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[Life stages from infancy to old age with various accoutrements]

[Life of the Virgin. Angel appearing to Joachim] / AD.

[Scene from the life of Catherine of Siena]

[Title page of Extra ordinem classium libri, with border illustrations showing medical scenes from life of Galen, physician to Marcus Aurelius]

[Six women who meet daily to spin and discuss family life and current events]

[Paracelsus, half-length portrait painted from life by Tintoretto] / I. Tintoret ad vivum pinxit ; F. Chaveau, sculpsit.

[Saint Francis of Paola, 1416-1507, episodes from his life]

A caution to old batchellors & c. or an emblem of marriage in high life, founded on a true story lately transacted near Bath

An elegy in memory of the worshipful Major Thomas Leonard Esq. Of Taunton in New-England: who departed this life on the 24th day of November, AnnoDomini, 1713. In the 73d year of his age. [Boston. Printed by B. Green? 1713].

Some funeral verses occasioned by the death of the pious and much lamented Mr. Jonathan French of Wollentown, in Connecticut-Colony; who departed this life February the 17th, 1720, 21 in the thirty-second year of his age. [s. l.]

A young crocodile drawn from the life in London, October 1739

The dancing-master: or, The art of dancing explained. Wherein the manner of performing all steps in ball dancing is made easy by a new and familiar method. In two parts ... The whole containing sixty figures drawn from the life, and curiously engraved on copper plates.

An elegy upon the much lamented deaths of two desireable brothers the two eldest sons of Capt. Joshua and Mrs. Comfort Weeks, of Greenland; who departed this life in February 1735,6 the youngest whose name was Ichabod, died the 3d day, in the 22

The life of faith: exemplified and recommended in a letter found in the study of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Belcher, late of Dedham, in New-England, since his decease. An answer to his question. How to live in this world so as to live in Heaven? to whi

The Life of the Most Reverend Father in God, John Tillotson, late Archbishop of Canterbury

[Title page for The Life of Samuel Johnson]

Jonathan's Coffee House or An analysis of change alley with a group of characters from the Life- - -Inscrib'd to Jacob Henriques / H. O. Neal, delin. et fecit.

The Pennsylvania journal and weekly advertiser - expiring: in hopes of a resurrection to life again / William Bradford.

The life and dying speech of Arthur, a negro man who was executed at Worcester, October 20th 1768. For a rape committed on the body of one Deborah Metcalfe. Boston: Printed and sold in Milk-Street 1768.

High life at midnight

High life at five in the morning

A funeral elegy, on the Rev’d and renowned George Whitefield, Chaplain to the Right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30h. day of September, 1770. AEt. 56. [Boston 1770].

A funeral elegy, on the Revd. And renowned George Whitefield, chaplain to the right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30th day of September 1770 AEt. 56 [Boston? 1770?].

An address to the inhabitants of Boston, (particularly to the thoughtless youth) occasioned by the execution of Levi Ames. Who so early in life, as not 22 years of age, must quit the stage of action in this awful manner. He was tried for burglar

An intercepted original letter from General Washington to his Lady, in the year 1776. To Mrs. Washington, &c. My dearest life and love. June 24, 1776.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

W.H. Drayton / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

J. Reed / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

H. Gates / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

Silas Deane, Esq. / drawn from the life by Dusimitiere, at Philadelphia ; W. Angus sculp.

S. Huntingdon [sic] / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

J. Dickenson [sic] / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

S. Deane / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

"Oh fly," cries peace, the soul of social life,... / Stothard del. ; Cook sculp.

Lately re-printed, and to be sold by Joseph Chukshank, on the North-Side of Market Street, between Second and third Streets, Philadelphia, an account of the life of that ancient servant of Jesus Christ, John Richardson, giving a r elation of man

Sir Roger Curtis / drawn from the life by Miller & engraved by Birrell.

To the customers of Thomas's Massachusetts Spy. Kind patrons. The publisher of the Massachusetts Spy was early in life engaged, in the way of his profession, in the service of his country. Sixteen years have now elapsed ... Printing-Office, Worc

[Scenes relating to the life of Charles IV, King of Spain]

Modern hospitality, or A friendly party in high life

[Frontispiece and title page from: The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano]

G. Washington who departed this life Decr. 14, 1799 aged 68

The life and posthumous writings of William Cowper, Esqr. Chichester, Printed by J. Seagrave for J. Johnson, London, 1803

Life of General George Washington. Proposals (by John Low ... for publishing by subscription in one duodecimo volume ... The life of George Washington ... by John Corry ... 1st American edition from the 2nd London ed. with additions and improvem

Drawing from Life at the Royal Academy, Somerset House

[Title page of M.L. Weems, The Life of George Washington; with Curious Anecdotes, Equally Houourable to Himself and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen, 1809]

The life of William-Cobbett, --written by himself. No. 8

Theatre. on Saturday evening, October 27th 1810, will be presented (Last time) a comedy in five acts, (now performing with great applause in London) called, High life in the City ... To which will be added, a celebrated farce, called Who's the d

[Cuts] The happy child being a narrative of the holy life and peaceable death of a remarkable pious child of Hertfordshire, England. [Boston] Printed and sold by Nathaniel Coverly Milk Street [181-?].

Andrew Jackson / drawn from life and engraved by J.B. Longacre.

Proposals for publishing by subscription the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a full history of the late war in the south, from the commencement of the hostilities with the Creek Indians, to the defeat of the British before New O

Proposals for publishing by subscription, the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a history of the war in the South, from the commencement of the Creek campaign, to the termination of hostilities before New Orleans. By John Henry Ea

To the Senators and Representatives of the United States of America. Legislators! It is much easier to prevent an injury than to correct it! The eyes of the world are upon you. Every word that escapes you has in it the seeds of life or death ...

High life below stairs! / I R C, fecit.

(Circular.) Washington, Pa. Jan. 1st,1822 Madam. You are now addressed as a member of a republic, blest by nature with all the necessaries and many of the luxuries of life [Requesting the women of America to confine their purchases for apparel t

[Title page - no illus. - from Life and remarkable adventures of Israel R. Potter, Providence, 1824]

Life in Philadelphia. Plate 13 / Clay fecit 1829.

[Fukurokuju, the god of wisdom, wealth, long life, and happiness, one of the seven lucky gods, facing left, wearing robes and a hat, with a red-crowned crane standing to his right]

Execution. The life, trial, and behaviour of that unfortunate young woman, Mary Johnson, 22 years of age, who was executed at Gloucester on Saturday last, 1831 for the murder of her master and mistress, John and Anna Robinson ... Leeds, Printed

Sketch of Major Bennett's life. [Delaware 1832].

Humming birds / from life & on stone by M.E.D. Brown ; his lith. No. 5 Library St. Phila.

To the ladies of Columbus. The late excitement in the Indian nation, having compelled the unfortunate inhabitants to abondon their homes, in such haste as to deprive them of the power of furnishing themselves with the necessities of life- and we

Genl. W.H. Harrison / drawn from life by J. Penniman ; lithographed & published by J. Penniman.

Mac-cut-i-mish-e-ca-cu-cac or Black Hawk, a celebrated Sac chief / painted from life by J.O. Lewis at Detroit, 1833 ; Lehman & Duval lithrs.

Lines, on the death of Asa L. Payne, aged 20 years, who lost his life in attempting to give the alarm of fire by ringing the bell at Waterville, Oneida County, N. Y. Dec. 22, 1838, written by a witness of the scene.

James K. Polk. Governor of the state of Tennessee / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lith., Philadelphia.

Martin Van Buren, President of the United States / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich Washn. City ; printed by P.S. Duval, Philada.

Nathaniel P. Tallmadge. Senator from New-York / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich, Washington City ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lithr., Philada.

The cut direct. Or a scene in high life at Saratoga Springs

[Still life with tree and two small, stuffed mammals]

[Scene from the life of Washington?]

A. Mouton. Senator from Louisiana / from life on stone by Chas. Fenderich ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lith., Philada.

Vignettes in the life of General William Henry Harrison, printed in German

Whig meeting. General William Henry Harrison the patriot President of the United States, and the great exponent of Whig principles, having departed this life, the Whigs of Washington are requested to meet a 7 o'clock this evening at the old Thea

John Tyler, President of the United States, 1841. Born 29th day of March 1790 / from life on stone by Chs. Fenderich 1841.

Commodore Chs. Stewart / From life on stone by A. Newsam ; P. S. Duval lith. Phila.

In memory of President Wm. H. Harrison, who departed this life, April 4, 1841, aged 68, deeply lamented by 16 millions of people

In memory of President Wm. H. Harrison, who departed this life, April 4, 1841, Aged 68. Deeply lamented by 16 millions of people.

David Roberts R.A. / Day & Haghe lithrs. to the Queen ; drawn on stone from life by C. Baugniet, London.

Andrew Jackson / from life by Wm. H. Brown ; lith. of E.B. & E.C. Kellogg.

The life and public services of Henry Clay

Hen. A. Muhlenberg / drawn from life & on stone by A.C. Smith.

Joel Roberts Poinsett / From life by Wm. H. Brown.

Dr. Hollick's select lectures for gentlemen only. On the philosophy and physiology of that grandest phenomenon in nature. The origin of life! and its physical and moral consequences, which were delivered in New York City, sixty-five times in one

The tree of life

The tree of life

Voyage of life - childhood From the original painting by Thomas Cole, in the possession of Rev'd Gorham D. Abbott, Spingler Institute, New York / / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by James Smillie.

The Oriental Life Elixir: A Great Egyptian Remedy for All Diseases

The Leap for Life

Life in the gold mines, California ; / Lithographed from a photograph by Fishbourne & Gow, San Francisco.

The voyage of life - youth / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by James Smillie.

The voyage of life - manhood / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by James Smillie.

Romanism as it is exhibited, in the life, death and salvation of Adam Horn who murdered two wives, on his way to heaven through purgatory .... [s.l., 185-].

Joseph N Hernandez, First Delegate to Congress from the Territory, and Brigadier General of the Militia of Florida / from life on stone by Chas. Fenderich, Washington City.

Voyage of life - childhood The original painting distributed by the American Art Union in 1848 / / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by M. Enzing-Müller.

[2 humorous sketches of daily life in London: "Going to the pantomime" (middle-class family about to enter carriage); "The Goose Club" drawn by Phiz (winning plucked geese in Christmas lottery?)]

[Title page of Henry D. Thoreau, Walden; or life in the woods, 1854, showing Thoreau's hut at Walden Pond, Massachusetts]

Cottage life, summer

Naturalization of foreigners, scene in Tammany Hall / drawn from life.

[Design drawing for stained glass typical Nave Window with Life of Christ for St. Jude Church in Detroit, Michigan]

Mining life in California--Chinese miners

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