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St. Martin dividing his cloak

Assertio septem sacramentorum aduersus Martin. Luther¯u, aedita ab inuictissimo Angliae et Franciae rege, et do. Hyberniae Henrico eius nominis octauo.[Londinum, In aedibus Pynsonianis, 1521][156] p. 25 cm.

[Johann Martin Boltzius, 1703-1765; head and shoulders, facing slightly right; German Lutheran emigrated to Georgia]

Carte de la coste de la Floride depuis la baye de la Mobile jusqu' aux cayes de St. Martin.

[America, 1772 - title page ornamentation showing Native wearing skirt made of feathers pointing to a map of America] / Iacob Christoph Weÿerman inv. et delin. ; Martin Gottfried Cophius, sculps.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

Horatio Gates to Martin Armstrong, November 16, 1780

Plano del puerto de la Havana, situado en la parte del N. de la ysla de Cuba en la lattd. de 23⁰10ʹ y en longd. astronómica de 293⁰47ʹ, meridiano de Tenerife ... el año de 1783 por Dn. Josef de Sn. Martin, the. de Navio de la Rl. Armada ...

Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney to Henry Martin, November 4, 1784

Articles of agreement between John Lewis, James Wilkinson, and Abner Martin Dunn

Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney to Henry Martin, November 8, 1784

William Wynne, R. P. Arden, A. McDonald to Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney, November 7, 1784, Report of the King's Advocate, Attorney and Solicitor General on the 'Letter of Mr. Martin"

E. Harris to Martin Armstrong, October 5, 1785

Thomas Jefferson to Martin Oster, November 19, 1786

James Martin, January 30, 1787, Certificate of Thomas Silbey's Service as Carpenter Aboard the Marianne

Thomas Jefferson to Martin Oster, October 20, 1787

Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Martin, March 26, 1791

Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Martin, July 2, 1791

Carta esférica de las yslas de Sn. Martin, Sn. Bartolome y Anguila /

The President's message on the treaty papers. Gentlemen of the House of representatives ... Geo. Washington. United States March 30,1796 [Boston] [Signed of hand] Done by A. Martin Orrery Press [1796].

Thomas Jefferson to James Martin, August 31, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to James Martin, February 23, 1798

[Rag-shop, St. Martin's Lane]

[Head-and-shoulders portraits of Johann Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Peter Schöffer, Melanchton, Johann Fust, and Lucas Cranach] / Stahlstich v. Carl Mayer's Kunst-Anstalt in Nürnberg.

Ebenezer Titus to Martin Armstrong, October 4, 1801

Ebenezer Titus to Martin Armstrong, October 4, 1801

For one night only, unless requested. G. Greene, M. D. M. A. R. and formerly pupil of Messieurs Walker, Martin and Ferguson, very respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he will deliver this evening, February 9 1801, at Mr. Stelle'

Andrew Jackson to James Martin, March 24, 1815

Andrew Jackson to George Martin, November 17, 1816

Peter H. Martin to Andrew Jackson, January 9, 1818

James Madison to Martin Van Buren, February 21, 1828.

James Madison to Samuel Martin, January 30, 1829.

Martin Van Buren to Andrew Jackson, January 2, 1830

Democratic celebration of the third Congressional district. Regular toasts. [13 toasts including toasts to Andrew Jackson, President of the U. S. Martin Van Buren, Vice-president, Pennsylvania and Henry A. Muhlenberg,] [n. p. 183- ].

Andrew Jackson to Martin Van Buren, June 2, 1831

The gridiron "The honorable member solemnly declared in writing that when this country returned to cash payments he would suffer himself to be broiled upon a gridiron, now the country has returned to cash payments and I think the hon. member bound to undergo the consequences." Substance of C of Exchequer's speech upon bank charter / / H.B. ; A. Ducotes lithogy., 70 St. Martin's Lane.

Hiram King to Martin Van Buren, December 24, 1834

Hon. Martin Van Buren, Vice President of the United States

Martin Rice to Andrew Jackson, April 23, 1835

James Madison to Martin Van Buren, February 18, 1835.

James Madison to Martin Van Buren, February, 1836.

Martin Rice to Sarah Yorke Jackson, February 20, 1837

Disturbing a martin's nest

Benjamin Franklin engraved by T.B. Welch from the portrait by Martin in the possession of the American Philosophical Society.

Martin Van Buren. Eighth president of the United States

[Former President Martin Van Buren, half-length portrait, facing right]

The 'destiny' of the United States in the hands of Martin Van Buren! and the friends of the British government rejoice. St. Albans [Vt.] The Messenger Extra. August 27, 1840.

[Martin del Castillo y Cos, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

J. H. Merrill, solicitor of patents, Corner of D and eighth streets, opposite Martin's Franklin house. Washington, Sage printer [185-].

Martin Luther's house

[Design drawing for stained glass window with St. Joseph; St. Martin]

[Design drawing for stained glass window: Johann Sebastian Bach: To the Glory of God; and Martin Luther: A Mighty Fortress is Our God]

Abraham Lincoln to Martin Walters, Monday, December 26, 1859 (Check)

[Martin W. Bates, Senator from Delaware, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Martin J. Crawford, Representative from Georgia, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Gen. Martin D. Hardin

The ladies' choice. 3d Ward For Mayor. J. G. Berret, Alderman, J. F. Brown. Councilmen L. Tree, T. Scheckeds, P. M. Martin. Assessor. J.W. Rane. [Washington, D.,C. 186-].

Gen. Martin L. Smith, CSA, Florida

Gen. Martin L. Smith, CSA, Florida

Sarg. H.F. Martin, 123rd Pa Inf

Maj. W.J. Martin, Paymaster

Hon. Martin Welker of Ohio

Martin Van Buren, ex-pres of U.S.

Gen. Martin T. McMahon, U.S.A.

Sarg. H.F. Martin, 123rd Pa Inf

Maj. W.J. Martin, Paymaster

Sarg. H.F. Martin, 123rd Pa Inf

Gen. Martin L. Smith, CSA, Florida

Maj. W.J. Martin, Paymaster

[Private Albert B. Martin of Co. 3, Washington Louisiana Light Artillery Battery]

John W. Martin to W[illiam] D. Wallach, Tuesday, April 09, 1861 (Telegram reporting of battle in Charleston Harbor)

Martin Stowell to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 17, 1861 (Volunteers services to preserve Union)

[Envelope addressed to John W. P[aivice?] Esq., Hamilton, Martin County, North Carolina; postmarked Concord, N.C.]

Charles V. Dyer to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, April 26, 1863 (Martin R. Delany)

Peter Page to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, May 01, 1863 (Introduces Martin Delany)

Alexander W. Randall to John G. Nicolay, Monday, June 01, 1863 (Case of Capt. Martin)

John Raines to Ezekiel Clark, Tuesday, May 12, 1863 (Pardon for Martin Davis)

Joseph Medill to Martin F. Conway, Wednesday, September 28, 1864 (Politics)

Martin, Hon. J.M.H. of Miss?

Washington, District of Columbia. Gen. Martin D. Hardin and staff at Fort Slocum

Washington, District of Columbia. Gen. Martin D. Hardin and staff at Fort Slocum

District of Columbia. Headquarters of Gen. Martin D. Hardin at Fort Slocum

[Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity)]. Gen. Martin D. Hardin and staff

Maginnis, Hon. Martin of Delegation from Territory of Montana, Private in 1st Minn Inf., later was a Captain was appointed Major in 11th Minn. Inf. in Sept. 1864

Clardy, Hon. Martin L. of MO.

Martin, Hon. J.J. of Ala?

Washington, District of Columbia. [Gen. Martin D. Hardin's] headquarters at Fort Slocum

Maginnis, Hon. Martin of Montana. Delegate from Territory of Montana

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W.Va.

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W.Va

Clardy, Hon. Martin L. of MO. Served in Confederate Army

[Maquette of Union soldier for Roxbury Soldiers' Monument and other sculptures at the studio of Martin Milmore in Boston, Massachusetts]

Dr. Martin Luther / photographed by C.S. Roshon, Harrisburg, Pa., from a cromo [i.e. chromo] of the original painting by Karnauc, Wertenberg, Germany [i.e. Lucas Cranach, Wittenberg]

Martin, Hon. Joseph John of N.C.

Martin Luther / engraved by Theodor Knesing, from the picture by Lucas Cranach.

[Plat of the "Dan T. Nelson Tract" of land on Long Branch].

[William T. Martin, of Miss., Brigadier General, C.S.A., head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

Le lest / Ch. Gilbert Martin.

Erster gedruckter Globus, Martin Hylacomylus (Waltzemüller) : gehört wahrscheinlich zu seinem 1509 herausgegeben Buch "Globus mundi' ; Zweiter gedruckter Globus, Peter Apianus : in dessen Cosmographicus liber, 1524, sich bereits ein Globus mit Gestell abgebildet befinden /

Map of Morgan and Johnson counties and parts of Magofin, Floyd and Martin /