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[Title page of Witelo, De Natura, illus. with composite of various phenomena of natural science: mirror; man wading in water to show refracted light; box balanced at fulcrum on another box; sunlight shining through glass to start fire; rainbow]

Feats of Light

[Diagram of experiment with prisms that led Newton to conclude light is a mixture of differently refrangible rays; with surrounding text]

[Donsu, damask with light green peony arabesque]

A view of Louisburg in North America, taken near the light house when that city was besieged in 1758 Vue de Louisburg, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, prise du fanal durant le dernier siege en 1758 / / drawn on the spot by Capt. Ince of the 35th Regt. ; engraved by P. Canot.

A plan of the sea coast from Boston Bay to the light house near Rhode Island, reduced from the large survey.

Orders. Thursday, July 27, 1775. The Light Infantry company to the Third Battalion are desired to meet at the Carpenters Hall, next Saturday Morning, at Seven o'clock, on business of importance. George Morgan.

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

Light house S.W.b.S. 1 mile distant

To the right honble. Lord Rodney admiral of the White, vice admiral of Great Britain, Commander in Chief of his majesties fleet in the West Indies, this view of the glorious & signal victory obtain'd over the French fleet ... is most respectfuly offered by his lordships most obedt. & very humble servant Thomas Walker Lieut. 2d Battn. 60th light Infantry / Thos. Walker delin. ; Jno. Wells sculp.

[Ornament for the title page of The European magazine showing the goddess Europe shining light on three figures representing America, Africa, and Asia] / Seally script. ; Bayly sculp.

The observer, extra. Friday, April 15, 1785. Exertion or ruin!! May every curse light on my head, and Hell receive when I'm dead If when my country calls aloud, I'm found inactive 'midst the croud. To the inhabitants of the Town of Boston. Fello

... An act for the relief of William Seymour. [Followed by] An act relative to cessions of jurisdiction in places, where light houses, beacons, buoys and public piers have been or many hereafter be erected and fixed. [Phildelphia: Printed by Fra

The Logierian system, or unveiling the new light to ye musical world!! With the discovery of a general thoro' base [altered to bass]discord in the old school / Desigd by P H-- ; G. Cruikshank, fect.

The sylvic gas light B. Franklin Coston, patentee, Washington City, D.C. / / A. De Vaudricourt del. ; C.B. Graham's Lithy. D.C.

Section of lenticular light the 4th order with its lantern for harbours, bays & rivers

Fixed Dioptric light of the first order, vertical section

Section of revolving catoptric light; plan of revolving catoptric light

[Unidentified woman, about 65 years of age, three-quarter length portrait, nearly profile to the left, seated in chair by table, hands in lap, wearing cap and light gloves]

Lithographic establishment of Edward Weber & Co. Maps, title pages, plans, charts, business & visiting cards..., corner of Market & Light Streets, entrance in Light Street, Baltimore.

Elevation of a light house & shaft of wrought iron

Representation of the Sand Key Light House, Florida / S.E. Brown.

Quartermaster Hill, 4[th] Light Dragoons, the horse taken immediately after the winter season

The honourable Major Cathcart, Dep. As. Adj. Gen. to the Light Division

Captain George, 4th Light Dragoons & servant

Sergeant of British Light Infantry

Colonel Doherty, officers & men of the 13th Light Dragoons

Captain Portal, 4th Light Dragoons equipped for Balaklava

Colonel Lowe, [i.e., Low] 4th Light Dragoons & servant in winter dress

The Honourable Major Cathcart, Dep. As. Adj. General to the Light Division

Captain W.H. Seymour, 68th Light Infantry

Charge of the light cavalry brigade, 25th Oct. 1854, under Major General the Earl of Cardigan / W. Simpson delt. ; E. Walker lith.

Captain Brown, 4th Light Dragoons & servant, winter dress

Arresting the Steamship Northern Light

Tremont House, Chicago - presentation of flag to Light Guards, by Duquesne Greys of Pittsburgh

[Design drawing for stained glass fan light window with shepherd/lamb theme]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Trinity with Light, dove, shepherd's crook over sheep, and grain]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing St Thomas Aquinas in habit writing Summa Theologica, with face turned up to Holy Light; with symbols]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing 22 figures kneeling, praying to dove, with flame and light for Union Methodist Church in Springhill / New Orleans, Louisiana]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Baptism of Christ with dove, angel, rays of light, and John the Baptist holding shell for St. Thomas of Canterbury Church in Smithtown, New York]

[Design drawing of Trinity with Dove with cross and light]

[Two unidentified soldiers of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues, later assigned to Co. A, 46th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in uniform]

[Bvt. Brig. Gen. John S. Cavender (1st Mo. Light Artillery)]

"Get the best." Light! More light!! better light !!! Hanson's corn oil! ... H. P. Hanson & Co., proprietors and manufacturers, 85 Union Street Boston, Mass. Boston. Wright & Potter, proprietors and manufacturers 85 Union Street, Boston, Mass. Bo

Chaplain T. Quinn, 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Col. Thomas S. Mather, 2nd Ill. Light Artillery

Chaplain T. Quinn, 1st R.I. Light Artillery

The government arsenal in Charleston, S.C., guarded by detachments of the Washington Light Infantry / from a sketch by our special artist.

[Major John C. Pelham of Alburtis Light Artillery and 1st Co. Stuart Horse Virginia Light Artillery Battery in uniform]

Officers of 1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Fort Duncan, near Washington, D.C.

[Brothers Private William Savage Moore and Private John C. Moore of Richmond "Parker" Virginia Light Artillery Battery, 1st Company Howitzers Virginia Light Artillery Battery, and I Company, 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in early Richmond depot shell jackets]

[Unidentified soldier in Norfolk "Light Blues" Virginia Light Artillery Battery uniform]

[Captain David Thompson of Caldwell Minute Men (later Caldwell LIght Infantry); Company D, 1st Infantry Regiment 4th Division Missouri State Guard; and Company H, 2nd Missouri Infantry Regiment; holding sword]

A Rebel general startled in his camp by the beautiful and unexpected display of northern light ; What they say of us & what we are / / N.

[Private Albert B. Martin of Co. 3, Washington Louisiana Light Artillery Battery]

[Civil War envelope showing American flag and shield surrounded by stars and rays of light]

[Civil War envelope showing soldier holding 51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment flag with message "The star-flowering banner must never be furled, for its blossoms of light are the hope of the world"]

[U.S.S. Casco, light draft monitor, in the James River]

[Unidentified soldier in Union frock coat and Hardee hat with Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber and Colt Army Model 1860 revolver]

Sumter Light Guards, Company K, 4th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA. April 1861

[Civil War envelope for Manchester Light Battery showing team of four horses pulling a limber and cannon]

[Unidentified soldier in Co. I, 6th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Lawrence Light Infantry) uniform and Massachusetts state seal breastplate with bearskin hat]

Camp of the Massachusetts second compy., light artillery at Stewart's Place, Baltimore, Md

[Sergeant Philip Almeron Faatz of Co. K and Co. A, 3rd New York Light Artillery Battery, in uniform with Co. K kepi]

[Grave of Corporal James Bryant of Co. E, 1st New York Light Artillery Battery, who was killed by lightning in Mechanicsville, Virginia]

Dora Allison, Little Miss Bonnie Blue, the light of the Confederacy / Rees.

[Private Alexander T. Harris of Richmond "Parker" Virginia Light Artillery Battery in Richmond Depot jacket]

Group of officers. 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Washington, District of Columbia. 17th New York Independent Battery Light Artillery on review

Ruins of light house, Morris Island, S.C.

Fort Monroe, Virginia. Light house

Grand instrumental concert, under the direction of Carl Sentz, assisted by an orchestra composed of the elite of the profession, will be held at Hendry Hall, Haddonfield. N. J. in aid of the street light fund. on Wednesday evening, October 19, 1

Hon. Lorenzo Crounse of Nebraska (Capt. Of light battery of artillery during Civil War)

Prospect Hill, Virginia. Camp of the 13th Regiment New York Cavalry. ("Seymour Light")

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Arlington, Virginia. Light battery at Fort Whipple

Prospect Hill, Virginia. Officers of 13th New York Cavalry (Seymour Light)

Crounse, Hon. Lorenzo of Neb. Rep. Raised a battery of light artillery in 1861 and entered the army as captain

Petersburg, Virginia. Captain Andrew Cown's 1st New York Independent Battery Light Artillery within Confederate works on the Petersburg line

The light house and bomb proofs of Fort Sumpter (i.e. Sumter), S.C.

Hon. Lorenzo Crounse of Nebraska (Capt. Of light battery of artillery during Civil War)

The light house of Fort Sumpter (i.e. Sumter), Charleston Harbor, S.C. Morris Island in the distance

Minot's Ledge Light

Foundation screw for light house

Let the American people ponder. Ku-Klux diabolism. Eleven pregnant facts brought to light by the Congressional investigating committee. Its Democratic paternity, its hellish features and party purpose. [n.p. 1867?].

Bell Rock light house during a storm from the North East / drawn by J.M. W. Turner, R.A.; engraved by J. Horsburgh.

Paillettes de glace eclairées par les rayons du soleil observées en ballon / d'après nature, par M. Albert Tissandier ; Smeeton Tilly, sc.

Charles Edward Hooker Mississipppi, (Captain in 1st Regt. of Miss. Light Artillery. Lost an arm during seige at Vicksburg. Promoted to rank of Colonel of Cavalry

[Close up view of front of locomotive, showing light, smoke stack and bell]

The Montauk light

Light house at South-West-Pass, Louisiana

Light in darkness

The Light of the world is Jesus

Holy ghost! with light divine

The Donegan light guard!

Walk in the light

The Dawning light

Light thrown on a dark subject (which is bad for the gas companies)

[Light house at Ahırkapı] / Abdullah Frères.

Palmer Park, light house