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Damascus Gate and environs. Tombs of the Kings, the rolling stone

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Panorama of Jerusalem from Olivet, in three sections

Temple of Horus, Edfu, Egypt


Northern views. Home of Christ, Nazareth

Trans-Jordan. Petra. Temple of el-Khazne. (Doorway of side chamber)

23rd Psalm, sheep

Sinai, the sea

Mount of Olives from the west, camel in foreground

Damascus (Esh-Sham). Cemetery of the Meidan

Polish consulate

Painting of Christ? on a ceiling


Northern views. General view of Nazareth (En-Nasirah) American Colony, Jerusalem

Peasant types. Village carpenter. (Making plows)

Chamber of the Last Supper, Jerusalem American Colony, Jerusalem

Elementary schoolroom

Upper section of El-Khazne. Close side view, taken from precarious hazardous height

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Pool of Hezekiah

Mt. Sinai

State visit to Jerusalem of Wilhelm II of Germany in 1898. Emperor reviewing Turkish honor guard; birds-eye view


Mount Moriah, original contour

Bethpage i.e., Bethphage from Olivet, Jerusalem


Robinson family

Beth Shemesh

Sinai. Panorama of the Central Sinai Mountains from Wady er-Raha, in two sections

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Damascus Gate

Maronite bishop

Northern views. Dan (Tell el-Kadi) American Colony, Jerusalem

Citadel & Tower of David

Syrian bishop's remains (funeral). Corpse seated in church

Petra, el-Khazne

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. Ruins of bath, Jerash American Colony, Jerusalem

Church of Holy Sep. i.e., Sepulchre. Jewelled crosses

Cedars of Lebanon

2 men on camels, Sinai Mts. i.e., mountains

Beirut Hospital staff party

Arab woman, ceramics

Antique glass

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Jerusalem from Gordon's Calvary American Colony, Jerusalem

Bedouin women working primitive grainmill

North Palestine botanical trip before 1917

Trans-Jordan. Jerash. Portico of the Temple of Artemis

Araya Abebe, cousin of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, in Jerusalem

Military copies


Plan of Ur

Beth Alfa, Plain of Esdraelon

Street in Jerusalem

Petra. The Sik from el-Khazneh

Petra. General view of mountains of Petra

Polish consulate



City types. Jerusalem rabbi. (With scroll & phylacteries)


Locust plague

Jerusalem Waterworks

Dead Sea sunrise from Neby Mousa i.e., Nebi Musa

Sinai, shepherd and sheep

Nazareth, general view

Jaffa. Packing & exporting oranges

Beth Shemesh

Mt. Tabor & church

23rd Psalm, sheep

Moat around Tower of David American Colony, Jerusalem

Northern views. Shunem (Sulem) and Mts. i.e., mountains of Gilboa

El Kubeibeh, German Hospice

Arabs constructing building

Castle, Aleppo

Petra. Tomb with stories

Collection of flints

Antique Roman glass

Turk mili. military WWI. Men dancing with swords in celebration

Mosque of Machpelah, Hebron

Jewish factories

City of Gaza

Petra, high place?

Jerusalem. British homes, embassy

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Solomon's Quarries

Epiphany, church Church of the Holy Sepulchre


Antique glass

Road to Jericho (Er-Riha), etc. Valley of Achor. Bedouin camp

Camels at oasis, Sinai


Agony in the Garden

Jerusalem to Galilee via Samaria. Lake of Galilee. (Fishing boat at sunrise)


Boat passing rocks at Jaffa


Beirut, etc. Sidon (Saida)

Old Bedouin woman

The upper room place of the last supper

National Geographic Society at Le Gorce (Tunney?)

Petra. Temple of Ed-Deir, front view American Colony, Jerusalem

Young girl standing in front of a tree

Road and buildings

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