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To the sheriff or marshall of the said County of [blank] or either of their deputies or constables of the town of [blank] within the said County or to any or either of them greeting. In his Majesty’s name you are required to attach the goods or

John Marshall

William Marshall to Thomas Jefferson, October 10, 1796

Thomas Jefferson to John Marshall, December 28, 1800

Thomas Jefferson to John Marshall, March 2, 1801

Thomas Jefferson to John Marshall, March 4, 1801

Thomas Jefferson to N. Marshall, December 24, 1803

David M. Randolph to William Marshall, January 29, 1804

[John Marshall, head-and-shoulders portrait, right profile]

Andrew Jackson to Marshall & Watkins, January 23, 1817

James Madison to W. Marshall, September 18, 1824.

Funeral honors. Washington, Miss. Aug. 12, 1826. In carrying into effect the views of the Committee of arrangement, the Grand Marshall directs th t the following order be observed, in the procession intended on to-morrow, the 13th instant, in ho

Andrew Jackson to Marshall Parks, July 14, 1831

William Marshall et al. to R. Boone, January 30, 1836

William Marshall to John Carr, January 30, 1836

A free public dinner in honor of the Hon. Jas K. Polk will be given at Lewisburgh in Marshall county, on Thursday the 6th of October. The Citizens of Marshall and the adjoining counties are respectfully invited to attend and participate ... Sept

[Unidentified man, possibly Marshall P. Wilder, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters to right]

United States Marshall branding the author

The gallant charge of the Kentucky cavalry under Col. Marshall: at the battle of Buena Vista Febr. 23d 1847

Samuel D. Marshall to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, April 06, 1849 (Appointment)

[John Marshall Harlan, full-length portrait, standing, in uniform and holding sword and hat]

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Field Marshall Lord Raglan

Marshall S. Bidwell

Marshall S. Bidwell

Marshall S. Bidwell

Marshall Forney

Col. E.G. Marshall

Marshall Forney

Marshall Forney

Geo. S. Bennett United States deputy marshall Let the public mark this man, and let the nation fear for its safety when lecherous, drunken tyrants are in power ... [Signed] Justice. Cincinnatti, O. February 1st, 1856.

[Samuel S. Marshall, Representative from Illinois, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Humphrey Marshall, Representative from Kentucky, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Hon. Samuel S. Marshall

William Marshall to Felix Van Reuth, Wednesday, November 14, 1860 (Support for job application)

"The Boston stone." Opposite the "Marshall House" may be seen the celebrated "Boston Stone" imbedded in the wall, long an object of interest to the curious and antiquary. [186-?].

Hon. Marshall

Gen. Elisha G. Marshall, 14th N.Y.H.Art.

Col. L.M. Marshall

Thomas A. Marshall and Jesse K. Dubois to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, May 19, 1860 (Telegram; Notification of nomination)

Marshall O. Roberts

John W. Riddell and T. M. Marshall to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, January 02, 1861 (Telegram against Cameron)

Headquarters of Provost Marshall, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Alexandria, Virginia. Marshall house

Marshall House, Alexandria, Va. Scene of death of Col. Ellsworth

Alexandria, Virginia. The Marshall house

Ellsworth. Memorial Col. E.E. Ellsworth, the patriot martyr. The Marshall house, Alexandria, Va. Francis E. Brownell, the avenger of Ellsworth.

Banner gas burner!! Consumes all the gases! Ventilates the room. Keeps fire through the entire season without rekindling ... For sale by Thomas A. Westscott, 16, 17, 18 & 19 Marshall, corner of Union Streets, Boston [1861].

Marshall House, Alexandria, Va., scene of death of Col. Ellsworth

Marshall House, Alexandria, Va. Scene of Col. Ellsworth's death

Marshall House, Alexandria, Virginia / negative by Wm. R. Pywell ; positive by A Gardner.

Fort Marshall Baltimore, Md Fifth Regiment Artillery N.Y.V.

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 05, 1862 (Meeting with James Marshall)

Abraham Lincoln to William H. Seward, Friday, March 07, 1862 (Appointment of James F. B. Marshall)

J. Marshall : chief justice of the United States

[Captain James William Forsyth, Provost Marshall of 18th Regular Army Infantry Regiment, sitting atop a crate of hardtack at Aquia Creek Landing, Virginia]

Thomas P. Akers to Marshall O. Roberts, Tuesday, October 11, 1864 (Cover letter)

Thompson, Hon. Richard Wigginton of Indiana. Commander of Camp Thompson, Ind. Provost Marshall 1861-1865. Appointed by Lincoln, Collector of Internal Revenue 7th District of Indiana

Hon. James William Marshall of Va. (Post master general - Grant's Cabinet) Private in Confederate Army

Marshall, Hon. C. K. of Miss ?

Jewell, Hon. Marshall, Post-Master General

Clerks at Provost Marshall's Office, Washington, D.C., April, 1865

Richmond, Virginia. Monumental church on Marshall Street

Interior of U.S. Marshall's office, 1865

Judge John Marshall Harlan, Supreme Court

Marshall, Hon. Postmaster - General

Marshall, Hon. Postmaster - General

Bird's eye view of the city of Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa 1868.

Birds eye view of the city of Marshall, Calhoun Co., Michigan.

Harlan, Judge John Marshall

[John Boyle O'Reilly, Irish-born poet, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right] / A. Marshall.

Hagans, Hon. John Marshall of W. Va

Hon. Marshall Jewell, Post-Master General

Hagans, Hon. John Marshall of W. Va

Jewell, Marshall

Jewell, Marshall, Post-Master General

Hagans, Hon. John Marshall of W. Va

Map of the "Panhandle" embracing counties of Hancock, Brooke, Ohio and Marshall, West Virginia /

J. Marshall

Marshall Jewell - Postmaster General

Marshall Jewell - Postmaster General

View of house still standing (1876) in Woodbury, Conn. formery occupied by Rev. John Rutgers Marshall, Missionary, and First Rector of St. Paul's Church

Washington, D.C.--the new administration--colored citizens paying their respects to Marshall Frederick Douglass, in his office at the city hall / sketched by our special artist.

New York City - funeral of the late Marshall O. Roberts, in Calvary P.E. Church, Fourth Avenue, September 14th

Order of exercises at the unveiling of the statute of John Marshall, late chief justice United States, on Saturday, May 10, 1884 .... [Washington, D. C. 1884].

John Marshall

[The cook at Marshall Hall, seated outdoors, shelling peas?]

John Marshall Harlan, 1833-1911

National Association of California Pioneers of Washington, D.C., fourth reunion with their guests at Marshall Hall, MD., May 14, 1890. First trip of steamer Charles Macalester / Jos. E. Bishop, Wm. Cruikshank, photographers.

James Rush Marshall, 1851-1927

From Shawnee Hill, Marshall Creek, Pa.

Moshier Knob, Marshall Creek, Pa.

Marshall Falls, Marshall Creek, Pa.

Buttermilk Falls, Marshall Creek, Pa.

Silver Lake, Marshall Creek, Pa.

Old mill at Minsi, Marshall Creek, Pa.

[Monument to Marshall Mauritz of Saxe, Strassburg, Alsace Lorraine, Germany]

[James Rush Marshall, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing left]

John Marshall Harlan, 1833-1911

Hon. Thomas F. Marshall taking the temperance pledge

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