicine bottles] / Kilburn & Mallory sc., Boston.

Sterling's Ambrosia

The Ladies' Friend, a beautifying lotion for the skin

Bininger's Traveler's Guide Bourbon, A.M. Bininger & Co., New York / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, N.Y.

Union Playing Cards

Banner Brand

Soldier's true friend, Holloway's ointment & pills / Geo. Schlegel lith., N.Y.

Kendall's Amboline for the Hair

Sterne's Celebrated Congress Bourbon

Anders' Iodine Water

Isham's celebrated stomach bitters / Lith. Edward Mondel(?), Chicago, Ill.

Ashburton Sauce... for... soup, game, meat, poultry, wild fowl, fish, etc.

Cherokee Remedy

Talmadge Bro.'s self-raising flour

[A man shooting a rabbit]

Southern remedies. HAH & Co. [device]. The Hindoo remedy for asiatic cholera, cholera morbus, dysentery, diarrhea, cramp colic, & c. Prepared by H.A. Hughes & Co., druggists, Louisville, Ky.

The Lone Star Liniment...has no equal for man or beast

'Shakers' frost extractor. Prepared by Chas. F. Crap, ... Philadelphia

R. Esterbrook & Cos. Lincoln Pen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wolcott's Natural Beautifier, for the hair and skin use

Mercado & Seully's California Wine, Bitters

Rohrer's bitters still ahead

Silver's wash powder, saves time, labor, money!

Pyle's dietetic saleratus

Selected American Oysters by Townsend Brothers, New York

Ballou's tobacco disinclinator

These wet feet are killing me! I am never troubled with wet feet, I use Dobbins' water proof blacking

Miner's shirtings - warranted fast colors, David S. Brown & Co., Philadelphia

[Pure White Snow Zinc]