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The above plan is a discription of a new township containing the quantity of seven and a half mile of land & water, granted by the General Court to the proprietors of Bakerstown so call'd, lying & being in the county of Cumberland ... Deld. at Falmouth, 4th September 1765.

Copy of a survey return'd by Mr. Sam Lewis, surveyor of Botetourt Coun[t]y. Surveyed for George Washington 2950 acres of land (by virtue of a warrant for 5,000 acres granted by His Excellency the Governor to said Washington agreeable to His Majesty proclamatiom issued in the year 1763) lying in the county of Botetourt on the n.e. side of the Great Kanhaway about a mile and half above the mouth of Cole River, joining the upper end of the Poketillico survey ... Novemr. 6th, 1774.

A new map of Ayr Shire comprehending Kyle, Cunningham & Carrick : the scale one inch to a mile /

Whereas it appears to this Court, that the part of the militia of this Colony now in the American army as a temporary reinforcement in consequence of a resolve of said Court the 1st of December last [Allowing their claim one penny per mile for t

Light house S.W.b.S. 1 mile distant

View of Cape Round bearing west distant 3/4 of a mile

North west part of Montserrado County, Liberia : in ten mile squares.

The town of Providence, Indiana. This town is situated on the bank of the Ohio River - directly opposite the towns of Portland and Shippingport, Kent'y, about half a mile above the town of New-Albany - and about the same distance below the Town

American Theatre, in Mercer-Street, in the rear of 1 Mile Stone, Broadway. Positively the last night! Mr. Hewlett ... On Monday the 24th of March, Mr. Hewlett will be at home in the following: Part 1st--Songs ... Part 2d ... La diligence ... Par

La Tourrette's reference map of the state of Louisiana : from the original surveys of the United States, which show the townships, sections, or mile squares, Spanish grants, settlement rights & c., also the plantations with the owners names engraved thereon /

Pelham: July 2nd, 1849 trotted one mile in harness, over the Centreville course carrying 175 lbs, in 2:28

La Tourrette's reference map of the state of Louisiana : from the original surveys of the United States, which show the townships, sections, or mile squares, Spanish grants, settlement rights & c., also the plantations with the owners names engraved thereon /

"Mac": June 28th 1853 in a match with "Tacony" over the union course L.I. mile heats in harness, won the two first heats in 2:28-2:29

Sontag and Flora Temple: at the Hale mile pole in 1:13!!

Lady Woodruff, Miller's damsel, General Darcy and Stella: trotting for a purse of $800 mile heats best 3 in. 5 in. harness

Lexington races! Spring meeting. Association course. Fourth day. Thursday, May 28, 1857. Purse $300! Two mile heats ....

Tariff of tolls, per ton of 2000 lbs per mile, to be charged on the James River and Kanawha canal, and on the North River improvement. To go into operation on the 16th day of August 1858.

Umpqua Village, half mile below Fort Umpqua

Ethan Allen & Mate and Lantern & Mate: crossing the score "a dead heat" time 2:24 1/2 In their great match for $10,000 over the Union Course, L.I. May 18th 1859, mile heats best 3 in 5 to wagons.

Hamburg Park. Tuesday, July 26th, 1859, at 4 o'clock Trial of speed Mile heats, best three in five, to saddle ... Also exciting match time ... E. Eastman. Philadelphia U. S. Steam-Power Job printing office, Ledger Buildings [1859].

4 mile run valley

Beaufort Harbor and coast line between Charleston, S.C. and Savanna [sic] Ga., with 5 mile distance lines in circles round Beaufort, and R.R. connections, roads, &c, &c.

Distance maps. Map of the Atlantic states, showing 50 mile distances from Washington. Map of the battleground [at Manassas] showing 5 mile distances from Washington. Map of the Fortress Monroe, showing 1 mile distances from the fortress.

Federal entrenchments across Plank Road about one mile west of Chancellorsville

Roachs Mills. 4 mile run Va.

Six mile Canyon, from office of Chollar Works, desert in the distance

View down Six Mile Canyon, from the Lower Dump, Gould & Curry Mine, Virginia City

The famous roan horse Capt. McGowan as he appeared in his 20th mile

The celebrated trotting Stallion George Wilkes, formerly "Robert Fillingham": by Hambletonian, dam Dolly Spanker, by Mambrino. As he appeared in his great Wagon Race against Lady Thorne. Over the union course L.I. June 14th 1866,-match $1000 mile heats best 3 in 5 to Wagons

The celebrated trotting Stallions "Young Woful" and "Abdallah Chief": On the last quarter of their great five mile race, in Harness. Over the Fashion Course, L.I. Nov. 4th 1865. Time: 13:53

Lady Thorn and Mountain Boy: in their great match for $2000 mile heats best, 3 in 5, in harness

Celebrated trotting horse "John Stewart" as he appeared on the twentieth mile: In his great match against time over the fashion course L.I. Tuesday Sept. 22nd 1868. When he performed the unparaleeled feat of trotting to wagon 20 miles in 59 minutes and 23 seconds

Thousand Mile Tree - Wilhelmina's Pass

American Girl and Lady Thorn: in their great match for $2000 mile heats best 3 in 5 to wagons. Over the fashion course, L.I. May 10th 1869

Work on the last mile of the Pacific Railroad--Mingling of European with Asiatic laborers / sketched by A. R. Waud.

The queen of the turf "Lady Thorn" driven by Dan Pfifer: trotting a mile heat in harness in 2:08 3/4, at Narragansett Park, Providence, October 8th, 1869

[Dominican Republic, 1871]: Entrance to Dameon Baez's residence, one half mile to the west of the limits of Santo Domingo City on the Haina Road

The celebrated trotting mare "Goldsmith Maid" driven by Budd Doble Trotting in harness at Buffalo, August 11th, 1871, mile heats best 3 in 5, time 2:19 3/4, 2:19 1/4, 2:19, beating "Lucy" and "American Girl."

The Celebrated trotting mare Flora Temple, driven by James D. McMann: Best time in harness mile heat 2:19 3/4, two mile heats 4:50 1/2 to Wagon, mile heat 2:25

Plan of New City in the District of Columbia : half a mile from Washington /

The celebrated trotting mare Huntress beating Dutchman's 3 mile time: 1872-Sept. 23rd Prospect Fair grounds L.I. purse $1,250 dash three miles, with $1000 added, to the horse beating Dutchmans time 7:32 1/2 $700 to first, $350 to second, $200 to third

General Butler and Dexter: match for $2,000, two mile heats, to wagons, over the fashion course, L.I. Octr. 27th 1865

Dexter, Ethan Allen and mate: In their wonderful race, over the fashion course, L.I. June 21st 1867. Match for $2,000 mile heats best 3 in 5

Massachusetts - attractions of the summer season at Nantucket: Sancota Head lighthouse, one mile off Siasoonset; clearing up [cutting grass] for summer visitors; oldest house in Nantucket; the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument; view of Nantucket from the Bell Beacon

329 mile post looking west

Penny a mile

Table, showing local freight rates per ton, per mile, upon the Concord railroad, the Boston & Maine railroad, and other roads, in comparison with each other, for distances substantially alike, and the average of all ... Concord, July 28th, 1887.

Mr. Todd, one mile east of West Union, Custer County, Nebraska.

Lake Skaneateles, N.Y., three mile point

The racing King salvator, mile record 1:35 1/2: by Prince Charlie Dam Salina by Lexington

[Railway, the last mile, Snowdon, Wales]

Source of the Potomac, seventeen mile grade

Seventeen mile grade near Everet's

Crabtree gorge, seventeen mile grade

East from seventeen mile grade

Devil's Glen, seventeen mile grade

A Half Mile of Pork (2 rows of pigs hanging up) at Armour's Great Packing House, Chicago, Ill.

On the eleven mile drive near Ishpeming, Mich., October leaves

On the eleven mile drive near Ishpeming, Mich., birch drive

Map of one square mile or 1/25 of the battlefield of Gettysburg

On the eleven mile Birch Drive near Ispeming [sic], Mich.

Saratoga Skating Club at Verona Lake, start of one mile championship (Sutphen won)

Mile 55-C R and NW Railway

[Closeup view of the Wright brothers' tent at Kitty Hawk, a half mile from Captain Tate's home]

Snow slide near mile 53 of A.N. Railway

Finish of the one mile race, Derby Day 1901, Louisville, Ky.

Nearly a mile straight down and only a step, Yosemite from Glacier Point, Cal.

Drilling cooper ore one mile underground the Wilson Mine, Metcalf, Arizona

A brief halt in a 60 mile ride - Pres. Roosevelt and friends at Van Tassel Ranch, Wyoming

Mr. Sanson with his chickens on his farm one mile north of Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Mr. Sanson with his chickens on his farm one mile north of Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

O.S. Pulliam, one mile west of West Union, Custer County, Nebraska.

Here I am a mile from the North Pole and no cigarettes / Silas.

Inauguration of President Roosevelt, March 4, 1905 From the Treasury to the Capitol, a mile of military pomp.

Starkville, Colorado: Digging coal half mile underground (vein 4 ft. thick)

University of Pennsylvania and Cornell--Junior Eights, 1906, at 1 1/2 mile

Rounding the bend, ascending the heavy grades (90 ft. to the mile) of the Horseshoe Curve, Penn. R'y, Allegheny Mts., Pa., U.S.A.

Two track levels of P.R.R. on the horseshoe curve, train rounding curve in distance 1 mile away, 100 ft. higher, Pa., U.S.A.

Col. Brown feeding his thoroughbred chickens on his ranch one mile north of Kearny, Nebraska.

Col. Brown's thoroughbred chickens, one mile north of Kearney, Nebraska.

1/2 mile walk, E.H. Clark - 1st; J. Bredemus -2nd, [Y.M.C.A., Brooklyn]

Group of Drivers and Trapper Boys: A Mile from Entrance, Turkey Knob Mine, Macdonald W. Va. Oct., 1908. Witness, E. N. Clopper. Location: MacDonald, West Virginia.

Mr. Story, one mile northeast of Miller on the Wood River, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Wholesale commodity prices and railway rates. 100 per cent represents average prices and rates per passenger and per ton per mile for years 1890 to 1899 ... [Washington, D. C. 1909?].

Judge Lindsey in chambers, Juvenile Court, Denver, Colo. / Mile High Photo.

East along 23rd St. to Metropolitan Tower, one-eighth mile high, New York

The Last exchange. Camp Fisk, Four Mile Bridge (Vicksburg), April, 1865

Fort Sam Houston, Tex., 1911-1912: entrance to Fort Sam Houston; 6 mile per hour speed limit posted

Jap[anese] typhoon-boats washed a mile inland at Tokyo

Group in front of Office Steps. Boy on left end (in front) ran away when I tried to get his name. A companion said, "He ain't got no time to sell postals. He got to go to night school." Another said, "His name is Jo Traain and [he] lives on West St." Three others of the smallest in front are: Andrew Stefanik, 4 Exchange St. (very young), a "spare boy" has worked 9 months there. At 1 P.M., Mr. Hine saw his going away from the mill and followed him up town. He said, "Boss laid me off for a day. He does that sometimes. Then I bum around town." Joseph Mile, 80 Tremont St., In spinning room 1 and 2. Joseph Maslak, 34 Front St. of 3 Depto St. Works in Cloth Room. Last night he gave me his name as John Mak. To-day he corrected it. Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts.


Aviators Fly in Forty Mile Gale [New York Herald, 12 August 1912]

Foshay Tower dedication fireworks as seen from the parade, more than a mile away

Miss Law Seeks a Record to Drive Aero a Mile High [New York American, 12 October 1912]

Rio de Janeiro's 5 mile quay, encircling world's largest land-locked bay

500 mile race, Indianapolis

South end of Pedro Miguel locks, showing Miraflores Lock one and one-half mile in the distance, Pedro Miguel, Panama Cnaal




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