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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

Man of sorrow

[Blacksmith shoeing a horse while a man with large sword slays a snake in the background]

[Illustrated arithmetic problem showing man stamping on fruit in rectangular tub and man standing in round tub, with mathematical equations and surrounding text]

[Viticultural scenes - man and woman picking grapes]

[Viticultural scenes - man crushing grapes in vat with his feet]

[Viticultural scenes - man making wine vats]

[Viticultural scenes - man using two-pronged hoe in vineyard]

[Viticultural scenes - man offering another a cup of wine]

[Man performing autopsy on cadaver lying on table as 8 other men look on]

Illus. of man slicing bread (making communion wafers?) and of a hawk, in Hortus sanitatis [minor], Dè grotè herbari (The great Herbarium), Antwerpen, Gheprint bi C. de Graue, 1514

[The desperate man]

[Decorated initial with bearded man pointing up to the sun, moon, and stars and down to the earth; and surrounding text]

Full page with illus. of man painting madonna and another making engraving]

[Interior of a metallurgist's workshop with furnace and implements of his trade; on the hood over the furnace is a portrait of an unidentified man]

[Man seated, seen from behind]

[Title page of Witelo, De Natura, illus. with composite of various phenomena of natural science: mirror; man wading in water to show refracted light; box balanced at fulcrum on another box; sunlight shining through glass to start fire; rainbow]

Christ healing the paralytic man

[Man's head, showing anatomy of brain; and surrounding text]

A bearded man, wearing a crown, seated at table facing several others with long horns, harp(?), and an elephant

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: Man & horse on snowshoe "baskets" in mountains]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: reindeer pair drawing loaded wagon; 1 man driving & the other shooting rabbits with bow & arrow]

[A man operating a lathe with fixed cutting tool driven by the action of weights; here the machine is cutting screw threads in wood]

Man employing measuring device

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

[Spanish ships outside Turkish? port city; man in water; another man jumping from ship. plate 3]

[Symbolic picture in alchemical text showing crowned man standing on sun and crowned woman standing on moon joining flowers with descending dove, which represents marriage and the union of two substances]

[Man holding sword and head of decapitated, dismembered body in background]

[Chapter opening with illustration of man heating and hammering iron bar aligned in north-south orientation to magnetize it, decorated initial H and two cherubs, and surrounding text]

Title page showing enormous serpent, "The Boas", with man in its mouth, in Edward Tobsell, The historie of serpents, London, William Jaggard, 1608

[Representation of Boreas, the wintry North Wind of Greek mythology, as an old man with long, swirling, billowing hair.]

[The great abundance of fish and game in Virginia; man hunting with muskets and falcons, and fishing]

[Native American burial or memorial ceremony with man standing by shelter with bundles of bones, friends and relatives of the dead, and lodge in background, New France (Canada)]

[Title page of Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno a due nuove scienze; with device showing man picking fruit from tree marked "non Solus"]

[Cottage and farm building, man sketching]

Man smoking a long pipe, seated at table with book, candle and 2 more long pipes

[Allegorical scene during Second Punic war, showing Roman galleys in background; with old man and women in foreground]

The Man in the Moon

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: frontis, of 1669 ed. of A Sure Guide for...Justice of Peace, showing man holding sword over child before king on throne]

[Man pointing to glass globe during experiment demonstrating the force of air pressure on a vacuum]

[Illustration for chapter one of L'art de jetter les bombes showing a man standing amid artillery shooting cannon balls]

[Sleeping man and his fanciful dream]

[Man with drum on camel used by the Grand Vezir's army in the siege of Vienna]

[Don Quixote, holding sword and shield and attached to line held by another man, descending into Montesino's Cave]

Carta esférica que compde. una pte. del Archipielago de los Galapagos desde 1⁰ 35 ms. de latd. sept. hasta 1⁰ de la meridional reconocidos por la Fragta. Sta. Gertrudiz del man[?] del Capitan de Navio. Dn. Alonso de Torres y Guerra desde el dia 18 de marzo hasta el 21 del mismo levantada segn. los puntos de latd. qe. le observn. en a quellos obras ...

[Alchemical scene showing two putti holding philosopher's stone containing image of Hermes, below which are a man and a woman kneeling before furnace where transmutation is to take place]

[Robert Powel the Puppet Show man]

An elegy occasioned by the sudden and awful death of Mr. Nathanael Baker Dedham; a young man just upon the point of marriage and son to Lieutenant John Baker. He fell from his horse on Monday night the 7th of May, 1733. And died the Wednesday fo

["The Pope, or Man of Sin" - lines going from letters A through H to different parts of the Pope's body to Illustrate (A) thou shalt find in his head, Heresy. (B) in his shoulders, The Supporters of Disorder, etc.]

["The Pope, or Man of Sin" - lines going from letters A through H to different parts of the Pope's body to Illustrate (A) thou shalt find in his head, Heresy. (B) in his shoulders, The Supporters of Disorder, etc.]

The Stature of a Great Man or the English Colossus

[An elderly man, seen from behind, bathing in a wooden tub]

[A man crossing a bridge beneath overhanging trees]

A poor man loaded with mischief, or matrimon[y] / drawn by Experience ; engrav'd by Sorrow.

[A man carrying a large object]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 8]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 5]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 9]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 12]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 2]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 6]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 11]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 7]

[Silhouette of man facing right, no. 1]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 1]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 10]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 4]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 3]

The life and dying speech of Arthur, a negro man who was executed at Worcester, October 20th 1768. For a rape committed on the body of one Deborah Metcalfe. Boston: Printed and sold in Milk-Street 1768.

A view of the City of Quebec, the capital of Canada, taken partly from Pointe des Peres, and partly on board the vanguard man of war, by Captain Hervey Smyth Vue de la ville de Québec, capitale du Canada, prise en partie de la Ponte des Peres, et en partie àbord de l'avantgarde vaisseau de guerre, par le Cape. Hervey Smyth / / P. Benazech sculp.

An abridgment of Mr. Pope's Essay on Man / Invented, drawn & engrav'd by Val Green.

... A riddle. There has appeared in this City, a tall man, well made, of a fair complexion, buckram gait, majestick look, but of an unaccountable disdainful countenance ... [AN election squib. signed A White-Oak] [Philadelphia, 1770].

Charles-Town, July 28, 1770. On Friday last was opened a Star-Chamber court, held by virtue of a commission lately received from Governor Bernard, and composed of one honest and virtuous man (happily obliged by his office to sit as President the

[A tarred and feathered man standing on hands and feet with a rope attached to upper thighs and held by a man standing at left; the man on all fours looks back at a wild-eyed devil standing behind him]

A Man of Mangea and a woman of Eaoo / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

To the citizens of New-York. December 30, 1775. Fellow-Citizens. The design of electing a new Assembly at this time, is plainly to distract your attention ... [Signed] A poor Man. [blank] [New York, 1775].

His Majesty's ship Liverpool, being hauled off from the wharf, it is expected and ordered, that every man absent from her, do immediately repair on board, or they will be apprehended at Defertes. Ten volunteer seamen wanted for the above ship He

De man in't hembd, of de gefnuikte hoogmoed

A real American rifle man

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with European men]

A smuggling machine or A convenient cosauway for a man in miniature

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with harpoon and a European man with two Natives in a tropical setting]

The man of the people, the foot-ball of the people

Lately re-printed, and to be sold by Joseph Chukshank, on the North-Side of Market Street, between Second and third Streets, Philadelphia, an account of the life of that ancient servant of Jesus Christ, John Richardson, giving a r elation of man

The way to wealth, and a plan by which every man may pay his taxes ... [Signed] Richard Saundrrs. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, in Spruce-street, near the Drawbridge [1785].

The way to wealth, and a plan by which every man may pay his taxes ... [Signed] Richard Saundrrs. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, in Spruce-street, near the Drawbridge [1785].

To the independent electors of the City of New York. There was a time when a majority of the citizens of New-York were so opposed to lawyers as members of the legislature, that a single gentleman of that profession, though confessedly a man of a

Abolition of the slave trade, or the man the master

[A man engaged in metalwork, appears to be melting statues to reuse the metal, with a kitten next to his left leg]

"The rights of man; or Tommy Paine, the little American taylor, taking the measure of the crown, for a new pair of revolution-breeches

Mad Tom, or The man of rights / Hannibal Scratch, fecit.

[Above, an eagle preys on the body of a woman cast up on the seashore. Below, under the waves is a drowned man on whom fishes feed. Between text: "What time the 13 governors..."]

[Title page and frontispiece to Jean-Pierre Blanchard's Journal of my forty-fifth ascension..., showing a balloon with a man holding an American flag]

[Court scene, possibly during the reign of terror, with the accused man standing before the revolutionary tribunal]

[Allegorical family scene: man and woman huddled by fire; dead(?) child lying on floor]

To the electors of the state of New-York. Friends and fellow-citizens. The impropriety of electing any man, however exalted he may stand in the public opinion, to the office of Governor who is absent in Europe, and whose return may depend upon u

... An act relative to the passing of coasting vessels between Long Island and Rhode Island. [Followed by] An act for the relief of Spencer Man and Frantz Jacob Foltz. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs, 1795].

Andrew Fitzhugh to Thomas Jefferson, September 15, 1797, Rights of Man Public Announcement from "Mr. F"

[Frontispiece showing young man seated, with Genius holding a plaque]