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Commuters, who have just come off the train, waiting for the bus to go home, Lowell, Mass.

Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Adams and John Lowell, August 17, 1786, Property in Maine Claimed by Madame de Gregoire

Statistics of Lowell manufactures, January 1, 1835. Compiled from authentic sources.

Anniversary of the Lowell Sabbath School Union, in the grove on Chapel Hill, July 4, 1838, 10 o'clock, A. M. Order of exercises.

Miss D. Y. Emerson; will commence the Spring term of her school; on Monday April 8th, in Buttrick's block 3d door Market Street ... Lowell, March 13, 1844.

Statistics of Lowell manufactures, January MDCCCXLVI compiled from authentic sources. Lowell, Mass. Published by Joel Taylor, at the office of the Lowell daily courier [1846].

A new view of the city of Lowell, Mass

Statement of the mill powers and shares in the proprietors of locks and canals, to which the several manufacturing companies at Lowell, are entitled ... Lowell, December 17th, 1853.

Musicians' military & civic ball, complimentary to the Lowell cornet band, at French's Hall, on Thursday evening. Nov. 16th, 1854.

... The treasurer herewith presents his 50th semi-annual account with the Lowell Institution for savings ... Lowell, May 5th, 1854.

The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the Court House. The kidnapper agreed, both publicly and in writing, to sell him for $1200. The sum was raised by eminent Boston citizens, and offered him. He then claimed more. The b

The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the Court House! The kidnapper agreed, both publicly and in writing, to sell him for $1200. The sum was raised by eminent Boston citizens and offered him. He then claimed more. The ba

James Russell Lowell

Jas. Russell Lowell

Examination of the Lowell High School. Monday, July 21, 1856 ... Daily Courier Steam Press, 27 Central Street.

The Lawrence disaster. By Jason E. Cowden. Lowell, Jan. 20th 1860

Maj. Gen. Lowell Harrison Rousseau

Maj. Gen. Lowell Harrison Rousseau

Maj. Gen. Lowell Harrison Rousseau

[Brig. Gen. Charles R. Lowell, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

Huntington Hall. Lowell. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, March 7, 8 and 9 also Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock ... The artistic combination! entitled Hubbad's colossal United States pantoscope of the tour of H. R. H. Prince of Wales thro

Headquarters of Lowell's Cavalry Brigade, Vienna, Va., February, 1864

Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, Died April 15th, 1865.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Middlesex, ss. "At the Superior Court, begun and holden at Lowell, within and for the County of Middlesex, on the second Monday of March, being the ninth day of said Month, Anno Domini, 1868." "The following By-Law

[Group of women standing in a semi-circle, formally dressed, holding brooms tied with bows, possibly as symbols of protest]

Panoramic view of the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, from the northeast side

[Photograph of sculpture entitled, "The President" Bronze by Saint-Gaudens located in Chicago, Illinois.]

The Dean Stanley memorial. It having been suggested, at the late meeting held in the Chapter house of Westminister Abbey, on the birthday of Dean Stanley, December 13, 1881, at which our American minister, M5. Lowell, was one of the speakers, th

[Advertisement for Hoyt's German Cologne and Rubifoam for the Teeth, both manufactured by E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass., illustrated with girl and Ladies Calendar for 1889]

Lowell House, Cambridge, Mass.

Map of the Boston & Lowell R.R. system with its principal connections.

J.R. Lowell

[Exterior of public library, Lowell, Massachusetts]

[James Russell Lowell, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right] / engraved by J.A.J. Wilcox, from the original crayon in the possession of Charles Eliot Norton, drawn by S.W. Rowse in 1855.

Pawtucket Falls / by R.E. Westcott.

Orson Lowell

The Lowell House, Cambridge

[Lowell, Mass., mills on Merrimack River]

General hospital, Lowell, Mass.

High school, Lowell, Mass.

Orson Lowell

Orson Lowell

Education ass'n delegates call on Prof. Lowell, Harvard

Lt. Lowell H. Smith and Sgt. Harvey

Pearl McGill, Elodre Coppens, W.E. Trautman - Lowell

State armory, Lowell, Mass.

Highland Club, Lowell, Mass.

Orson Lowell

Lowell Creek

A. Lawrence Lowell

A. Lawrence Lowell

Y.W.C.A, Lowell, Mass.

Orson Lowell

James Russell Lowell, 1819-1891

"Let us deal generously with Cuba, as befits a great republic" - President Roosevelt, Lowell, Mass.

"Let us deal generously with Cuba, as befits a great republic" - President Roosevelt, Lowell, Mass.

The Lowell, Columbia University, N.Y.

[Percival Lowell, half-length portrait, facing slightly left]

Percival Lowell, No. 6 / Purdy, Boston.

[Percival Lowell, half-length portrait, facing left]



St. Patrick's Day parade, Lowell, Mass.

The Lowell High School Girls' Basketball Team--New England Champions


... To the friends of Mrs. Lowell: The Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Committee, after giving careful consideration to every plan proposed, have definitely adopted a design for a Memorial gateway to be erected at one of the footpath entrances in

Post office, Lowell, Mass.

Southwick Hall, textile school, Lowell, Mass.

Boston and Maine R.R. [Railroad] station, Lowell, Mass.

Merrimack Street looking west, Lowell, Mass.

[John A. Lowell and Company portrait of Abraham Lincoln.]

Boulevard drive, Lowell, Mass.

Lowell, Mass.

Vesper Boat Club, Lowell, Mass.

State Normal School, Lowell, Mass.

Gen[eral] B. F. Butler's Residence, Lowell, Mass.

Merrimack Street looking east, Lowell, Mass.

City Hall, Lowell, Mass.

The Jail, Lowell, Mass.

Memorial Hall and public library, Lowell, Mass.

The birthplace of Whistler, Lowell, Mass.

Lowell, Arizona

Panorama of Lowell, Ariz.

Family and their new automobile in front of the Fred Lange house, Lowell, Nebraska.

Prof. Lowell

Roosevelt and Pres. Lowell

Lowell - Portuguese mill girls

Family in front of the W.J. Bloodgood house west of Lowell, Nebraska.

Lowell, Mass. - strikers before MERRIMACK MILL

Roosevelt and Pres. Lowell

C.C. Blue's threshing crew near Lowell, Nebraska.

[Lowell Bank Note Company portrait of Abraham Lincoln.]

Lowell Memorial Park, Cambridge, Mass.

Lowell, Mass.

Steam engine threshing on the farm of B.C. Hutchinson near Lowell, Nebraska.

J. R. Lowell quotation on popular government

Frank Jarsoe [i.e., Jarose?], (left end), 7 Fayette St. Mellins [i.e., Mellens?] Court, said 11 years old. Pin boy in Les Miserables Alleys, made $3.75 last week. Joe Weaver, (right end), 10 Mellens Court, said 11 years old also a pin boy, made $2.13 last week. These boys work until midnight every week night. Location: Lowell, Massachusetts.

Students and teachers at Lowell, Nebraska.

Cornelius Hurley, right end of picture, 68 Adam Street, been at work in No. 1 Mill room in Merrimac Mill, Lowell, Mass., for six months. About 13 or 14 probably. Michael Keefe, 32 Marion Street been at work in No. 1 Mill room Merrimac Mill. Location: Lowell, Massachusetts.

Robert Magee (smallest). 270 Suffolk St., Apparently 12 years old Been working in Mule Room #1, Merrimac Mill, Lowell, 1 year. Michael Keefe (next in size), 32 Marion St., been working in #1 Mule Room, Merrimac Mill, Lowell, for 8 months, about 13 or 14. Cornelius Hurley, 298 Adams St., been at work in #1 Mule Room, Merimac Mill, Lowell, for 6 months, about 13 or 14. Location: South Framingham, Massachusetts.

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