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[Landscape with church] / HSL.

[Landscape with a castle on a hill and three figures and horse]

[Winter landscape with figures by a river]

[Waterfront landscape and sailing ships]

[Landscape with a pilgrim in prayer] / A. Canal. f.

[Mountain landscape with three bridges]

[Landscape, with urn in center, three figures to left making offering]

[Landscape, with six women bathing]

[Landscape with rough terrain and waterfall]

[Landscape with harvesting scene]

[Landscape with gray sky]

[Landscape with storm in distance]

[Landscape with clouds]

[Landscape with storm, Jamaica]

[Landscape with storm]

[Landscape with blue sky]

[Projet de marché aux charbons. Site plan with landscape rendered] / Baltard.

[Mountain landscape with river and church on a hill]

[River landscape, the Seine at Chateau-Gaillard] / T.H.R.

[Landscape with cattle]

[Cabin in landscape]

The capture of Major Andre / Painted by A.B. Durnad; Landscape eng.d by Smillie & Hinshelwood.

[Landscape with house] / Lalanne.

[Landscape with river] / Lalanne.

[Landscape with 17th century soldiers(?) on horseback and on foot] / C.F.L. 1850.

[Print speciman of vignettes of Wincohocking Mills, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Crane Iron Company, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; and landscape labeled Broad Top] / Drawn fr. nat. & engd. & printed by A. Kollner's Lithogy., Phila.

[Landscape with rocks]

[Landscape with thatched hut]

[Design drawing for stained glass multi-window cartoon composition with multiple depictions of Christ: Suffer the Little Children, Good Shepherd, and Noli Me Tangere in linear continuous landscape]

A Nubian landscape

[Chinese official or gentleman, half-length portrait, facing front, holding a folding fan with landscape scene]

[Landscape with faintly drawn flag]

[Landscape view showing house on stream with falls in foreground]

[Landscape with bridge and figures]

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing male and female figures with tools on a farm landscape]

[River landscape with boats]

[Landscape with fence and stream]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and kepi in front of painted backdrop showing misty landscape]

[Unidentified soldier in Union sergeant's uniform in front of painted backdrop showing landscape]

[Unidentified soldier in Union frock coat, forage cap, shoulder scales, and gauntlets with sword and scabbard in front of painted backdrop showing landscape with palm trees]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform in front of painted backdrop showing landscape]

[Two unidentified soldiers in Union uniforms with canteens playing cards and smoking in front of painted backdrop showing landscape with houses and trees]

[Unidentified soldier in Union captain's uniform with U.S. Medical Service hat in front of painted backdrop showing landscape]

[Private Jonathan Colgrove of Co. F, 57th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, in uniform in front of painted backdrop showing column base and landscape]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle with flags, shield, arrows, and laurel branches with message "E pluribus unum" within circle in front of seascape and agricultural landscape scenes]

[Sergeant Tom Strawn of Company B, 3rd U.S. Colored Troops Heavy Artillery Regiment, with revolver in front of painted backdrop showing balustrade and landscape]

[Unidentified woman in front of painted backdrop showing landscape]

[Western landscape]

U.S. Senators, 43rd Congress / Redington & Shaffer, landscape photographers, P.O. Box 258, Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senators, 43d Congress / Redington & Shaffer, Landscape Photographers, P.O. Box 258, Washington, D.C.

[Full-length portrait a man carrying a bundle on his back and snowshoes under one arm, appearing to walk through a snowy landscape]

[Landscape with sheep in an orchard]

[Landscape with ducks] / Florence Este.

[Landscape with cattle]

Brittany landscape

Magnesium flash-light photograph of A.P. Cheney of Natick, Louis Schick and Horatio Alger, Jr., of New York City / made Wednesday evening Aug. 7, 1889, by Edgar S. Hayes, landscape photographer, Natick, Mass.

[Winter landscape with small snow-covered building on the coast and view of Mount Fuji]

[Saas Fee, a landscape, Valais, Alps of, Switzerland]

[Landscape with housetops in the background; gate in left foreground]

[Landscape; man in lower left sowing]

[Wallenstadt Lake, Alpine landscape and view on the Sichelkamm, St. Gall, Switzerland]

[Landscape with trees]

[Road in winter landscape]

[Landscape with woman walking up hill, barn below, and rail fence along road, at twilight, Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania]

[Barren landscape with ridge]

[Landscape with body of water and rock formations, possibly the Dead Sea]

[Man seated in hilly landscape]

[Trees in landscape, taken during the Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899]


[Landscape of sand dunes]

[Landscape with rowboat]



[Landscape of cows grazing in a rocky field]

[Landscape of wetlands and trees with clouds overhead]

Landscape with cattle

[Rural landscape with a country road]


[Landscape of a field with hill in background]

[Landscape of trees and meadow with irises in foreground]

[Landscape with dirt road and stone wall]

[Landscape and sunset]

Landscape and sunset

Beautiful landscape gardening and upper cascade, Festival Hall, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo.


[Government Hospital for the Insane (Saint Elizabeths Hospital), Washington, D.C. Landscape plan] / James Berral.

A Cuban landscape near Havana, Cuba

Beautiful landscape gardening near Palace of Agriculture. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo.

A Florida landscape

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography. Impressionistic landscape

The magnificient landscape garden in the Great World's Fair grounds, St. Louis, Mo.

[Coastal landscape with dock]

[Mountainous landscape with homestead]

[Nude boy in rocky landscape, silhouette]

[Landscape, Rodin's garden, Meudon, France]

[Nude boy in rocky landscape (with stream?) bending over]

California landscape of grass-covered hills and a large tree

Landscape in the Carmel, California area

California landscape of grass-covered hill and a large tree

Photograph of a painting of a landscape under a stormy sky