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View of such parts as are seen from the building at the head of the lake = Veüe de ce qui se voit ... / Rigaud & Baron del. & sculp.

A Map of the route from the city of Albany to the Fort Osswego on the Lake of Cataroque.

Survey of the River St. Johns from Fort Frederick in the Bay of Fundy to the River Medauesqua with the Lake Temesecuala and the Grand Portage from thence to the River St. Lawrence.

Plan of Fort William Henry and camp at Lake George.

A draught of Lake George, and part of Hudson's River taken September 1756

A prospective view of the battle fought near Lake George, on the 8th of Sepr. 1755,...

A survey of Lake Champlain, from Crown Point to Windmil Point, and from thence to St. Iohns.

A survey of Lake Champlain including Crown Point and St. Iohn's on which is fixed the line of forty five degrees north lattit. terminating the boundarys betwe[e]n the provinces of Quebec and New York agre[e]able to his Majesty's proclamation done by order and instruction of the Honourable James Murray, esqr., Governor of the Province of Quebec and the Honourable His Majestys Council

Crown Point & part of Lake Champlain.

[Powder horn with hand-drawn map of the Hudson River (above Albany), Mohawk River, Niagara region, and Lake Ontario in New York Province].

The Attack and defeat of the American fleet under Benedict Arnold by the King's fleet commanded by Sir Guy Carleton upon Lake Champlain in "11th" of "Octr." 1776.

The attack and defeat of the American fleet under Benedict Arnold, by the Kings fleet commanded by Captn. Thos. Pringle, upon Lake Champlain, the 11th of October, 1776.

A topographical map of Hudsons River, with the channels depth of water, rocks, shoals &c. and the country adjacent, from Sandy-Hook, New York and bay to Fort Edward, also the communication with Canada by Lake George and Lake Champlain, as high as Fort Chambly on Sorel River. 1776.

[Lake Champlain and Lake George, and the country between the Hudson and the lakes on the west, and Connecticut River on the east.

A new map of the western parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina; comprehending the River Ohio, and all the rivers, which fall into it; part of the River Mississippi, the whole of the Illinois River, Lake Erie; part of the Lakes Huron, Michigan &c. and all the country bordering on these lakes and rivers,

A new map of the western parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina; comprehending the river Ohio, and all the rivers, which fall into it; part of the river Mississippi, the whole of the Illinois River, Lake Erie; part of the lakes Huron, Michigan &c. and all the country bordering on these lakes and rivers.

A new map of the western parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina; comprehending the river Ohio, and all the rivers, which fall into it; part of the river Mississippi, the whole of the Illinois River, Lake Erie; part of the lakes Huron, Michigan &c. and all the country bordering on these lakes and rivers.

Plan, Lake Champlain from Fort St. John's to Ticonderoga, with the soundings, rocks, shoals, and sands, surveyed in the years 1778, 1779.

A map shewing the communication of the lakes and the rivers between Lake Superior and Slave Lake in North America.

Map of the middle states of North America with part of Canada shewing the situation of the principal towns, viz. Columbia [i.e. Washington, D.C.], Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Boston & Montreal, also their several communications with respect to Lake Ontario.

[Map of an area of Spanish West Florida bounded on the east by Lake Pontchartrain and the west by the Comite River].

Lake of Thun, Swiss / drawn & etch'd. by J.M.W. Turner ; engraved by C. Turner.

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

Grand victory on Lake Champlain [Cuts] Tenth naval victory.- "Com. Macdonough obtained a glorious victory, over the British Fleet on Lake Champlain Sept. 11 ... The old-war proverb still holds good; "There's virtue in the Yankee blood." Tune ...

The troops disembarking to attack Fort Oswego, under the command of Genl. Drummond and Sir T. Yeo, Lake Ontario, May the 6th 1814 / / By Capt. Steele. 2d. Battn. Royal Marines

MacDonough's victory; or, The heroes of Lake Champlain. Tune- "Sprig of Shelelagh." [5 stanzas of verse] [1814].

Brillant naval victory [Cuts] Com. M'Donough has captured the whole British fleet on Lake Champlain. [Two columns of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Jun. [1814].

This representation of the battle on Lake Erie is respectfully inscribed to Commodore Perry, his officers and gallant crews, by their humble servant James Webster - second view / drawn by Sully and Kearney ; etched by C. Tiebout ; & engraved by G. Murray ; printed by Rogers and Esler.

Com. MacDonough's victory on Lake Champlain Sept. 11th 1814 / M. Cornè p. ; W. Hoogland sc.

[Map of an area along the eastern shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, including New Orleans and Bayou Chitto].

A geological and agricultural survey of the district adjoining the Erie canal in the state of New York. Taken under the direction of the Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer. Part I. Containing a description of the rock formations; together with a geological profile, extending from the Atlantic to Lake Erie.

Wheeling, Lake Erie & Cincinnati lines of post coaches

Map of the Fox River and that part of the Winnebagoe Lake as contained within the limits of the cession of 1821 by the Menominie and Winnebago Indians to the New York tribes.

O'-Check-Ka or Four Legs Head Chief of the Winnebagoes on Winnebago Lake, Michigan / / painted at the Treaty of Green Bay 1827 by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

Moosehead Lake

Rockland Lake - cutting ice. View from the north east

Knickerbocker Co. cutting ice. Rockland Lake

Map of the proposed Great Western and Lake Erie Rail Road of Pennsylvania projected for the Sunbury Erie and Pittsburg [sic] Rail Road Convention by James Herron Civil Engineer.

Map exhibiting the rail road, canal, lake, and river routes from New York and Boston to the west : via Ocdensburgh [sic] and Sacket's [sic] Harbor, N.Y.

Saratoga Saratoga Lake

Echo Lake: White Mountains

Skeleton map, showing the position and connections of the Michigan Southern Rail Road (from Toledo to Chicago) with the several great rail road routes to the Atlantic seaboard and New York City via the south shore of Lake Erie.

Map of the route surveyed from the Mississippi at Lake Providence in Louisiana to the great bend of Red river at Fulton in Arkansas /

Map of the northwestern states. Shewing [sic] what proportion lies north of the parallel of South Bend of Lake Michigan. It will be seen at a glance, that the unbroken line of communication with the Atlantic seaboard, and the only winter route for northern Indiana, northern Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, will be by the Michigan Southern Railway, and south shore of Lake Erie.

Rufus P. Eaton of Pipe village, Lake Winnebago, Wis. A scoundrel! a knave! a liar! and a coward! I the undersigned hereby for reasons which will hereafter appear, publish and publicly post Rufus P. Easton ... as a scoundrel, a knave, a liar and

A map showing the route of the proposed rail road from the Copper and Iron Mining District of Lake Superior to connect with rail roads built or being constructed in the state of Wisconsin as adopted by the citizens of Ontonagon and Marquette counties Mich. at public meetings held in November and December 1855; (subject to such changes of location of the road as a general survey of the line shall prove to be desirable.)

From the valley of Green River to the Great Salt Lake.

Villikins and Dinah. As sung by Bill Lake, at Spalding & Rogers' Circus, Muncy, Sept. 7, 1855.

From Great Salt Lake to the Humboldt Mountains.

Lake George N.Y.

Lake Mohonk

Egypt - Suez Canal - Lake Timsah, from opp. the chalet

Lily Lake: near St. John N.B.

Caution to the public! 1856. Beware of falsehoods!! Published and circulated ... asserting that the agents of Lake Shore railroad are "emigrant runners" and sell tickets "on commission" and that passengers purchasing through tickets for Detroit,

View fo the lake & north west-connections with Philadelphia.

Check your baggage to Oswego. Great northern and western route! via Oswego, Toronto, and Collingwood connecting the eastern cities with Lake Michigan, Huron & Superior. Ontario, Simcoe & Huron railroad ... Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. printers. [

2 illus.: 1. Virgin Bay - slaughter of Americans and burning of the pier by the Costa Ricans; 2. Virgin Bay, Nicaragua, from the lake - Walker and his army on board the steamer

Memorial concerning the completion of telegraphic lines thro' Kanzas [sic] and Nebraska to Fort Laramie and Salt Lake. New York, January 8, 1857.

Notice to the travelling public. Passengers by securing their tickets by the Rutland and Burlington R.R. have the advantage of enjoying two hours and a half of the most beautiful scenery on Lake Champlain ...

1857 Summer arrangement. 1857. Fare $ 1 less than by any other route. Morning line from Whitehall, Lake George and Saratoga, to New York! via Renss. & Saratoga, Albany, Vt. & Canada, and Harlem railroad ... W. J. Campbell, Supt.

Map of Geauga and Lake counties, Ohio /

International despatch! from New York and Philadelphia to the west and southwest via Buffalo. Freight by this despatch is forwarded over the New York and Erie, Buffalo and Lake Huron, G. W. Mich. Cent., &c. railroads ... New York, August 1, 1857

[Trees near with a lake]

Great Falls of the Spokane River, W.T. 30 miles below the Cour D'Alene Lake.

Commodore Perry at the battle of Lake Erie / J.R. Chapin ; F.F. Walker.

La suerte de la capa / Lake Price.

Chulos playing the bull / Lake Price.

The Spanish bull-fights, illustrated from original sketches made in the plazas of Madrid, Seville, Cadiz & c. Drawn from nature and on stone by Lake Price / Lake Price, Madrid.

The alguazil delivering the keys of the toril / Lake Price.

Traunstein mountain on Traun Lake

The bulls in the corral of the plaza / Lake Price, Madrid.

Matadors / Lake Price, Madrid.

A. J. Potter / Wallis Brothers Premium Photograph Gallery, 117 Lake St., Chicago, Ill[inoi]s.

Entry of the toreros in procession / Lake Price, Seville.

Toreros reposing between the bulls / Lake Price.

Lake Oeschennen. Near Kanderstegg

Commodore Perry at the battle of Lake Erie. "Ready! All ready your honor" / J.R. Chapin ; W. Ridgway.

View on Lake Osoyoos, British Columbia, 1860

Map of Lake County, Illinois /

[Unidentified young soldier in Union Zouave uniform in front of painted backdrop showing a pavillion at the edge of a lake]

Col. A. J. Potter / Brand's Ar[t Gal]lery, No. [108 Lake Street, Chicago, I]ll.

Lulah Lake

[1st Lieutenant August Bitter, Union officer in the 24th Illinois Regiment, full-length portrait, standing, facing front] / Wallis Bro., 117 Lake St., Chicago.

Central Park, the lake

Alexander Ramsey to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, March 06, 1863 (Requests that military road to Lake Superior be placed under guard)

[Bayoneted rifles on racks at arsenal of 134th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Columbus, Kentucky] / From Carbutt's Garden City Photographic Gallery. 131 Lake Street, Chicago.

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior one of the new magnificent upper cabin meteor steamers Pewabic. Will give excursion trips as below ... [Cleveland, 1865].

On the road to Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Grand ball at the opening of Leland's Opera House, Saratoga, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Davis.

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Beach View, Silver Lake, Amador County

Mirror Lake and Reflections, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County

Scene on the Yuba River, near Crystal Lake, Placer County

The Summit - View from Summit Lake, Amador County

Donner Lake and Eastern Summit--from the Road on the Western Summit

New Hampshire Rocks, Yuba River--on the Dutch Flat and Donner Lake Wagon Road

The Summit House, Dutch Flat, and Donner Lake Wagon Roads

View on Donner Lake - Coldwater Gap

Donner Lake, from the Summit

Evening View, Southern Shore, Donner Lake - Central Pacific Railroad

Boat Landing at Pollard's Station, Donner Lake - Central Pacific Railroad