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[The Angel of the Annunciation] / MS.

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

[Cursus per totam septimanam. German. [from old catalog]]Dye siben Curs[us] auf ainen yeglichen Tag der Wochen ain, mit seyn siben Zeiten vn[d] sel Vesper gar loblich geordiniert.Ulm, Conrad Dinckmut, 1491.

[Composite of scene of Virgin Mary bathing]

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

The Virgin, St. Sebastian and a holy bishop

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

Flight into Egypt AD monogram

[The visitation]

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

The Virgin in an oval

The virgin, child and St. John

[Madonna with the pear]

[The Virgin holding the child seated on a cloud]

Virgin and child with angel

The entombment

The entombment / Raff. da Reggio invent. Andrea Andreano Mant. intagliator.

The Virgin, Child, and saints / Iacopo Ligozia Veronese pittore del Sereniss [...]; Andrea Andriano Mant. intagliatore 1585.

Maria Regina Scotiae--Mortis at Horrendam Faciem [...] / PM.

The Blessed Virgin

The Virgin, Child, and a bishop / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Mantuano intagliatore in Siena 1591.

The Virgin and child surrounded by saints and kneeling donor / AA, in Mantova, MDCX.

The Virgin and Child / G. Rhenus Bon. In., B. Coriol. Eq. Sculp.

The Virgin and Child / Bart. Coriolanus Fecit. Bononiae anno 1630.

The Virgin and Child / Bart. Coriolanus Fecit. Bononiae anno 1630.

Head of the Virgin

[The Virgin and Child]

[Death of the Virgin]

The Virgin, Child, and St. John the Baptist / G.R., In., B.C. Eq.F., 1647.

An explanation on the prospect draft of the Fort William and Mary on Piseatagua [sic] River in yr. province of New Hampshire on the continent of America

Words of Consolation to Mr. Robert Stetson & Mrs. Mary Stetson, his wife on the death of their son Isaac Stetson, who perished in the mighty waters November 7th, 1718. Aged 22. [1718].

Ann Bonney and Mary Read convicted of piracy...

Full-length standing portraits of Charles, Prince of Wales, the future Charles II of England, James, Duke of York, the future James II of England, and Princess Mary, children of King Charles I of England, with their two dogs

A Plan of the Straits of St. Mary, and Michilimakinac, to shew the situation & importance of the two westernmost settlements of Canada for the fur trade.

[Map of St. Mary's and Petit d'Grat Harbour.]

An account of the remarkable recovery of Mrs. Mary Read, of Rehoboth, to the use of her limbs, of which she had been deprived three years. [Probably printed in Providence 1769].

Plan of Amelia Island in East Florida, north point of Amelia Island lyes in 30:55 north latitude 80:23 w. longitude from London, taken from De Brahm's Map of South Caroline & Georgia. A chart of the entrance into St. Mary's River,

[Cliffs at Saint Mary Bay, Nova Scotia]

[Map of the coast of Georgia, bordering on Camden and Glynn counties, showing also the course and soundings of the Alatamaha, Turtle, Crooked, St. Mary's, Great Satilla, and Little Satilla rivers.]

[The Madonna of the Rose]

Mary Jefferson to Thomas Randolph, October 1790

[Title page and dedication page of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft (Boston, 1792); Dedication page is handwritten: "Presented to the Library of Congress by a great admirer of this earliest work for woman's right to equality...ever penned by a woman...(signed) Susan B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y., Jan 1, 1904"]

Mary Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., January 13, 1793

Thomas Jefferson to Mary Jefferson, November 17, 1793

... An act for erecting a lighthouse on the island of Seguin in the district of Maine, and for erecting a beacon and placing three buoys at the entrance of Saint Mary's river, in the state of Georgia ... [Followed by] An act further to authorize

Thomas Jefferson to Mary Jefferson Eppes, July 16, 1801

Le Triomphe de la religion

[Frontispiece and title page from "An affecting narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Mrs. Mary Smith" showing three Native men, one with bow and arrow, facing three Euro-American men, two with rifles]

[John Rodgers, the first Protestant martyr of Queen Mary's reign, being burnt at the stake in Smithfield Market, London, Feb. 14, 1554]

Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore. June 13th, 1829. Sir Your note of the 22d April, addressed to me through your private secretary, accompanying the return of my papers ... [Signed] Mary Barney. Curtis, Pa. [1829].

Norwich, Vt. Sept. 17, 1829., The Norwich Female Seminary is this day opened to receive young ladies under the care of Miss Mary B. Ware, as principal ....

Map of the territory of Florida, from its northern boundary to lat. 27⁰30ʹN, connected with the delta of the Mississippi : annexed to the report of the Board of Internal Improvement dated Febr. 19th, 1829, relating to the canal contemplated to connect the Atlantic with the Gulf of Mexico and describing the inland navigation parallel to the coast from the Mississippi to the Bay of Espiritu Santo and from St. Mary's Harbour to St. Augustine

Mary Abigail Fillmore, hostess for President Fillmore at White House

Execution. The life, trial, and behaviour of that unfortunate young woman, Mary Johnson, 22 years of age, who was executed at Gloucester on Saturday last, 1831 for the murder of her master and mistress, John and Anna Robinson ... Leeds, Printed

Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland drawn by G.P. Harding ; engraved by T. Woolnoth

Andrew Jackson to Mary Eastern, November 7, 1831

Andrew Jackson to Mary Barker, December 29, 1834

Noces de Cana Paul Véronèze pinx. ; Watier del. ; Normand Fils sculp

Mary Ann

Sacred heart of Mary: sacre coeur de Marie / sacrado corazon de Maria

[Probate notice for Mary Pitman, single woman]

Mary Barker to Andrew Jackson, November 28, 1836

Mary Keyworth to Sarah Yorke Jackson, June 18, 1836

The rights of conjugal happiness contended By Mary G. Doe. Biddeford, Me. Printed on the "Eastern Journal Fast Engine Press [184-].

[Mary Manuel Lisa, half-length portrait, facing slightly left, seated, holding glasses]

La vierge aux plamiers Raphaël Sanzio pinxt. ; Achille Martinet delineavit & sculpsit

[Hickson W. and Mary Elizabeth Field, three-quarter length portrait of a man seated in a chair beside a woman with elaborate jewelry]

Mary Blane

Burns and highland Mary / lith. & pub by Sarony & Major 136 Nassau St. cor. Bookman, N. York.

St. Mary's Hall / lith. of T. Sinclair, Phila.

Fairest flower so palely drooping / Mary Balmanno, del. ; C. Currier's Lith., N.Y.

Sacred heart of Mary: sacre ́coeur de Marie / sagrado corazon de Maria

Sacred heart of Mary Sacred heart of Jesus ; Descent from the cross ; The crucifixion.

[Mary H. Lee, half-length portrait, seated, holding a book]

Soliloquy of Prof. John W. Webster, after the disappearance of Dr. Geo. Parkman up to the time of his execution. By Mary G. Doe. [Aug. 1850].

[Mary Ann Bartlett, three-quarter length portrait of a woman, seated, beside table with books and tablecloth]

[Mary Wollstonecraft, half-length portrait, facing left]

The grave of my mother Poetry and music composed and respectfully dedicated to Miss Megee of Philadelphia by the author of Mary's beauty / / Queen ; C. Schuessele del. ; P.S. Duval & Co. steam lith. press.

Indian maid of the chapparal. Air- Mary Blane. Thomas M. Scroggy, Publisher, No. 443 Vine Street, above Twelfth, Philadelphia

[Morteotype of Mary Gideon, half-length portrait of a woman, facing front]

Benn Pitman in 1854 From a daguerreotype in the possession of his sister, Mrs. Mary Pitman Webster.

Miss Mary Booth

Mary Mitchell



[Design drawing for stained glass window showing St Ann, Mother of the Virgin with child Mary holding lily]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with text "Born of the Virgin Mary"]

[Three portraits of men rescued from the Central America, by the bark Mary: John Tice, Alexander Grant and George W. Dawson; and portrait of Capt. Hiram Burt, of the Boston brig Marine, who rescued the women and children on board the Central America]

[Design drawing for woodwork for proposed Chancel treatment for St. Mary's Church in Keyport, New Jersey]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window with St. Simon in memory of 1879 - Mary Hanff Paylor - 1956]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with abstracted Christ(?) and Mary Magdalene(?)]

The final rescue of Tice, Grant and Dawson by the bark Mary, after their unparalleled sufferings in the life boat of the Central America

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Ascension with Mary Magdalene and Christ with text "Jesus Saith Unto Her, Woman, why Weepest thou?"]

[Design drawing for proposed Reredos with central statue of Christ with Virgin Mary on left and St. John on right, and riddel curtains. Church of the Epiphany in Govans, Baltimore, Maryland]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Holy Family working: Mary with spinning wheel, Joseph instructing Jesus at carpentry; wooden ceiling]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window with Christ, Mary, and Martha]

To Miss Mary E. Taylor. The Supper Bell Polka. Companion to the dinner & breadfast bell / J.H. Bufford's Lith.

[Isadora Noe Freeman and Mary Christiana Freeman]

Mary & Lizzie - Segars Manufactory of the best vuelta-abajo tobacco by W.S. Huntoon & Son, Providence, R.I.

Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln, Monday, August 06, 1860 (Check)