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First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

[2 men standing beside woman scribe(?) seated at reading stand]

[Man performing autopsy on cadaver lying on table as 8 other men look on]

Two nude men: one standing, one reclining / Micarino, fec.

[A philosopher]

An apostle (Paul?)

[Title page with five men seated at desks writing, possibly includes the author, Strabo, a Greek geographer]

[Title page of De arte supputandi, book four; with decorated border including men inside tent, Scaevola and Porsenna]

[The story of the first men]

[Group of men and a demon, Peru]

[Men chopping wood, damming stream, and washing ore demonstrate a sluicing method for obtaining stones from which tin is made]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: men spearing, and smoking salmon]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: Men and women hunting with bows and arrows on snowshoes; "women nimbly...or more than men"]

[Illustration of ancient fable of men worshipping an ass bearing a religious relic]

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

[A weroans, or chieftain, of Virginia]

[Two mermaids, men on island, ships and boats]

[Manfred seated and pointing to two knelling men with falcons]

[Interior view of a metallurgical workshop where men are removing impurities from silver]

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

[Title page for The complete gentleman, by Henry Peacham, with elaborate border showing figures of "Nobilitas" and "Scientia"] / Fr. Delaram sculp. anno. 1522 [i.e., 1622]

[Box men on one-legged stools, with birds ]

[Courtly outdoor scene, with fountain and men on horses (recto) ; faint red chalk sketch (verso)]

[Men operating water pumps during building fire]

[Birds and turtles of the French West Indies; men spear-fishing from rowboat]

[3 Asian men on their knees praying to large bird]

Anno Regni regis & reginae Gulielmi& Mariae secundo. By the Governour, & council [An order for enlisting men in the expedition against Canada] Boston March 24 1689. [Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green 1690].

[Arms] By His Excellency the Governor. Whereas it hath been of absolute necessity, that a certain number of men should be impressed, for the service of their Majesties, in defence of this their Province, both at sea and land, against the common

To the Whigs of 1776. Fellow citizens. You cannot but remember the cry in favor of the "men of 1776" which has continuously been kept up by the Democratic party, and which now again begins to be revived ... An old solder. [n. p. n. d.].

Know all men by these presents that I for and in consideration of the sum of current money of the Province of .... have granted, bargained, sold, released; and by these present do fully, clearly and absolutely grant, bargain, sell and release un

[Preparing for the first battle]

John Charmion’s latin epitaph from his ardent love to learning and learned men on Mr. Pemberton, who dyed at Boston, the 13th of February, 1716,7 in the 45th year of his age, translated into English. Sacred to the lasting memory of the Reverend

By veele zit de kei in't Hooft om dat men in de Wind gelooft

[Blind Justice holding sword and scales; 7 men on gallows in bg; Brit. warship and pirate ship in close combat below (frontispiece)]

[Moon viewing at Shinagawa]

[Rivals contending for a beauty]

[A willing letter writer]


Standing / B. Dandridge pinx ; L.P. Boitard, sculp.

[Two lovers in a boat]

[The black knight]

[Passing a love letter]

The several methods of blowing and casting plate glass with the men at work

Socrates standing before seated group of men; figure of Justice stands behind him

[Costumes of Chile]

Ichikawa danjūrō no sukeroku

Notice is hereby given to such persons as have received beating orders from His Excellency Governour Shirley, to raise men for the defence of His Majesty’s colonies in North America, and have not made return of the inlistments of the men they ha

By His Excellency William Shirley, Esq; Captain-General and Governour in chief in and over the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. To [blank] Sir, As you have received beating-orders from me to enlist men into His Majesty’s service

Onoe kikugorō no sanjō kokaji munechika

[Two men, possibly actors]

[A man carrying a large object]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 8]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 2]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 12]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 9]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 5]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 6]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 11]

[Silhouette of man facing right, no. 1]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 7]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 1]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 4]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 10]

[Silhouette of man facing left, no. 3]

The election, a medley, humbly inscribed to Squire Lilliput, professor of scurrility

The queen's arms, a night's amusement / Maucourt invt. et fecit.

Kotsuzumi o utsu wakashū

[Illustration of ancient fable of men worshipping an ass bearing a religious relic]

[The interior of a kabuki theater]

Engawa no wakashū to onna

Yatsushi kusazuribiki


Mitate rajōmon

[Four coffins of men killed in the Boston Massacre]



On the death of five young men who was murthered, March 5th, 1770. By the 29th regiment. [Massachusetts 1770].


Capt. Gg. [George?] Newell

A Man of Mangea and a woman of Eaoo / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

Ukie yukimi shuen no zu

Danjo no manzai


Hibachi o kakomu gonin no otoko

Boston, April 20th, 1773. Sir. The efforts made by the legislative of this province in their last session to free themselves from slavery gave us, who are in that deplorable state a high degree of satisfaction. We expect great things from men wh

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Fellow Citizens. Be not deceived by sounds. A tremendous out-cry is made about the right of election, as if it would be violated and lost, by choosing one set of men, more than another ... [

What is this my son Tom

Shinagawa yūsho no enseki

Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 1775. The generals flatter themselves that the new establishment of the army will not be less agreeable to the men in general, than it is calculated for action and economy … [An address to the soldiers.] [Cambr

Headquarters, Cambridge. November 1775. The generals flatter themselves that the new establishment of the army will be not less agreeable to the men in general, than it is calculated for action and economy; that they shall find in them the same

"Instructions for the inlisting of men" ...In Provincial Congress at New-York, June 20, 1775

In Provincial congress, New-York, June 2, 1775. Friends and countrymen. The parent of the universe, hath divided this earth amongst the children of men, and drawn out the line of their habitation ... To the inhabitants of the province of Quebec.

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 27th, 1775. Resolved that there be immediately raised in the County of Essex, ten companies, to consist of fifty men each, officers included to be stationed upon the sea coast … In Provincial Congress June

In the House of representatives. Dec. 2, 1775. Resolved, that Mr. Guild, for the county of Suffolk [and 23 others] be and they hereby are severally appointed to use their utmost endeavors to raise the men proportioned and fixed on the several to

Sukeroku shirozak euri

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear Countrymen. A steady friend to your rights, I have ever been, and shall be always ready to warn you of danger, from every quarter. [Exhorting them to elect men of ability to the next

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My friends and countrymen. When I behold a few restless men, endeavouring to throw all things into confusion; and puffed up with false notions of their own wisdom and importance, labouring t

New York, April 16, 1776. The Mechanics in union and their associates, beg leave to offer the under mentioned gentlemen to the public, as fit men to represent the city and county of New-York, in the next Provincial Congress; the electors reservi

The wise men of Gotham and their goose