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Truck trailers line up at a freight house to load and unload goods from the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, Chicago, Ill.

[Don Quixote, holding sword and shield and attached to line held by another man, descending into Montesino's Cave]

A survey of Lake Champlain including Crown Point and St. Iohn's on which is fixed the line of forty five degrees north lattit. terminating the boundarys betwe[e]n the provinces of Quebec and New York agre[e]able to his Majesty's proclamation done by order and instruction of the Honourable James Murray, esqr., Governor of the Province of Quebec and the Honourable His Majestys Council

A plan of the west line or parallel of latitude, which is the boundary between the provinces of Maryland and Pensylvania : a plan of the boundary lines between the province of Maryland and the Three Lower Counties on Delaware with part of the parallel of latitude which is the boundary between the provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania /

Advertisement. To be sold by public vendue, on Thursday the 14th of April next, at the House of Abraham Post, Tavern Keeper, at Sagerties. Six thousand acres of land. Situate to the north of, and adjoining the line between the counties of Albany

New York & New Jersey commissioners line from 41⁰ on Hudson's River taken in 1769.

A line to the modern ladies: found among the writings of Joseph Hopkins, late of Farmington, deceased. [s. l., 1770?].

To the public [2 line quotation from Addison] The present General Assembly of this Colony in their first session, passed a resolution disqaulifying the judges of the Supreme Court from sitting in General Assembly ... [Signed] Brutus. New-York. J

A plan of the division line between the provinces of New-York and Quebec. In the 45th degree of north latitude. Survey'd in the year 1771 & 1772.

To the publick. We the Committee, who were appointed by a large number of our respectable fellow-citizens, at the house of Mrs. Van de Water on the 21st instant to draw up a line of conduct, to prevent the messrs. Murrays involving others in a b

In Provincial congress, New-York, June 2, 1775. Friends and countrymen. The parent of the universe, hath divided this earth amongst the children of men, and drawn out the line of their habitation ... To the inhabitants of the province of Quebec.

A vaudevil, sung by the characters at the conclusion of a new farce called the Boston blockade. [Five eight line verse] [Boston: Printed by John House, 1776].

A Plan of that part of the boundary between the states of North and South Carolina, lying between that part of said boundary marked in 1764 and the old Cherokee boundary line. Fixed and marked by commissioners appointed by each respective colony, now states, in June A.D. 1772.

Extract of a letter from Trenton, dated. Jan. 20, 1781 [Giving an account of the British intrigue with the revolted Pennsylvania line dated. Philadelphia. January 22, 1781] [Philadelphia: Printed by David C. Claypoole].

[Dotted line map of Washington, D.C., 1791, before Aug. 19th].

Thomas Jefferson, April 6, 1803, Time Line and Notes on Mediterranean Squadron

Situation of a part of the first line of defence of Lisbon /

The United States ship of the line Delaware

Statement of the quantity of improved and unimproved land, and also the population, in the different parts of the county of Sussex, as proposed to be divided, beginning on the Musconetcong river where the East and West Jersey line crosses, and r

[Battle scene with line of bayonets]

Map of rail road surveys from Worcester to Baldwinville & N.H. line.

U.S. ship of the line Pennsylvania: 140 guns

Daily line to the South! Sundays excepted, Carrying the Great Central U. S. Mail. Schedule ... T. Shepperd, Agent. Baltimore, August 25, 1847. Murphy Printer, 178 Market Street, Baltimore.

To Southern travellers! Spring, Summer and Fall arrangement of the great southern mail line! Via Washington City, S. C. Direct to New Orleans ... Stockton & Falls. E. F. Krebs, Agent. Baltimore, July, 1847. Murphy Print, 178 Market Street, Balti

Summer arrangement! Daily line to the South carrying the great central U. S. Mail to Norfolk, Portsmouth and lower parts of Virginia & North Carolina. Schedule. Leaving Spear's wharf, Baltimore daily, (except Sundays,) at 4 o'clock, B. M. ... T.

Grand patent India-rubber air line railway to California: competition defied

Map of railroad line commencing at a point on the West-Philadelphia R.R. 4 miles below its junction with the Columbia R.R. & terminating at the R.R. bridge at Gray's Ferry; showing it to be the easiest & most economical route for avoiding the inclined plans & approaching the city of Philadelphia; surveyed February, 1849.

Southern travellers. Look out for monopoly! Great reduction of fare!! The eagle line of new and splendid coaches leave Baltimore daily, on the arrival of the Philadelphia cars, for the following places, viz.: Washington City, Richmond, Petersbur

Map & profile of the location of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road from Cumberland to Wheeling showing also the various routes surveyed from the 1836 to the final establishment in 1850 of the line upon which the road is being constructed; Benj. H. Latrobe, Chief Engineer; drawn by Albert Fink, Baltimore 1850.

U.S. mail steam ship Pacific: Collins line, builders, hull by Brown & Bell N.Y. engines by Allaire Works N.Y.

Regular line of clipper ships for San Francisco. Elegant California Clipper ship!! ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

U.S. mail steam ship, Atlantic: Collins line. builders, hull by Wm. H. Brown N.Y.--engines, by Stillman Allen & Co. Novelty Works N.Y.

Map of the Portland and Ogdensburg Rail Road line, and connections.

Map of the northwestern states. Shewing [sic] what proportion lies north of the parallel of South Bend of Lake Michigan. It will be seen at a glance, that the unbroken line of communication with the Atlantic seaboard, and the only winter route for northern Indiana, northern Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, will be by the Michigan Southern Railway, and south shore of Lake Erie.

U.S. mail steam ship Baltic: Collins line. builders, hull by Brown & Bell N.Y. engines by Allaire Works N.Y.

The great American steamer, General Washington, the largest boat in the world to be built and run on the new National Line, between New York and Albany / drawn on stone by C. Parsons ; invented, designed, and drawn by Darius Davison, New York.

Map of the proposed line of Rail Road connection between tide water Virginia and the Ohio River at Guyandotte, Parkersburg and Wheeling /

[Government building ("Custom House and Post Office"), Bath, Maine. Transverse section on line A-B]

Northern N. Y. railroad tariff for Western flour and grain, via Vermont central railroad line ... September 11, 1854.

View from the heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol, shewing the ground of the battles of the 25th Octr. and of the 5th Novr. 1854 and the line of our defences since the 25th Octr. / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham lith.

A map showing the route of the proposed rail road from the Copper and Iron Mining District of Lake Superior to connect with rail roads built or being constructed in the state of Wisconsin as adopted by the citizens of Ontonagon and Marquette counties Mich. at public meetings held in November and December 1855; (subject to such changes of location of the road as a general survey of the line shall prove to be desirable.)

Important to travelers going South from Washington. Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac. ... Railroad & steamboat line via Alexandria Aquia Creek and Fredericksburg to Richmond ... Richmond, January 1st, 1856.

To southern travellers! Spring & summer arrangement of the great southern mail line!! Direct to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, via Washington City, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg to Weldon, Raleigh, Wilmington. N.C. Charleston, S. C

Great reduction. Northern passenger and freight express by Troy line of steamers, via Troy, Saragota, Whitehall, Burlington, Plattsburgh and Rouse's point. Montreal & Orgensburgh ... New York, April 1856.

Map of the Iowa Central Air Line Rail Road and its connections.

Original air line and United States mail route! 1857. Spring arrangement. 1857. St. Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad. The only direct route from Chicago or Joliet to St. Louis Kansas and Nebraska ... [Chicago? Ill.] 1857.

Avoid the heat & dust of rail-roads. Summer arrangement... North & South railroad, and steamboat line ... to Troy, Albany, and New York...

New and reliable fast freight line to the west! Time guaranteed, delivery certain. The Pennsylvania R. R. Co. have concluded arrangements with responsible parties in the West for the establishment of fast freight lines over the Great Central Rou

Special notice. Royal Mail Through Line

Map of the Isthmus of Panama representing the line of the Panama Rail Road as constructed under the direction of George M. Totten, chief engineer &c. /

1857 Summer arrangement. 1857. Fare $ 1 less than by any other route. Morning line from Whitehall, Lake George and Saratoga, to New York! via Renss. & Saratoga, Albany, Vt. & Canada, and Harlem railroad ... W. J. Campbell, Supt.

170 miles saved to Northern Iowa and St. Paul! Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac railroad and Milwaukee & Mississippi railroad line! from Chicago & Milwaukee to Pr'ie du Chien, Wis. on the upper Mississippi River running through in 10 hours with

New and reliable fast freight line to the west! Time guaranteed, delivery certain. The Pennsylvania R. R. Co ... New York, July, 1857.

1857. New and important arrangement. Royal Mail through line for Kingston, Cobourg, Port Hope,...

Steamboat line. Stage notice. fare reduced! Cohasset, Scituate & the Glades on and after Tuesday, June 28th ... Cohasset, June 28, 1850. Propeller Job Press, 142 Washington St., Boston.

Map of Texas showing the Sabine and Galveston Bay Rail Road, or Texas and New Orleans Air Line Rail Line, its connections in the U.S. and adjacent territories.

Summer arrangement, between Boston and New York via Fall River and Newport, The splendid Empire State. Cabin, $4. Deck $2.50 ... George Sniverick, agent. Bay State Line, No. 11 State Street. [Boston 1859].

Map of the Toledo, Wabash, and Gt. Western Rail Road Line, and its connections.

The new American iron steamship "Champion," of the Vanderbilt line

Sketch no. 4 of roads between H.-Q. 10th Army Corps and Swift Creek on the south : with enemy's 2nd line of intrenchements [sic] around Drury's Bluff on the north /

Map of Texas, showing the line of the Texas and New Orleans Rail Road, and its connections in the U.S. and adjacent territories.

Boundary line cut

[Man standing among tree stumps on bank of the Moyie River at the boundary cut, with cairn marking the boundary line between United States and Canada in the background]

Boundary line cutting, Yahk River - cairn just completed

New York Central railroad company's express freight line! Boston to the western & S. western states and Canadas, via Buffalo, susp'n bridge & Lewiston ... Boston. Fred Rogers, printer. [1860].

Map of rail road line between Loveland and Cincinnati; Marietta and Cincinnati Rail Road.

Cutting and cairn on the boundary line

Map of the Shore Line Rail Road route between New York and Boston, showing its rail road and steamboat connection with New York, New Haven, New London, Stonington, Providence, Newport, and Boston.

The South New steamship line between Boston and Savannah. The splendid side wheel steamship Joseph Whitney ... Will leave Boston for Savannah. on Saturday, Dec'r 8th, 1860 at 3 o'clock, P M ... Boston, December 3d, 1860 Boston. J. H. & F. F. Far

On skirmish line Officer turning to look at a dying soldier

Earthwork fort at Alexandria protecting the left of the line of the grand army, showing its commanding position

Beaufort Harbor and coast line between Charleston, S.C. and Savanna [sic] Ga., with 5 mile distance lines in circles round Beaufort, and R.R. connections, roads, &c, &c.

Fortifications on Bermuda Hundred's Line near Point of Rocks, Va.

[Officers stand in line by a flagpole]

Boundary line cut with cairn at Kishenchn, looking west, 1861

Frank F. Fargo to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, October 25, 1861 (Telegram regarding completion of inter-oceanic telegraph line)

A voice from the old Maryland line. Air:- "Maryland my Maryland." Baltimore, Oct. 27th, 1861

City Point, Virginia. Soldiers winter quarters. Inside first line of fortifications

Rifle pits on the picket line in front of Petersburg, Va.

Burning of the U.S. ship of the line Pennsylvania, 140 guns : and other vessels, at the Gosport Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va. on the night of April 20th 1861

Federal picket line in front of Fort Steadman

[Railroad construction on the City Point and Army railroad line]

Map of battles on Bull Run near Manassas, 21st of July 1861 on the line of Fairfax & Prince William Co[unti]es in Virginia, fought between the forces of the Confederate States and of the United States of America /

[View of the "Y" on the City Point and Army railroad line]

Interesting bird's eye view of the seat of war. Showing parts of the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina; and also the coast line from Cape Henry to Fort Pickens, with the United States blockading fleet.

Fortifications on Bermuda Hundred's Line near Point of Rocks, Va.

View of "Y" on the City Point & Army line, near yellow house

Our naval and military operations at a glance. The coast and land line of the rebellious states-the Union blockade of the Atlantic and Gulf coast-the rebel batteries on the Mississippi-the forts on the southern sea line

Topographical sketch of the line of operations of the Army of the Ohio under the command of Major General D. C. Buell, U.S. Volunteers : evacuation of Corinth by the enemy, May 30th, 1862 /

North Carolina coast line. Showing every inlet, sound & bay of special interest, from Fortress Monroe to South Carolina.

The important strategic movements in Virginia. Scene of operations in front of Richmond, in the Valley and on the line of the upper Potomac-the threatened offensive movements of the rebels.

[Worker repairing telegraph line?]

Coast line from Charleston to Savannah.

Bermuda Hundred, James River, Virginia. Signal tower on left of Bermuda line

Harrison's Landing, Va. : Showing Union line of defence [sic].

Map of the battle of Gettysburg, Pa., July 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 1863, showing line of battle on P.M. of 2nd

Rebel line in front of Sedgwick--Mine Run 1863

Tourists' tickets to Niagara Falls, Rapids of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, Saratoga, Hudson River, and other popular resorts; or Round trips including all the above, at prices to suit the times ... Vt. Central R, R. Line. [Boston] Fred Ro

[Sketch of the roads south of Bowles's shop near Salem Church, Virginia, showing "Early's line," probably in May 1863].

Genl. Q. A. Gillmore's line of earthworks in front of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, S.C., July 1863