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Andrew Jackson, president of the United States / painted by W.J. Hubard ; C.G. Childs Lithr.; drawn by A. Newsam, pupil to C.G. Childs.

Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Dude sweet music, superb costumes.


Déesse 16, rue Halévy, Paris / / PAL.

Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

[Woman stands in the basket of a balloon holding flags]

[Spectators in an arena viewing the ascension of a balloon driven by propellers with an inflation device in the foreground] / G. Meloni disegnò e inv.

Gay-Lussac / lith. Delpech.

Second Regiment, Hudson Brigade, First Division, Hudson County State Militia

Aérotère / H. Francois.

Lagrange (eastn. view) / A. Fisher, pinxt. ; Deroy, delt.

[Three men in basket of ascending balloon with flag attached]

F. Chaussier, professeur à la faculté de médecine, membre de l'Institut / H. Garnier ; lith. de Ducarme.

What is it

Scene in Chatham Square - by a spectator

The tiger lilies

P.J. Barthez / Pigueron.

Fr. Chaussier, professeur à la faculté de médecine de Paris, ... membre de l'Institut de France, &c, &c / Potelet ; lithe de Berdalle.

[Woman, with chickens and ducks in baskets, facing another woman at wall of building, two dogs, and man walking with a pig]

Lagrange (northn. view) / A. Fisher, pinxt. ; Lith. de Villain ; Deroy, delt.

Société d'expériences aérostatiques Direction 24 rue Maubeuge, Paris.

L'Hirondelle. V. Triquet

Tobacco currency - furnished by the manufacturers Pearl & Obreight

La Sirène

Le Colonel Coutelle, chef des aérostiers, en 1794 / Pelletier, del. ; lith. de Monnoyer.

Kentucky Tonic Bitters

Drawing, plate 8 from an original drawing by Gaspar Poussin in the collection of Benjamin West Esqr. P.R.A. / Wm. Charles fecit.

Drawing, plate 9 from an original drawing by Gaspar Poussin in the collection of Benjamin West Esqr. P.R.A. / Wm. Charles fecit.

Henry Clay / Childs & Inman Lith.

[Maximilian I] J. Stieler pinx ; B. Rausch del.

The Right Hon. Henry Robert Stewart, Lord Viscount Castlereagh, M.R.I.A. & F.R.S. / from an original picture by T. Lawrence, Esq. R.A. ; drawn by W. Evans ; engraved by H. Meyer.

John Adams, second president of the United States of America

Washington presidents house / lith by E. Sachse & Co. Baltimore.

General Jackson

Aloys Senefelder--Enfinder der Lithographic und der chemischen Druckerey / Nach der Natur auf Stein gezeichnet von Lorenz Quaglio 1818.

Proverbes no. 5 -- Naissance de la renommée ou d'un sac à charbon il ne sort pas de farine

[Domestic cat with two kittens inspecting something on the ground, a saucer is on the right]

[Domestic cat on a stool playing with three kittens] / C.F.

Le Marché / Ch. Mozin ; lith. Feillet, dir. par G. Frey, R. Coq-heron, 11.

[Domestic cat napping with three playful kittens and a saucer on the right]

Guizott / lith. de Delpech.

[Two domestic cats fighting] / CF-.

A transfer / drawn by S. Prout ; R. Ackermann's lithogy.

John J. Audubon

[Domestic cat with three kittens, playing]

[Domestic cat on a stool playing with three kittens]

[Composite of two illustrations: 1. Rev. L. Armstrong, Dr. B.J. Clark, Gardiner Stow, and James Mott around table with Holy Bible, Temperance Constitution, and Blackstone's Commentary; 2. The Mawney House, in which was organized the first temperance society]

Chateaubriand / Deveria ; lith. de Lemercier.

[Domestic cat with three kittens, playing] / Brodtmann nach Mind.

[Domestic cat standing on a block and a puppy with its front paws on the block]

[Domestic cat and kitten drinking milk from a saucer] / CF.

[Domestic cat and kitten drinking milk from a saucer]

[Domestic cat eating while two kittens play] / CF-.

[Domestic cat eating while two kittens play]

[Balloon with open frame wood or metal basket and attached propellers]

[Domestic cat with two kittens, one playing with a ball of string]

[Domestic cat sleeping with three kittens resting]

Fête de pantin

Jeu des habitans de Californie

[Self portrait painting with a woman looking on]

Benjamin Franklin - peint d'après nature pour la famille - exposé au Salon de 1779 / Duplessis pinxit ; A. Maurin, lith.

Vue intérieure d'une partie du Moscou, prise des Hauteurs à droite de la Yaousa / Cadolle delt. ; lithoge. par Deroy.

Le prince de Ligne / H. Grevedon, 1825.

Col. Pluck

Vue de la place des boutiques / Cadolle delt. ; lithe. par Deroy.

Napoléon, élève a l'ecole militaire, (1783) / Charlet.

White Mountains. Distant view of the slides that destroyed the Whilley family / Cole delt. ; Imbert's lithography.

[James Monroe, half-length portrait, seated at desk, facing slightly left]

Elevazione aereobatica eseguita da Francezco Orlandi in Bologna nei puba. giardini li 6 Novembre 1828

John Anderson, my Jo, a Scotch Air, sung by Sinclair, arranged by Kozeluch

The president of the United States / A. Ducôte's Litho. 70, St. Martins lane ; A. Hervieu delt.

Major Genl. A. Macomb / T. Sully pinxt ; on stone Childs direx.

New Haven from the S.E. / Drawn from nature, and on stone by T.K. Wharton.

Le Capne. Aubert, Comt. le Jean Baptte de Caen, sauvant l'equipage de Brick Americain le Lydia / T. Gudin pinxt. et lith. ; lith. de Lemercier.

La Cracovienne, dans la Gipsy Pas dance par Fanny Ellsler

[Pages 37 - 40 of an album of figure studies]

Les quatre éléments. Louis était un enfant léger qui n'apportait aucume application à l'étude; ...

4 Polkas - San Francisco, The Balloon, The Pleasure Train, The Storm

Beautiful May

Boston minstrels. The celebrated Ethiopian melodies ...

A New method of Macarony making as practised at Boston / copied on stone by D. C. Johnston from a print published in London 1774.

The Thames Tunnel

St. Louis skating rink waltz

La Redowa Polka, danced by Mad. Cereto & Mons. St. Leon

Circus Galop - to Miss Emilie Shierenberg

Evening prayer--"Hallowed be thy name" / lith. & pub. by Currier & Ives.

The Dissatisfied Man, or "Any Thing to Make a Change"

The handsome man / E. B... ; N. Currier's lith., N.Y.

La Crosse

Irving's Giant Pain Curer

Francesco Arban

La patrie est en danger / F. d'Orléans, j[ui]n 1830.

The Tippecanoe Quick Step

Clinging to the Cross

National melodies

Bugaboo Schottisch

George Washington & family

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