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[Telescoping siege machine]

[A man operating a lathe with fixed cutting tool driven by the action of weights; here the machine is cutting screw threads in wood]

[Complex machine using water-wheel, bellows, and turbine action]

[Ox-powered machine for grinding or milling grain]

The machine to go without asses

A machine for delivering persons from burning houses / R. Aitken sculp.

A new invented machine, cleansing docks, or deepning [sic] rivers

A smuggling machine or A convenient cosauway for a man in miniature

Globe aërostatique. Dédié à Monsieur Charles. Cette machine est representé ici s'élevant pour la seconde fois au milieu de la Praïrie de Nesle, ou il venoit de descendre, accompagné de Mr. Robert ... / Desrais, del. ; Denis, sculp.

Experience de la machine areostatique

Depart de MM. Charles & Robert, du Jardin des Tuilleries dans leur machine aërostatique, le 1er decembre 1783

Machine aérostatique de 70 pieds de hauteur sur 46 de diametre, qui s'est élevée à Paris, avec deux homme à la hauteur de 324 pieds le 19 oct. 1783

Nouvelle forme de globe aërostatique. Au centre duquel est adapté pour point d'apui une machine aussi simple que facile à manœuvrer, pour avancer et se diriger dans les airs / / composé, dessiné, et gravé par le Sr. Mathieu, mecanitien.

Cooke's Patent Drill Machine

Massacre of the French king! View of la guillotine; or the modern beheading machine, at Paris. By which the unfortunate Louis XVI ... suffered on the scaffold, January 21st, 1793

La Machine infernale / gravé par Bonnefoy.

[Calculating machine designed by Pascal] / Louvet sculpt. Rue Galande No. 51.

Wheat Fan [and] Sinclair's Sowing Machine

Cotton Gins...the machine invented by Eli Whitney, for ginning cotton, politely sent to us from the U.S. Patent Office

Polygraph. Hawkins's machine for writing, drawing &c. / J. Pass sc.

Ascent of [H] Bell's aerial machine, from Vauxhall Gardens

[John Heathcoat, inventor of the knitting machine]

"Epurator" machine for cleaning cotton

Bolt vice for machine shop

Shears for machine shop

Harris' patent portable circular saw machine. Patented October 11th, 1853 ... State or County rights, or single machines for sale by Thomas Palmer. No. 83 Dock Street, Philadelphia.

[Design drawing for a man-powered flying machine designed by Sir George Cayley] / Lith. Jolicoeur, pass. Vendome, 25.

Nasmyth's patent steam hammer, copied by permission of the inventor from the machine in the great exhibition

Jenkins & Knight's patent spoke machine. Awarded the gold medal, at the late fair of the Maryland Institute, in the City of Baltimore ... Kingston, N. Y., November 8, 1854.

[Block making machine that produced wooden blocks for block and tackle, primarily for the ship industry]

Shingle machine! Skinner's patent shingle machine is now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute fair. The machine, well managed, will rive and shave 20,000 shingles in ten hours ... Purdy & Skinner. Washington, Feb. 23d. 1855. H.

[Sewing machine]

[Side view of a shirtless man pushing a metal bar which appears to be attached to a weighted exercise(?) machine]

Submarine Infernal machine intended to destroy the "Minnesota"

The Union carpet cleaning Co. using the original "Harris machine," with such improvements as experience has suggested, solicit your orders for clearning carpets ... Boston, May 8, 1861.

Bird's eye view of machine shops, with east yard of Orange & Alexandria Railroad

[Illustrated Civil War "Union Envelopes"]: Infernal machine at Washington

The Rebel foray in Pennsylvania - General view of Chambersburg ; The Rebels exchanging their rags for overcoats at Chambersburg, Pa. ; Burning the engine house and machine shops at Chambersburg, Pa. / / sketched by Mr. Davis.

The solar gaz machine. O. P. Drake's latest improvement for lighting with gas. factories, hotels, stores, and dwellings ... Manufactured and sold by O. P. Drake & company 6 & 8 Bedford Street, Boston, Mass. [1866].

The avant couriers of the coming man--Scene in Sampson's Shoe Manufactory at North Adams, Mass.--Teaching the Chinese the use of the pegging machine

The local machine

[Child at sewing machine]

The Corliss Bevel-Gear-Cutting Machine

The Great [railroad] Strike [Pittsburgh, Pa. 1877]: Burning of offices and machine shops, PRR; Burning and sacking freight trains, PRR; and mob outside James Bown & Son gunworks [composite of 3 scenes on single page]

[A Japanese woman, with one shoe (geta) off (to operate spinning machine), spinning silk from silkworm cocoons]

Joseph Montgolfier de l'Academie des sciences, belles lettres, et artes de Lyon, inveniteur de la machine aerostatique ou ballon / Héliog. & imp. J. & A. Lemercier.

[The three pronged pick machine]

[Man seated on Aultman-Taylor threshing machine] / J.A. Hawkins, photographer.

The Channel Tunnel Work at Dover [England]: view showing where the shaft is sunk & Beaumont & English's compressed-air tunneling machine

Road making machine - at work on roads of St. James on Gulf, Florida

The darktown fire brigade-the last shake: "We's won de mug but we's smashed de ole machine."

[Hoisting machine displayed in Gallery of Machines, Paris Exposition, 1889]

Machine division in Tuskegee Institute

[Sugar mill (machine), Puerto Rico]

Machine shops, Pensacola Navy Yard

Sheffield Car Co., machine shop

Sutro tunnel. Sutro tunnel and mule train. Adolph Sutro, founder of the Sutro tunnel. Sutro from the tunnel. Sutro mansion and machine shop

U.S.S. Newark, machine guns

[Reproduction of page from notebook of Leonardo da Vinci showing a water-powered, gear-driven machine for manufacturing cannon barrels]

U.S.S. Indiana, machine guns

[Massachusetts. Lynn. shoe factories, 1895?: woman operating sewing machine]

The McKinley flying machine (with respectful apologies to Prof. Langley)

U.S.S. Brooklyn ice machine

[Machine shop class, Washington, D.C.]

The fun machine, Who is who

Porto Rico. A native seamstress [with small sewing machine on lap]

German prisoners with machine guns & wounded

Channeling machine and steam shovel, Livingstone Channel

Car dumping machine, Ashtabula, O[hio]

[Machine car]

[Caille-Schiemer Co., peanut machine, The]

Harvesting machine pulled by 32 horses in Spokane, Washington

Wrights new machine

[Sewing machine]

Threshing machine in operation, Ventura, California

[Glazier Stove Company, machine room, Chelsea, Mich.]

[Glazier Stove Company, machine room, Chelsea, Mich.]

[The Caille-Schiemer Co. bagatelle machine from above]

Milling machine, Gen. El. Co.

Twining ornithopter, flying machine with bird-like wings

Blind women taking dictation on machine

Automatic wood paving machine [France]

Coal dumping machine, Ashtabula, Ohio

[Glazier Stove Company, machine room, Chelsea, Mich.]

[Sewing machine]

Curtiss-Herring flying machine, on ground, Mineola, L.I.

Machine shop class

Darwin-Coxe Machine, in which insane were swung until quiet, "Fool Tower", Vienna

French & British machine gunners

Clement's model for flying machine

[Glazier Stove Company, machine room, Chelsea, Mich.]

White's wrecked machine towed back

Automatic wood paving machine [France]

[Flag making - man cutting out stars with machine]

At Nice, Chaues machine after the accident. Two men at the left are photographing the scene.

[Sewing machine]

[Battle at the machine works, Tʻien-chin, China]

[Claude] Grahame-White's wrecked machine towed back, Bain News Service / Bain News Service

Automatic wood paving machine, France

[Glazier Stove Company, machine room, Chelsea, Mich.]

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