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The marriage of St. Catherine

[The Marriage at Cana]

[Symbolic picture in alchemical text showing crowned man standing on sun and crowned woman standing on moon joining flowers with descending dove, which represents marriage and the union of two substances]

[A betrothal ceremony]

A caution to old batchellors & c. or an emblem of marriage in high life, founded on a true story lately transacted near Bath

Henri IV. délibére sur son futur mariage / Rubens, pinxit ; I.M. Nattier, delineavit ; I. Audran, scupsit.

An elegy occasioned by the sudden and awful death of Mr. Nathanael Baker Dedham; a young man just upon the point of marriage and son to Lieutenant John Baker. He fell from his horse on Monday night the 7th of May, 1733. And died the Wednesday fo

Marriage à la mode--the toilette scene / invented painted & published by Wm. Hogarth ; engraved by S. Ravenet.

A poor man loaded with mischief, or matrimon[y] / drawn by Experience ; engrav'd by Sorrow.

The pleasures of the married state / W. Proud del. et sculp.

The modern paradise, or Adam and Eve regenerated

Three weeks after marriage

Quel bonheur de retrouver ce que l'on aime

Matrimonial-harmonics / Js. Gillray, des. & fect.

Tameing [i.e. taming] a shrew. Or Petruchio's patent family bedstead, gags & thumscrews / Williams fecit.

State of Maine. In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight. An additional act for regulating marriage and for the orderly solumnization thereof ... Approved. Feb. 16, 1828.

Notice: I hereby forewarn all persons against crediting my wife, Delilah McConnell ...

[Nine humorous vignettes of a woman looking at her reflection in two mirrors, crowded stagecoach being loaded, insolvent man refusing to get out of bed, man walking on ceiling, John Bull and the Yankee barber, woman having portrait painted, town man mocking clothes of a country man, men greeting each other in storm, and fainting bride at Afro-American marriage ceremony]

The marriage morning

The marriage evening

The novel & interesting game of matrimony. Map of matrimony / Lith. & printed by J. Dainty, Philada.

The marriage

The marriage

The day before marriage

Hymenial expositor, or, matrimonial chart / desigd. by A. Kollner ; Traubel.

The day before marriage: The bride's jewels

Marriage evening

Marriage Certificate

[Bas-relief from the tomb of Maximilian I, depicting the marriage of Maximilian and Maria of Burgundy

General Tom Thumb's grand wedding march, composed by E. Mack. Respectfully dedicated to General Tom Thumb & lady / T. (?) Sinclair lith., Phila.

Evreikskie [sic] svadebnye obriady. Privoz nieviesty [sic] v dom zhenikha (shebi zenan)

Zaravshanskii okrug. Urok chistopisaniia

Evreikskie [sic] svadebnye obriady. Svidaniia zhenikha s neviestoi (kuda-bini) do braka

The marriage of Princess Mary of Cambridge and Prince Teck - the procession from the church

Marriage of a colored soldier at Vicksburg by Chaplain Warren of the Freedmen's Bureau

Certificate of marriage. Prepared by Rev. Mrs. Phebe A. Hanaford, pastor of the First Universalist society, Hingham, Mass. Boston. C. C. Roberts, printers. [c. 1869.].

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate

Romance as is a romance or a story without words / L.Y. Hopkins.

Family record and marriage certificate

The Wedding at the White House. The ceremony in the East Room--Rev. Dr. Tiffany declaring Mr. A.C.F. Sartoris and Miss Nellie Grant husband and wife / sketched by our special artist, Mr. Harry Ogden.

Marriage certificate. This certifies that ...

Dottie and Lottie. No pork chops for me dearie ... I had a customer today that looked the image of a fat pig ...

[Abduction of man by man in armor and of woman by insect to be united in marriage]

American millions and foreign nobility - the market where our girls buy - and get sold / Gillam.

Mrs. M. at the time of her marriage, 1884

The President's wedding / [drawn] by T. de Thulstrup.

Washington, D.C.--The wedding at the White House, June 2nd--the mother's kiss / from a sketch by C. Bunnell.

[Wholesale marriage of Portugese women]

Lincoln memorial marriage certificate of Thos. Lincoln & Nancy Hanks, old Lincoln cabin, etc.

The black list of states

American "rocks" / Ehrhart.

Our American girls are capturing the House of Lords / C.J. Taylor.

"Now we're married let's go to keeping house" / G.Y. Coffin.

A colonial wedding, the marriage of Dr. Francis Le Baron and Mary Wilder, Plymouth, 1695

Another proposed war tax / Ehrhart.

Ramona's marriage place, San Diego, Cal.

A foolish request / Keppler.

Rethberg "Marriage of Figaro"

[Wedding of Crown Prince Yoshihito and Princess Kujō Sadako]

[Romeo and Juliet]

Killing the fatted calf - for a marriage feast - Palestine (St. Luke XV:23)

The bachelor's last Christmas eve / O'Neill Latham.

[Wedding reception of Crown Prince Yoshihito and Princess Kujō Sadako]

After marriage

Before marriage

[A series of statistical charts illustrating the condition of the descendants of former African slaves now in residence in the United States of America] Conjugal condition of American Negroes according to age periods.

[Procession of gondolas, marriage of Venice and the Adriatic]

Letter from Alexander Graham Bell to Miss Boyd, December 5, 1901

Before marriage

Love's course among the crowned heads--Little Alfonso is next in line to have a wife picked out for him / Ehrhart ; J. Ottmann Lith. Co, N.Y.

A marriage by registrar

For the favored few / Ehrhart.

Love's course among the crowned heads / Ehrhart.

Safe in dangerous waters / Ehrhart.

Quite a difference / Ehrhart.

A romance of the rail /

"Me too" / Ehrhart.

Cupid's round-up / Ehrhart.

Unionism / Gallaway.

A young married couple of the Bagobos tribe, in the Philippine Village, St. Louis World's Fair

[Marriage party of Igorots(?) at Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904]

The diversions of high society / Albert Levering.

Arrival of the guests at Miss Roosevelt's wedding, White House, Washington, D.C.

President Roosevelt, with Alice Roosevelt-Longworth and Hon. Nicholas Longworth in bridal array.

Bulloch Hall dining room, scene of marriage of President Roosevelt's parents

[Interior view of Bulloch Hall dining room, scene of marriage of Theodore Roosevelt's parents]

The cigar band fiend / Ehrhart.

Elizabeth Smith Miller Study Club meeting held at home of Attorney and Mrs. William Smith O'Brien features Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Smith Miller Study Club hears J. B. Hubbs on marriage

How the Scheme Might Fail: Marriage Proposal refused until Women can Vote

La Revue Comique par Jehan Testevuide, no. 33-36

Taft Marriage License, Ohio

The Wishing well, Ramona's Marriage Place, Old Town, San Diego, Calif.

[Pages from the D.C. marriage license records]

The day of the wedding comedy in 4 acts

Monsieur de Balloy has asked for your hand

Isidor Rothandler, 80 Ridge Street, New York. Idiopathic Idiocy. Mother worked hard before marriage, and was ailing while Isidor was coming. Further data in their files; #1695 Nurse Investigator Records, Department of Public Charities. New York], New York (State) / Photo by Lewis W. Hine., September 16, 1913, in co-operation with the Clearing House for Mental Defectives, 303 East 20 Street, New York.

Leave him? work? marriage? I would die first ...

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